World Environment Day 2007@Sungai Telemung

From underneath the trees, we watch the sky
confusing stars with satellites
I never dreamed that you'd be mine
But here we are, we're here tonight

Singing Amen, I, I'm alive (I'm alive)
Singing Amen, I, I'm alive

And as we lie beneath the stars
We realize how small we are
If they could love like you and me
Imagine what the world could be....

Nickleback " If everyone cared " playing in the backdrop on my mp3 player while looking up into the sky. Just the thought of not coming to the camp is out of the question. It was 1 year ago,i came here to Sg telemung to camp. The journey take place on the Saturday morning where the meeting place is at 15 km after Sempah tunnel @ a Petronas station.Everyone met up there. the usual outdoor kaki was there.
Ivan & annie , James bak , James , Peter , Yong,Soh and the others who's name i have forgotten ( sorry ya )

We set course to karak town were we bought dumpling for lunch (which we had last year too)

Parked out cars at a Palm Oil collection areas where they had ample parking.Setup the gears and rode 14 km into the hills.Getting in was via bike 14km in 14 km out. With a 20 pound backpack being on the back with climbing gradient of 20%, one would be stupid not to push.

The breeze up there is worth the exhaustion while resting and just looking at the views one will think its gonna be an awesome trip. The sounds of wildlife added to the elements of being one with mother nature.Gibbons howling , birds chirping, white water rushing, green bamboo leaves rustling and the sun shining. just opens up the feeling of a living and breathing forest.

After several climbs and muddy tracks we reached the spot, SHE A BEAUTY! A rock laden boulder with endless white water rushing down creates a very energised feeling "full of CHI" breeze.very refreshing scene and ambiance

Started to rain but the rain was short lived. Everyone scrambled to put up the tents and fly sheets , After the rain the butterflies came out and its just gorgeous looking very classy with anodized green marking to which is named Raja Brooke according to walking encyclopedia IVAN.

We had great food, warm food and high tech food ( James china made self heating fried rice ) giving us ( James , Sho , Ivan and Annie ) the feeling of fullness all thru the night. we reap what we sow for lugging the food in.

( This is the closes resemblance perception of the star shining :) wish you were there.)

Just an awesome nite but a hard to start campfire ( required 5 "engineers" to start a fire ) was solved by IVAN in matter minutes. Just chilling out changing stories and plan for rides , just talking and munching, with star watching is just superb way to to spend World Environment Day 2007.

The Downhill? Yeah of course its good!! Fer sho! its darn good! Think about it , we have been pushing up.. :)

10% roadie. 50% gravel 20% sandy 20% muddy /2800 meter @ 14% avg gradient = awesome down hill coming back down.

Taking a breezer and a breather.

OH my bearings! Can someone pick up my sinking bike!!

A natural endless pool ( swimming! exellent for training only 1 endless lap required )

Unknown butterfly trapped in tent.

2 Raja Brooke , just so classy looking butterfly.

Awesome ride guys, thanks!

at Sunday, June 10, 2007  


The Editor said... Mon Jun 11, 11:37:00 AM 2007  

Nice pictures, feels like I am there. Man....I miss my MTBing

Vicious Lifecycle said... Mon Jun 11, 12:08:00 PM 2007  

it is not Tekala.. its Telemung

LOL , yes i was sleepy! when i wrote this.

Seriously, Camping with MTB is another level of enjoyment. Puts a whole different perspective into the outlook of our environment we cycle in.

i think i wanna build a touring bike!!

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