Charity Biking for Amnesty International: Sydney/ Home, 20748 km, 426 days

On the 1st April 2006 I embarked on an epic 420-day journey, cycling from Germany to Australia.

At 21 years old, I have cycled solo through 15 countries and across 21,000 kilometres to raise 22,000 Euros for Amnesty International. It is done!

On the 10 th of Mai, i was finally hitting Sydney Downtown to achieve my aim!

It was a venture to bring forward the plight of those who suffer human rights exploitations by raising awareness in the wider public. Media coverages in some polish, russian, mongolian news channels are going along with dozens of other newspaper articles in Thailand, Malaysia, Australia and especially Germany.

I succesfully worked in conjuction with several international amnesty sections, participated in press conferences, in one I adressed a speech in the panel to the represents of Thailand's government, encountered the consul- generals of Germany in Bangkok and Sydney or visited refugees in the borderland to Myanmar.

It was a journey full of challenges, obstacles and hardships, but on the other hand the most wicked time I ever could have imagined!
The beauty of the Mongolian countryside, the charakters in China, the kindness of the Khmer people or the remoteness of the Australian Outback was worth all the pain and suffering!

Nothing is impossible if you put my mind and heart into it and you will achieve whatever it is you set out to do:

"Deep within man dwell those slembering powers;
power that would astonish him,
that he never dreamed of posessing;
forces that would revolutionize his life
if aroused and put into action."

- Orison Swett Marden-

Especially the close attachment to the people along the way inspired and encouraged me to carry on.
Defending human rights is about standing up fo those people who lack them. I was living amongst them for one year and see the purpose of my life in protecting them.
A venture for the people, with the people!

You all receive this newsletter because i encountered you on my trip and got assistance from you. It was either just a nice refreshing chat with you after great solitude, a warm hug or even shelter. Whatever it was, it made me keep on going.
The people who helped and inspired me the most are not reading these lines right now. We were communicating not by words but rather by emotions and sadly don't stay in touch anymore.
They invited me with sign language, shared the less they have with me to the most.
Such a venture like mine never ever succeeds alone, but is reinforced and strengthened by the contribution of so many people. Thank you very much!

What a story!!!
I have to apologize for the delay of this newsletter, but after skydiving (enlosed pic) and celebrating like crazy in Sydney, I took the plane back home on the 20th of Mai to finally break my right thumb and left ellbow in a car accident!
The last 500 km from the airport back home were supposed to become a homerun for me, but after not even 400 metres on the road again a car seriously hit me from behind with 56 km/h.
I flew off my "butterfly" (pet name of my bike) and the ambulance was to be called immediately to go into surgery for my thumb. Hence i wasn't able to keep you updated all the time. Even now it takes ages for me to type only with the left hand.

Nevertheless, i am back home in the arms of my beloved ones since exactly three weeks! The emotions went berserk and i am still feeling a bit weird by adapting back to a "normal" way of life.

The following agenda was enormously busy, i still kept up the good work and met the Secretary General of Amnesty International Germany, Barbara Lochbihler for a photo- shooting and presentation about my campaign.

Just two days before, a charity concert honouring my activism took place and another 3500 Euros were donated by 500 guests. Hence i over-accomplished the mission by raising more money than actually intended: 22 000 €!

Now, i will go studying in September in Maastricht, Holland (London was previously intended) Political Science, International Relations and Economics (
After graduation i will take another gap- year to ride my bike around South America for a year.
But first of all, I am going to close this chapter by writing a book and presenting a professional slideshow.

Whether Ironman, Sahara, Everest or even Antartica, Cyling for Human Rights was just the beginning!!!

Good on ya, mate!

Timo Müller

biking around the world to establish human rights
Timo Müller

NOTE: I've got his email yesterday nite. Congrats TIMO..You have achieve something none of us ever would.

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