Mr Chan and his grin..

PD training was indeed pretty nice. Great temperature ,good turnout and great support by the TRisports,some local authority and some Tv crew from NTV7 (TV crew look so lack of energy,so tired.)

Anyway to the gist of things.


Trisportz to org the whole thing.
To test run the new swim course.
To provide the bike racks
To provide the needed water after swim and during run.
To provide the carpet.
To arrange the local crew on water and on land.
To provide some Powerbars to hungry unprepared tri-athletes
To sell nice T-shirts
To give out stickers.
To have lucky draw!!!
To have good support from everyone.
To have more Improvement!



Super Windy Swim,

Choppy waves. If my bike can be used as a surfboard,I'd for sure be surfing.

Super Windy Bike,

Constant battle with headwinds and rain makes needle like pricks, feels like acupuncture

Super Dirty Bike,

it looks like my road bike just came back from cycle-cross.

Super Hungry,

Ill prepared tri-athlete with no food. Thought is a clinic!!NOo all the hardcore fellas turned out to be there.

The above is definitely out of the hands of trisports.I believe if Uncle CHan can control the weather , He would.. :)

The Ugly:

On the Rocks! The most concern part of the whole thing is the swim. If the condition on race day is like what it was yesterday. Someone can get really hurt. Please see my ugly mspaint drawing. The waves pushes the swimmer out to the exposed rocks if navigation aint straight.
(lets not talk about experience swimmers ler)this is for the not so strong swimmers. I suggest putting out some visible floaters/markers there.

This is the new swim course BTW

Due to the on going Construction, the swim course has to be moved to the open sea,will there be a Shower on the way back?

PD should clean the beach for debris on race day.

So anyway Great Effort Trisports, keep on setting the bar.

Feeling strong , going strong.

at Monday, June 18, 2007  


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