Forerunner Vs Edge

Was with Mac yesterday at BikePro. went in there around 7pm ,there is still people chilling out there!! anyway saw the rest of them with the usual greetings.
but yesterday there was a certain amount of nice looking lasses talking about shoes ,helmets & xtr's. Just the tone of it make a guy increase his shock's "travel".

damm man.. there must be something going on with the biking scene that i might have missed out. Where does this fine looking young things came into the picture of cycling?

OKok , back to the Main Tag line. 1st Forerunner 305 saw the item itself was looking at it in away that it does has some quality issues aesthetically . the plastics and rubber strap does look cheap. that was a dissapointment. Function wise i am sure its really good as it is. it does look pretty dorky if its worn on a skinny dude. it has to be worn on thick wrist else its just look like something from petaling street to the un-informed. ( fyi its china made )

As for the Edge i think its a better deal as you can put it to use in so much better way. and it does not look as cheap at the forerunner. its additonal function as to forerunner is the altimeter which is pretty good for the same price to both units.
Display is bigger too.

very hard choice for me but if i were to choose i'd take the Edge. whats a few grams extra? but then again, Forerunner is still a darn good tool to measure all 3 leg of a tri la.....PS: YES MAC! It is still a damm good conversation piece!!

blah! i better not start to think more..

at Thursday, June 14, 2007  


The Editor said... Thu Jun 14, 11:15:00 AM 2007  

Muahahahah...what happen to the conversation piece line of thinkin ;-)

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