Not a good way to have a finish a race on MTB

but if your starting to be really edgy you can do this, it does 3 things.

1) relief your muscle from the lactic acid.
2) stretching for the cramps.
3) and for the biker behind you , letting em know your not in a good mood..

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Winner of shimano/youtube competition.

Winner i like best.

jury, headed by Kozo Shimano, has selected the winning videos of the Shimano/You Tube contest at the first day of the Interbike show in Las Vegas.

The other judges were Interbike’s Rich Kelly, TV commentators Phil Liggett and Bob Roll and members of the Spokesmen podcast David Bernstein, Tim Jackson, Donna Tocci, Tim Grahl and Carlton Reid.
The contest, organised by Carlton Reid of and sponsored by Shimano Europe, had a whopping 134 entries by the close of play on August 30th, the first day of the Eurobike show in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Many different kind of videos were sent in around the central theme “I want to ride my bicycle”.

The jury decided to award three video makers with prices, provided for by Shimano Europe.

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i miss the muchhhhhhhh :(

shit this is awesome....

goona ride my mtb... mtb...mtb .. road mtb... road NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! ( cranium ache ) road... mtb.. road mtb..... road.... sighh mtb road... :( mtb road? mountain biking on road??....

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Planet in Peril

In every action there is an opposite or equal re-action. Nothing works in a vacuum. its the law of physic

A CNN Special , chilled out last niter at home. watched this special program.

Man. i thought to my self..what is coming to this world.So many beautiful thing coming to extinction. So much land being destroyed... fire in California..Earthquakes.typhoons. This planet is shouting back at us.

Used to remember the life there is on a early morning with Songs birds singing away on the field in front. The wild life in kiara's land tortoises , kingfishers, snakes and squirrels .The wildlife at sungai buloh's giant monitor lizards,hawks, you cycle thru now those are a rare sights (to understand and comprehend RARE is try walking thru the whole selangor for wild elephants, you cant find jack...

And here, we fight back for more, collecting more, burn more and destroying more.

its those thing which you are very well aware of but placed at the very end of the back burner.

i believe all organisation will have to play its role for the planet as it will one day come full circle back to us.

this is recommended to watch.

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Nothing significant except a SLAP on the face...

Its been pretty slow getting myself to update this blog recently. partly due to work, due to "secret" training due to stress...kinda lazy to stress myself further to update this blog..

Was at kiara yesterday evening.. ( sunday ) as i was walking back... i looked to my left a guy probably late 20's was in heated argument.. and all of a sudden. "ONE Tight SLAP".. smack on the ladies face...he shouted " Why did you lie to me..." Why must you cover a lie over a LIE!

"Shit man" i thought... why cant he just walk away....i retorted "easier said that done huh." as i made my laps.. i hear further shouting and now thats disturbing and also irritating my run.

hey man....if your reading this better to have it now that later..NO point slapping that gurl of yours( if she still is ) . She did that for a reason and you ain't the reason.

i seriously dont think a man should raise his hands on his woman..unless she gamble everything away or she did 5 guys without him knowing..

FUCK i cant RUN... i went back to the car as i passed by i looked at her.. she looked at me while the guy is firmly fixed on her. she lowered her head.

i can only guess....

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Time to practise transition interval.. again....

after 90 km...gotto use this route to practise transition

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Nurse me back to health...

sux being sick for this long...this dammm flu is everywhere... and its quite resistant.. fuq..

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Tan line is the new ultimate fashion accessory

Notice a person with tan;ll find a person with a positive and energetic outlook. Getting out and doing something under the sun and to add feeling alot better with doses of vit-D bombarding the skin.

I'd take 3-5 hours of sun & sweat , making me days happy with every weekly dose.

so which tanline do you have??.....

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Selamat celebration of Open fasting

like to say Selamat Hari Raya to all my muslim friends... whom are going back to the north to the south , east to the west..with the New Spanking Baju Melayu and Baju Kurung... have a safe journey back to your hometown..( balik kampung and let's get fat )

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These guy can throw some serious moves... was there to support some friends on the event... the brazilians, the samba the bantusian, the crowd are all pretty cool not to mention pretty hot too..the ladies i mean... check out the 3 min clip...the moves are just awesome..

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Kouta in EUROBIKE 07

shit i am sleepy.. kicking in.. nites

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Disco Boys tribute - Elevation

OOYohoo...Shoot me from a Gun... need to elevate me here... shit makes me wanna buy a disco jersey in tribute for the disco , what cha riding?

bet it makes makes you wanna fly .....

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Interbike 2007 party

Man, where can you get Tour de France on a big screen and Pole dancing all in one???

las vegas baby....

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Kickin like Sram

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Sux being sick...

bleah...woke up late as usual but determine to make to the ride. Expected to only ride 70 but ended up with a 100. Riding with a runny nose isnt especially a easy thing to do when proper firing and making sure there is no riders behind is getting boogered.

more updates later la...

PS: lets see how many rider i infected today....

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Bukit Timah@SG

A lil stupid to videocap this while steering with one hand..but hey its insanely fun... a good trip there to sg hiting the trails and meeting the natives there..


Ohh heck,after only being on a mtb for 3 times in 8 months and now hitting the trial in Sg i'd say its fun being on a mountain bike again.... there..i updated already....Aiyaa, DAMM IT if i say its fun,its fun ler...IF YOU WANT to know more on how its like , go register Presidential ride. BeLIEve me...

Here are some pics fromthe ride.

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