Interstate 2008

Yess, 2 more days to ride freedom , i seriously think its gonna be a wet one...judging from the weather.

Apparently its is goona be all clear only in the morning for all 3 days...

Update 01/09/08 WRONG.. it rain on friday!!!

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Weight weenie prespective.


"In the mid '90s I used to spend money on lowering my bike's weight, and the end result was I wound up gaining body weight and totally forgot about the engine.

"Five years ago I changed my mindset and focused on my own weight, especially improving on my muscle mass and dropping my fat percentage. I got it down to 7 percent in the summer months, which makes me happy (I will be 49 next month).

"I also improved on my workouts, including weight training and running. Now I fly going up hills, I have a pretty nice sprint, and I feel so much better all over.

"Spending thousands of dollars on making a bike lighter is pretty foolish, especially while carrying around a spare tire!"


This angle of thought is pretty much in line with most western cyclist whom just ride their bikes.its easy to lose focus on the real things that matters(i for one)i do carried away too..i must admit but the techno geeek in me says otherwise.

i'd say in essence the guy on the heavier bike has the higher watts mano-o-mano than the guy on the weenie bike going the same speed with the same distance.

Speaking of watts , its power to weight in the flipside dont that concept should be applied in the similiar manner to the parts we have in terms of strenght to weight.

Every weenie cyclist is anal enough to have the milimeter of seat adjustment etc etc.

The anal mind of measuring scale of 3 grams of decisive separation by preference.coz 3 grams is lighter..

what is the price to push this weight edge further? to the point where its just fake watts and component failures?

Do take into account to ride up-grades than to upgrade..peace...and good nite.

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Wolf Sl Recall

Fork recall: Cervelo is recalling about 5,800 Wolf SL carbon forks manufactured by True Temper in China. The steerer tube can break during normal use, causing the rider to lose control and crash. Cervelo has received 12 reports of these forks failing.

Its nice (and responsible of them) of them to recall after seeing how thin it is with its reprecussion, it should have been sooner.

Main cause of this failure is the alloy insert isnt really reinforcing the carbon wall, especially when the steerer lenght of this alloy insert with the star fangle nut is just above the headset.(a high stress point)in combination of its thin walled steerer tubing thus it break where the insert ends.

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PCC Interstate 2008

So this time , we get together again to feel alive riding , wind in your face experience with spasm's and tingles on the calfs at sustained tempo.Riding road passes through palm and rubber plantations, beside forested hills and the further you go south, breaks into long ocean and palm tree vistas. You can count the pot holes on one hand.The sights and sound on a route 350 km away. i cant wait....

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Adidas KOTR 2008

Got lost along the way . looking at time,

Friends parked the car, in time to spare + without a swear

Waiting in line and drop it off from the ticket line.

Gave the receipt, have the band

No warm up , no sweat

With no warn, someone gunned off this RUN , we're gonna have some fun.

Faster as the rate goes higher...

pace is heavy , sweating like crazy

gradient is rolling , someone pls keep me rolling..

Crank that , with an empty tank.

Turn into a hater, SOMEONE GIVE ME WATER ..

Feels further but people says its near

That's what i wanted to hear.

See crowd getting bigger,giddy up,

Setting the tempo higher.

Cross the line within the cut off time.

So this time, i like the number on time.

" i am happy in 2.03.45 compared to my last years run "

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Water therapies are much underutilised and undervalued. In Europe Russia and Scandinavia a wide range of treatments have been in use several thousand years. Recent research in Finland has shown that underwater massaging following strength/power training reduces neural fatigue and helps to maintain neuromuscular performances, and that a spa and plunge pool routine aids recovery. Such routines involve a shower followed by a spa (39-40o C) for three minutes and then a cold shower or plunge into a cold pool (10-15o C) for 30 to 60 seconds. Spas should only be used if the athlete is in a healthy state and has no new soft tissue injuries. Athletes should not stay in a spa for more than five minutes as they are likely to experience a large drop in blood pressure and feel faint and dizzy as a result. This feeling will be more evident if they have not been hydrating during the session.

Showering within 10 minutes of at the end of a session is a good way to reduce fatigue in the peripheral nervous system, shower with cold and hot water in interval using water heated system. If there is access to a pool then a few light active movements with some stretching in the pool (up to five minutes) is beneficial.

Following this form of hydrotherapy, muscles are more relaxed and are much easier to massage. Athletes can be taught some basic self-massage skills that they can apply, particularly to their lower legs and necks. Self-massage is also easy to do in a warm shower.

High performance hockey players tried a contrast temperature protocol involving a hot pool, with no underwater massaging, and cold plunge (same protocol as outlined above), and their recovery of lactate levels was measured after a series of Wingate tests. A comparison of lactate clearances following passive rest, light exercising (active recovery) and the contrast immersion techniques was undertaken. Lactate levels recovered equally quickly after either the contrast water immersion protocol or the active recovery protocol, and significantly more slowly after passive rest (Sanders 1996).

The choice between contrast temperatures or an active rest routine after training often hinges on access to appropriate facilities. However, it is essential to replenish energy stores as soon as possible after exercise. Active recovery for 10 to 15 minutes following training requires extra energy and may be less effective if the work done has already depleted energy stores, whereas the energy demands for the spa or shower routine are much less. Athletes also report that they find the water routines more relaxing and enjoyable.

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A cyclist prayer

I say a few prayers while riding and racing bikes. These help me keep things in perspective and keep it real. Here are a few of my common prayers that aren’t too personal.

Allow these bike racers not to rage against each other but to strive with each other. Amen

Let these racers not get injured so they are able to continue to do purposeful work off of the bike and be able to do all the goodness they can with their families and friends. Amen

Keep me from lusting after these bicycles. Help make my bicycle a tool for goodness as I pray while riding. Amen

Help me not get angry at riders who don’t hold their line. Especially do not let me get angry when riders force their way between me and the racer in front of me because this is just a competitive move in racing bikes. Amen

I know that the act of bike racing really doesn’t compare to more meaningful acts but at least let this time be enriched by prayer. And more importantly let this time be one of harmony between racers. Let us show support for each other and not trash talk or gossip. Amen

Help me not get angry at this guy who is opening up gaps and riding at an uneven pace. Rather let me turn this anger over to energy toward catching the pack. Give me similar energy toward purposeful goals in my life. Amen

If a racer causes me to crash may I not say anything until I can speak some peaceful words. Amen

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Aero testing

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Cool Riding

Music makes it sound easy eh.. ( like the artistry )

Check out the guy leading at 2.09 , he has a bike rack!

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Shimano 7850 CL .. nice wheel

23A = carbon reinforcement for nipple inserts
27A = Applied epoxy
24 = carbon layering
Process B = Vacumming heating and drill for nipple

without 23c & 23b

ITS A very smart design

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Cycle Happy.

So often in a race, negative chatter emerge.Focus on the pain and get frustrated because of struggling through sections of an event.

its not about minimizing the physical aspects of biking, but a strong mind could push your body further than you think possible. The next time you're having a hard time on the bike, remember to smile (as distorted as it may appear under duress). Rather than viewing the difficulty as "pain," think of it as the natural sensation of a body working hard and persevering.

The typical order of operations is that a pleasurable experience makes you smile. However, as this question illustrates, the converse is also true: Smile and you feel better. It's almost a way to trick you body into enjoying its suffering. And, when you really think about it, there are reasons to smile! You're outside riding your bike, pushing yourself to your limit - smile, enjoy, and you'll ride stronger.

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