Weight weenie prespective.


"In the mid '90s I used to spend money on lowering my bike's weight, and the end result was I wound up gaining body weight and totally forgot about the engine.

"Five years ago I changed my mindset and focused on my own weight, especially improving on my muscle mass and dropping my fat percentage. I got it down to 7 percent in the summer months, which makes me happy (I will be 49 next month).

"I also improved on my workouts, including weight training and running. Now I fly going up hills, I have a pretty nice sprint, and I feel so much better all over.

"Spending thousands of dollars on making a bike lighter is pretty foolish, especially while carrying around a spare tire!"


This angle of thought is pretty much in line with most western cyclist whom just ride their bikes.its easy to lose focus on the real things that matters(i for one)i do carried away too..i must admit but the techno geeek in me says otherwise.

i'd say in essence the guy on the heavier bike has the higher watts mano-o-mano than the guy on the weenie bike going the same speed with the same distance.

Speaking of watts , its power to weight in the flipside dont that concept should be applied in the similiar manner to the parts we have in terms of strenght to weight.

Every weenie cyclist is anal enough to have the milimeter of seat adjustment etc etc.

The anal mind of measuring scale of 3 grams of decisive separation by preference.coz 3 grams is lighter..

what is the price to push this weight edge further? to the point where its just fake watts and component failures?

Do take into account to ride up-grades than to upgrade..peace...and good nite.

at Thursday, August 21, 2008  


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