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Bikejoring, is a dog mushing activity related to skijoring, canicross, and dog scootering. It is a recreation or sport where a harnessed dog or team of dogs attached to a towline, pull and run ahead of a cyclist. Bikejoring is a non snow season (dryland) activity. Bikejoring and canicross are both dryland mushing activities that probably developed from skijoring and dogsled racing. Bikejoring is also sometimes used to train racing sled-dogs out of season.

Perhaps the local bike shop will stock Eukaneuba or Science Diet Gel (with real Chicken pieces )  or Pedigree Pal Recovery Diet. 

Makes me so wanna get 2 mutts. Who's gonna be the pooper sweeper tonite?

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GBR Epic Route : Madness to the grind.

Image courtesy of Adzim, Mastermind by Terry , Supported by Fuzen , Chuah , Support vehicle by Shaharin & Razali.

There are biking routes that makes you sick till your ass n legs hurts, but this one makes you sick till you cant feel your nuts, eyes are glazed and a sore asshole.

There is no time for posuer photo but only to refuel. There is systematic pulls , unwritten rule not to let anyone behind. 8100 feet of climbs over 200 km within 10 hours. Legs over the top tube, everyone know whats in front and knows what must be done.After going up Fraser the thought of another climb is prickling.Just think of it as 200 km of pleasurable sex with 3 climax.The rain came and went , somehow it was therapeutic This ain't your regular PCC rides. Don't think anything can top this for the moment in scale. we didn't really full fill the promise as the main summit climax is left out. Thankful for this bargain set at gohtong jaya somehow shows of false tiny flats, but never did it plateau. No water in the bidon aint goona help much.
With 7 of us working together. We can only take our turn on the flat and each its own on the climb. Nothing much is said , only during the pocket's of rest , jokes are cracked. Maybe its just me. Perhaps Vintry (the nite before) and epic ride tomorrow don't gel well. Brutal.

There is a sheer bliss of accomplishment within surrounded by some silence of thoughts. with occasional funny trash talking taking place on to lift the spirits up. Makes it worth while getting up at 5 am , Looking at the helmet ,stacked gloves and stuff into the brain bucket.Looking at my cold oatmeal prepared overnight.Then looking at my two wheel knowing as i pushes it out, It will take me out there somewhere today with the wind in in my face to wake me up.

I would like to thank the guys in the ride and they out on support.

Truly. epic.

Just snort..if someone mentions broga...

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Raise EPO level by taking Echinacea

The effect of 4 wk of oral echinacea supplementation on serum erythropoietin and indices of erythropoietic status.

Thus the belief giving relief to colds. Of Course you can try it... 

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We are what we do.

We say, "In calmness there should be activity; ' in activity there should be calmness." Actually, they are the same thing; to say "calmness" or to say "activity" is just to express different interpretations of one fact. There is harmony in our activity, and where there is harmony there is calmness. - D.T. Suzuki...

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i want a HAND this

Just too cool.. i wet the underneath of my desk..

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Some days is like this.

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MountainTorq - via ferrata mount kk - kinabalu

Time to climb some more granite step up on cold steel rails....and non-Teflon coated cables. Gonna try the air up there. May 28. "Must be cleansing"

"Climb the mountain and get their good tidings . Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The wind will blow their own Freshness into you and the storms their energy , while care will drop off like autumn leaves. " John Muir.

Minor Update:

Just got back from it.Not bad at all. can be pretty scary/repetitive for some.Pounding headache. Freezing nuts and finger..busted knees on the climb down to timpohan. 16 hours of sex-like euphoria and depleted energy.

Meanwhile check these guys out they were "here" just last month . Borneo Big wall check video 6# @ 1.10 ... gnarly

Major update comes next :

We climb from mesilau, mesilau resort is nice enough to give us guys the suite. ( includes a room heater ) unlike the ladies whom got the bunker. however it goes vice verse in laban rata we guys will get the bunker. :) Steam boat dinner was excellent.

We had scramble up from mesilau to laban rate in sub5 hours..Everyone got in by 2 pm. Free flow of coffee and tea is highly sought after. On to Mountain Torq briefing and training. Safety and procedural technique is attended to. No drama there , except some ladies whom isn't to sure about the equipments.

Dinner is served @ 5.30 . the food there ain't that bad.

Everyone started to disperse after dinner to get some much needed rest after the hike up.

Assault to Summit starts at 2 am.. (too early for people like us ). the climb in the dark is therapeutic , only glimmer of headlights forming daisy chain as far as it glows forms the route. Some rested the summit too early and some just in time. but most of all ( the fast ones ) suffered the cold from the storm up there for 2 hours.

No sunrise, sunshine. (our luck)

On to via ferrata, looks pretty normal..untill one comes to the edge. the the fear factor starts creeping in. i myself can feel fear creep. Being a climber before, maybe its the cold magnifiying it.

Safety factor is 3 level. cant think of what can happen there unless it gets really slippery.

And slippery it was when it started raining on the way down @ 40%. Ferrata abort was called.

Had to climb back up. morale was on a all time low. Suggestion was taken for consideration for waiting on this passing rain. Fear of water fall occuring is in most of our mind.Mountain gods is smiling. Weather is clear with no rain. we proceeded. Its nice. reommended to go with a team you know. you will be more patient and forgivin instead of people whom can or will slow you down.

climbing up from mesilau , assault to summit , doing the via ferrata and going back down to timpuhan within 36 hour can be daunting. ur warned.

i felt its tougher than ironman. 3 ironman agreed.

well depending on how fast you climb. ;)

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Emo Support

This the reason why sports person huddle together for emotional support as the non-sport person will never understand the sport person's waves of heighten sensation & crashes of emotional senses. Enduring the serotonin, adrenalin and endorphin blasting vs performance expectation vs ego.

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