Totally unaware thus no cold drink..

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Less is more..

Quote For The Day:

"There are occasionally people in your life with whom you have an innate sense of communication. I've found that these people are often your training partners. Perhaps it's due to the countless hours spent together not always being able to communicate verbally. Instead, we consciously and subconsciously study and learn their movements and expressions. Over time words are needed less and less. Rather a subtle gesture or body movement or quick look is all it takes to completely understand each other.

Just like being on deck. Glancing each other in the eye , ready for the swim.

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Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy


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Vinegar Aids Post Exercise Glycogen Repletion

The efficacy of acetic acid for glycogen repletion in rat skeletal muscle after exercise.

so now you know. Balsamic vinegar rocks.

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S107 : benzothiazepine, coming soon to plugs that leak.

The compounds stabilise protein channels that would otherwise 'leak' calcium from muscle cells during strenuous exercise. Calcium is needed for muscle contraction and this 'leaking' effect weakens the contractions and is a causal factor in muscle fatigue.

Listed in WADA

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10 Years Anniversary : Ironman Langkawi 2009

I cant find the right words to put it, 10 years since i started doing triathlon.
with everything in between.

Perhaps i can say much more in days to come, however in this meantime i only have this to share:

  1. *It really doesn't matter one is slower or faster in the big picture. Its really about the bigger picture, on what you really care for after the event and what you look forward to that really matters. ( Do exclude the pro's, its their bread and butter )

  2. *Yes, it did sink in, it felt like a dream , perhaps its due to the training too. but IRONMAN journey does change you. Dealing with the "cards" on hand, its only in your mind. however in distance wise it very much doable.Same goes in just about anything that requires this much effort.

  3. *When you do the "iron". You train , you get there , and you just " go " its ZEN like. you got no room to think or worry. Again, its ZEN like.

  4. *The sun burns your skin, it will also burn into your memory.

  5. * Its not like your buying a bike ,tangible where you get to touch and ride it, this feeling is intangible. All the effort, energy and emotion is just pour into one day. Its intense and its gonna be a memory.

  6. *When you do this , you will know who really cares.( if you tell them.) or those whom are there with ya.

  7. * There are lies and deceit as you go deeper/higher. you ought to know the difference. 

  8. *There is a time and place for this, that's when you have everything in the right manner, more power to you. Perhaps there is a form of escape in doing this.But that is your mental issue. You don't bring issues to the Ironman and even if you do. You will learn "acceptance".

  9. *And whatever happens in the event , you will still go on to finish it. Even if it's a few tries.

  10. *You dont need hi-zoot bike to start your journey. Don't need to spend a ton for this event.

  11. *You will encounter many "methodology" in triathlon , or in any athletics as you go higher up .You be wise to know the difference and what will suit you.

  12. Ironman is just a "BRAND" just like McDonalds there is no need to go "i am lovin it". No reason to brand yourself.

  13. *And being positive matters, Positive people matters. Stay away from the negative energy.

  14. *Even the best plan can fail on the course, you ought to be agile enough to compensate.Its all about decision making. Preparation includes managing risk. Managing risk means expect the worst but you can still reduce the impact. (Bring pain killers)

  15. *In doing this ,in your pocket what you got now is a huge reserve in confidence in whatever you may partake.

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