PD Tri 2007

Tuesday nite Cronies.Where's the rest la?

Packing up before the rain...Afraid to get wet...

This $%&^@ italian called me a pussy....during the Run...then he beat me up..fucking Mafia..

Pumped after the finish...

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Deciding between the BLUE pill and the RED PILL

The choice of doing Broga or any long endurance based distance is like taking the BLUE PILL or the RED PILL. Blue Pill takes back to the comfort zone, back to the life"cycle" you'd always have , and erase the glimpse of the future potential you can taste or The Red Pill will allow yourself to see the "truth", to quell the urge of inquisitivity.

We all decide to take the RED PILL....

29kmh+- avg for 110 km.

A lil blur but that's a snake caught hold of a frog.We saw this after our KOM climb during a rest stop. This frog is so determined to survive he grabbed a stem from one of the roots so the snake cant drag him futher...

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Even though..

Even though you don't know someone or people personally, you feel a bond -- connected to them because you were both out there trying to achieve the same goal.
Even if its the 100th tri's. Your 10,000th kilometer....

Your still out there doing the same thing.

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Open Immersion..

i'd like to share this with you in account to my own experience in a way may relate to some of your own experience :

1. Many triathletes train in swimming pools where there is relative order and they can push off the wall everytime. Many, on their first time in the ocean or a large body of water, are completely overwhelmed by the vastness , the fact they can't tell how deep the water is, and the fact there is nothing to grab onto. Putting them with a bunch of very competitive and more experienced athletes is a recipe for disaster.

2. Most people greatly overestimate their swimming skills and endurance. That's human nature, I guess. I see people swim like turtles nonstop for two km in a pool. But put those same people in a lake or sea and they would likely have high anxiety or panic due to the great difference in environments and the chaotic surrounding during race day.

3. Biking and running dont require one to think about the rhythmic type of breathing that lap and open water swimming require. Instilling that rhythm takes lots of practice, more than most budding triathletes who are excellent bikers and runners are willing to commit.

4. Wear a Dark tinted goggle and swim at night or in the evening. This will give that "dark" ambiance while swimming and concentrate on your stroke and breathing.

5. Go take up diving or snorkeling, this will aid in your erratic breathing.

i am not an excellent swimmer by the way, there are whole lot of better ones out there.But i am just willing to share it with you on the fact to practise more when in doubt especially when its your first time.

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Port Dickson Triathlon 2007 : MIxed feeling.....and Angry again.

My Sidi's is still wet and i bet my bottom bracket is flooded. It rained so much might as well just wear my tri suit the whole time... and only wear a t-shirt for carbo loading dinner... Swim was smooth 32..bike was 1.11 Run a disappointing 57 so its around 2.40-2.42 +- Nothing spectacular.

The wheel's built is fabulous.Nicely tuned for comfort, climbs and sprints.

I know i am able to kick it better. What the heck..stressful week i have. i deserve a break. Atleast timing was better that i anticipated. (Good timing to Arif and Jason ( watch out! this kid can rock on a Argon18 )

Advice on speed lace : Do not tighten your elastic speed lace too tightly , thinking "OOH its elastic" prior to race day just because you bought it on Saturday.It gave me 2 huge blister and it kinda spoil my run.
(PS - I kept the pain a secret only the apartment mates knew the shit i had to go thru to lace it...)

I can say its one of the most pleasant organised PD Tri i have been SO far.The people i talked to and had fun with..Tuesday Nite Cronies, Chad and Andy's gang, the Jeff and Daniel lim,Alex, Elaine,Phoebe, Jasmine, new tri blogger Raymond Jaja, Azmar + others i have met but too spaced out to remember.


i am going to bed....

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No Port Dickson Triathlon Race Report for the next 24 hours.

For the respect to a fellow PCC Rider whom also loved to be remembered as a ERian
(ELITE RUSH - a small cycling/workout group that Zoob and some others
setup.)Zubir who passed away during the PD Triathlon 07.I am speechless and i do not want to say anything on that except that he is a Kick-Ass Cyclist and also a Triathlete.

" The day we stop having risk is the day we stop living"

-- Author unknown --

I believe he did just that

230707 4.00 pm :

...Remembered the words coming from him before the race.. "Its all for fun,good luck to you too"

Rest in peace , May you always have the sun in your face and a tailwind at your back.

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Here comes PD...

Its been a long week..have not been training much (honest). Just do not know how it will be like for the performance. Guess i just got to tri it out..Bike's tuned up
Got BIKEPRO daniel lim to fix my wheel up. I have decided not to use my deep dish wheel.I'd used my semi-aero wheels instead for i need the acceleration for the gradual slopes on PD.

lets see my estimated timing this time around will be 2hr 57mins.BLEAH!

yeah..lets just ROCK it..

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Borat's Cultural learning of tour de france.


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Why did you leave me?

T-Mobile TCR :

I know we had just been together for nearly 13 months, but I thought we had a good relationship, and I was really heartbroken last Sunday when waited for you and found that you had gone with that neighbour, that mountain bike. By the way, you left me leaning against a cold hard wall.

I thought I was good to you. I took you out for long rides almost every weekend, and I also took you out during the week as much as I could. We climbed lots of good hills together --- I took you all over the Broga hills, up fraser's , up Peres and Camerons...

Sometimes you wouldn't ride me as much as you wanted, because you had to travel and work and stuff... but you would still come over and lovingly stroke my velvet black handlebar tape, and make your girlfriend jealous by gazing longingly at me while she was talking to you. I thought i treated you right and you always kept my chain oiled and my tires inflated to their full rated pressure.

I know I was a little slow and maybe you wanted to live a more dirty-paced life, but I thought you were OK with that, as you never complained and alway went ahead of me on rides.

Were you scared that I was going to kill us both when we went 65 kmh down a certain hill? Did I frighten you by twitching you from the right side instead of the left? Did I hurt you by riding on bumpy roads? Was my shifting too rough? I thought you were tough enough to handle it, and in any case I always wanted to keep you safe and protected.

Remember the orgasmic thrill of flying up the last hill on a long ride and passing everybody? I thought that was good for both of us. Were you just faking it? If something was wrong, why didn't you tell me what you needed?

Did you meet someone else at Kajang? Is that it? Did you quickly exchange numbers while I was resting at home ?

I just hope that whoever you are with now will treat you right. There are some gurls, out there who seem really nice but who actually just want to take me to some chop shop in Taman megah and rip me apart and sell my pieces. Please, please, stay away from those bikes ! I hope you can find a relationship where you can realize your full potential, and get the things that I could never give you, like climbing Mt Genting in 60 minutes...

I have hardly anything left of you except the your sweat on my top tube. If you change your mind about leaving, I promise i'd take you to 40kmh average..

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Sizing up the Competition...

How to Size Up the Competition : The Triathlete.

Tonight, I will begin to explain how you can assess your chances against your triathlete foes.

Clothes Fit

The type and tightness of the tri-wear give you a good indication of the relative confidence of your opponent:

speedo only : If the dude is only wearing speedo's -- ie, -- too large for a 2 piece or tri suit. He knows he's not at the top of his game but he might be good in swim. Plan to destroy this triathlete on the bike.

2 piece kit or tri suit fitting: You don't need me to tell you what this means. This is a person who has earned his physique and has shaved legs too. All you can hope for is that he earned it in the gym, or the swim or he is tri-gay guy.See leg clue.

Loose fitting jersey , but now looks uncomfortably nervous: Oh, that's newbie-tribie with hairy legs doing relay. Don't worry, he's no threat to you.

Sponsor branding: This is complex. Bike or Tri clothes with sponsor branding can mean different things on different people

Full Team branded Tri Suit on a guy with hairy legs: This person read a blog about Triathlon about the valour of triathlon yesterday and watched the Tour De France yesterday too, whereupon he decided to "get into" cycling AND Triathlon. He has money to spend, but no biking skills whatsoever. Pass him at 45 kmh while drinking from your bottle bottoms up...

Full team branded tri suit on a guy with shaved legs: Could mean trouble. He's clearly a phycholis, and cares enough about cycling that he probably rides plenty. Going to have to go to secondary clues: leg definition , evidence of a spare tire, suntan pattern, bike clues but that another story.

Race / Event branding: This is helpful only if you know the circumstances under which the tri-jersey can be obtained. If it's a tri-jersey you can obtain at Taman Megah or DU, it means your opponent likes shopping, or window shopping. If the tri-jersey can only be obtained by finishing -- or worse, winning -- a race, you may have a serious race on your hands.

No branding whatsoever: Hard to determine. This is clearly a guy who is new or likes to go stealth so that you feel that much worse when he rogers you at 45kmh .Again look for secondary clues.

Legs: Evaluate his tan, his hairiness, and his quads and calves.Again Secondary clue with out without sock.A big indicator.

Tan = trouble. But check where the tan starts and ends. If he's tan right up to the bike shorts line but not beyond, and his quads are the tannest part of his body,see arms are a good indicator too then you've got a real cyclist on your hands. If his forehead has a strange tanning pattern on it that suddenly makes sense when he puts on his helmet and glasses, this spells Danger with a capital D.

Shaved legs = serious cyclist. Why do shaved legs matter? Because they mean he's made a commitment to cycling. They also mean he's vain, because the purpose of shaved legs is to increase the visibility of your leg muscle definition.

Leg definition and size: Do check the size and cut of his quads and calves. If he's just cut, you can probably take him on the flats. If he's just big, you can get him on the climbs. If he's both, just try to draft.

Blinkers: NO ONE USE blinker or reflector on a Triathlon.Clearly,he ain't serious.

Bike and accessories clues : Finally, Check on tell tale indicators of torn-off sticker and residual gums at the seat post. If it has high build-up or gum line .Its confirmed your looking at one who had many race numbers.See clue indicator on the helmet also.And if he noticed you checking his bike out, you just snobbishly say this " i thought your saddle rails are carbon fiber..Then walk away"

Blog Indicator: More Race or Event date's then GOOGLE ADSENSE ADVERT! A GOOD SIGN your competitor is resting his legs while exercising his 10 speed shifting fingers.

Note: this article is label under HUMOUR with complete disregard for accuracy or truth, if you still aint grinning yet just click "BACK".

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The Harder You Train, The Harder You Fall

Adrenal Fatigue: what it is and what to do!

Seiji Ishii

Ahh, springtime. The snow begins to melt, the air begins to warm and cyclists everywhere fall into the same age-old pattern: with spirits buoyed by nicer weather and eager to test the base they’ve built up during the winter they begin riding harder, longer and more often.

A few of these cyclists will allow themselves proper recovery. Far more of them will wind up skimping on recovery time to meet family commitments or to make up work. Their fatigue levels will remain constantly high and the gains they make in training will be negligible. Drawn in by the seductive “more is better” school of training thought, these tired cyclists will try to do all the same things they did before the rise in training volume or intensity. In the process, they will fail to take into account the many types of stress placed upon them and possibly subject their bodies to what is known clinically as adrenal failure or adrenal burnout.

Adrenal what?

So, just what is adrenal failure? To fully appreciate how devastating it can be if your adrenal glands fail or burn out, you must first understand how much these glands do when they are functioning properly.

Your adrenal glands are each roughly the size of a walnut and are perched on top of your kidneys. These tiny glands are charged with the monumental task of responding to stress through the secretion of hormones. The wide-ranging effects of the adrenal hormones cannot be overstated: they affect carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism, blood sugar regulation, fat storage, and cardiovascular and gastrointestinal function. They also play a part in the secretion of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant hormones. Last, but certainly not least, they also serve as a source of sex hormones.

When they are functioning properly, your adrenal glands secrete tiny amounts of the steroidal hormones called cortisol and DHEA in response to stress—from any source. These hormones affect several physiological responses, including: blood sugar balance, blood pressure regulation and fluid balance, and anti-inflammatory and immunological responses. Under normal conditions, these responses to progressively increasing loads are how an athlete makes physical gains.

However, it is important to bear in mind that to your adrenals, stress is a zero-sum game. In other words, they can only handle so much. Nobody can say for certain how much stress is too much stress, but always remember that there is a limit for everyone and that your adrenal glands respond to stress from your job or other sources in the same way they respond to stress from a long ride. If your glands are continually bombarded by stress from a myriad of sources and proper recovery is not achieved, they will reach their limit and no longer be able to respond normally. You will begin to suffer from the classic symptoms of overtraining and your season will screech, lurch, or sputter to a halt.

Yikes! What to do?

So what can you do to avoid adrenal burnout and its many negative consequences? Though often overlooked, the solution is miraculously simple: balance recovery against all forms of stress.

By now, most of us know that the basic structure of a progressive training program is stress, followed by recovery and a resulting gain in the amount of stress the body can tolerate. Yet despite the fact that many athletes acknowledge this pattern with respect to physical stress, far too many athletes overlook it with respect to the other types of stress that exist in their lives – emotional, mental, dietary and immunological stresses, to name a few. These other types of stress must be met with recovery time just as you would do for physical stress.

How do you go about this? At a minimum, you should be aware of the many different sources of stress in your life and attempt to compensate with some form of recovery. Renowned coach Rick Crawford created a Stress Score system to account for various forms of stress and recovery and the relative stress vs. recovery balance the athlete is carrying. Crawford has coached such notables as Lance Armstrong and has used this type of stress logging on current superstars like Tom Danielson, Levi Leipheimer and Chann McRae with excellent results. (see example at the end of this article)

Crawford divides stress into three broad categories: Physical, Mental, and Emotional. Each type of stress is given points and is logged just like time in heart rate zones. Crawford then assigns recovery points to these categories: Sleep, Rest, and Therapy.. These scores for stress and recovery range from one to ten, with ten being the most stress or the most recovery. .At the end of the day, you “balance” your Stress Score by totaling the stress points and recovery points and notating the resulting stress or recovery point balance. As the training days wear on, you keep a running total of the stress vs. recovery balance so that you are armed with a “real time” Stress Score. Your goal is at the end of each mesocycle you “reconcile” your Stress Score account by zeroing your running total. This is usually aided by a rest week at the end of the mesocycle to help you “deposit” recovery points. Whether you actually log these stress points and recovery points or whether you simply make a mental note of them, the key is to remember that your adrenal glands make no distinction between the various forms of stress. You must therefore do the same.

The bottom line

We have certainly all dreamed of doing nothing but training. Of days filled with wonderful miles in the saddle followed by great food and luxurious lounging to recover. We all know how great it would be to worry only about that one form of stress. But, alas, most of us live in a place called reality, where jobs, families, and checkbooks can all inundate our systems with stress to which the adrenals must respond. Be kind to the little guys and allow for proper recovery from all the forms of stress placed upon them. Your adrenals can then keep functioning normally and repay you with the proper physical responses to training which will ultimately result in a healthier, happier, and faster you.

-Joe Friel is the author of the newly revised Cyclist’s Training Bible. Seiji Ishii is a cycling and multisport coach operating out of Austin, TX and is a member of Friel’s Ultrafit. For more information on this article contact Seiji at seiji@coachseiji.com or go to www.coachseiji.com. Rick Crawford can be contacted at champcamp@frontier.net.

Example of Athlete Daily Stress Score Log


Physical (P) 7 Hard intervals in the wind (better than working though)

Mental (M) 2 Easy day at the office, skipped out after lunch!

Emotional (E) 7 Got all wound up at my coworkers for ratting me out!

Stress Total: 16


Sleep (S) 9 Slept like a log, dreamt about winning the Giro.

Rest (R) 5 Not much at work but busy at home with errands until chow time

Therapy (T) 1 Not much, got to watch a little of the Giro on the tube

Recovery Total: 15

Daily Total: Stress 1

Running Total (add daily stress and recovery totals for a running “balance”): Stress 4

The athlete’s goal is to zero the running total by the end of each mesocycle.

-Coach Seiji Ishii

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Awesome McEwen

friggin amazin...

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Frequent Friend Zone Membership Card

Hello, and welcome back to the Friend Zone. If you have your Frequent Friend Zone card on hand, we'll be happy to stamp it for you before we proceed. By now, you undoubtedly know the drill, but we will go through standard procedures anyway.

First and foremost, we understand and sympathize with the fact that you are here against your will and probably its due to being bored too. How you got here-whether you were too passive, never had a shot, acted too much like a pillow, or, perhaps don't realize yet that you're gay-is not really our business and it's not at issue. These things happen, to some of us more than others, sure, but such is life.

Here, have a drink. You'll need it. Of course it tastes bitter. What did you expect? And sit down while we explain, once again, your options.

Option One SilverCard is to stay here in the Friend Zone. Staying in the Friend Zone gives the impression that you're a mature human being, one willing to take the high road. And, should you find some way to get beyond your obsession, you may end up with a true and good friend. You may come to see this other person as a human and value their insights, their words, enjoy their trust and all the things a real friend has to offer.

But we both. heck, we all know, deep down inside, that that's not going to happen. Because part of the job of being a friend is listening. And here in the Friend Zone, you'll have to listen to her problems. And her problems will, for some reason, always stem from the abuse she's taking from the guy currently in the Boyfriend Zone. You, of course, can try to be a good friend, a good listener and help her out. Feel free to do so. If you enjoy sleepless nights spent alone while alternating between abject depression, feelings of worthlessness and monstrous fits of jealous rage, run yourself out. Who are we to judge?

Option Two GoldCard, of course, is to walk across the Friend Zone, open up the door and, simply, leave. This would be the smart thing to do, but again, we don't want to pressure you. Sure, it might seem petty to just walk away. Maybe the object of your affection will be mystified, possibly a little hurt. But let us point out that your primary purpose in life shouldn't be to provide emotional support and affection for someone who has no intentions of climbing into the sack with you. Ever. And while we would never suggest you say something like "Fuck this, I have enough friends" … actually, we would suggest that, not because we value honesty above all, but we like seeing the look on people's faces when they hear that. Also, we understand how hard it will be for you to walk through that door, which entails a complete halt to emails, phone calls, IM, text messaging and all the other things you might use to keep false hope, your biggest enemy in the dating game, alive.

And there you have it. Again, welcome to the Friend Zone where you can stay as long as you like. Or leave. Those are your only choices. No matter what anyone says, you cannot leave the Friend Zone the way you came in. There is no door that leads from here to Girlfriend or Boyfriend Zone. You may notice the door, behind the bar, that leads to Drunk One-Night Hook-up that instills in You So Much Hope that You Can't Help but Want to Kill Yourself When You Realize That She's Shoved You Right Back into the Friend Zone (and She's Highly embarrassed). We don't need to tell you to avoid that. Do we?

So stay. Or go. Your choice.

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TDF 2007 Hero of the Day : Robbie Mcewen

Crashed at 20 km to go, teamates fighting back to bring him in touch to the back of the peloton. With an injured wrist, he had to make a passing thru 150 riders. Fought his way back up to the front with 300 meters to go.
Whooped everyones including Tom Boonen arse ( with a bike's length ) from 10km behind and took the stage!.

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MTB Tech @ 95

KHS SuperLite Team Cromo steel
XT/XTR with X-ray gripshift 21 speed with (53x12 max vs 32x28 low tuned )
with Control Tech pulley.
Answer Hyperlite handlebar and barends.
USE Seatpost with Selle italia saddle.
Ringle stem with Super bubba hubs and Ringle bottle Cage. (CNC was the rage)
Araya front with a 40mm deepdish unknown rear rims. ( Triple twisted rear spoke and Double twisted front spoke)
Aztec and Ritchey brakepads.
Tange Superlite elastomer 2 inches travel fork.
Onza elastomer clipless Pedals. ( Read that again.. Elastomer clipless pedal)
Panaracer Smoke front and rear.

25 pound.

Rides like dream. Sadly this bike was stolen from me.

Rides with demonic confidence..

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The Chase

I have this friend. It's always the same thing. Meets someone, gets interested. The intended victim returns the interest and the friend, suddenly, isn't so interested. The intended victim, an apparently rational person, decides to shove off, to spend time on more worthwile pursuits, like fighting crime or underwater basket weaving. But two days after the victim has wandered off to more fertile soil, my friend, lo and behold, is suddenly interested again. So the emails, phone calls, text messages, IMs, smoke signals and billboards on the BQE start up again. The victim, letting logic fail, truly becomes a victim and comes running back to my friend. My friend, of course, quickly loses interest.

Rinse. Lather. Repeat.

It seems a gender neutral phenomenon. And it often boils down to the simple explanation of wanting what we can't have and not wanting what we can.

Sure, there might be minor motivational differences. A guy might keep changing his mind, thinking he might, after all, like to tap that ass. And a girl might suffer from the Frog Prince mentality: give him one more chance and/or a kiss (or more) and he'll magically transform into something she'll REALLY TRULY be attracted to.

But most of it boils down to pure ego. "She ain't getting over me that easily." Or, "He's totally not going to get THAT infatuated with someone else THAT fast."
i bet..

Of course, there is the third thing, much more common among women. What I refer to is the woman who gets addicted to the attention of a paramour. And even though such a woman can barely stand to be seen in public with him, even feels a little skeevy when he comes around, she can stand less the idea of losing that attention, and even less than that, seeing the attention that is rightfully hers being squandered on someone else.

And I think, too, that women have an extra special Spidey sense about these things. I can tell you the times that I've been afflicted with infatuation, have finally decided to be done with it, have made real and true progress in putting my crush out of mind, when, lo!, the phone fucking rings.

Women. One question for you: How do you KNOW?!?

Of course, this is all part of the chase. And the types of people are simply those who are addicted to the chase. We all know people who are. I guess at one time or another in anyone's life, we've all been more interested in the pursuit rather than the pursued. It's like playing TAG. You're just running around the playground trying to catch something, not really caring what it is.

Some people are like dogs chasing a car. Some instinct takes over and they tear ass down the road , braying at the top of their lungs, having the time of their lives, tongue lolling out to the side, slobbering all over the place. Yet they have no real idea what it is they're chasing, why they're chasing it and, ultimately, what the hell they'd do with this thing when they catch it. I think guys fall into that category more often. "Oh shit, she likes me now AND she slept with me. Now what?"

Other people are like cats. They start the chase, acquire the target quickly, then play with it for two hours. They might eat it or might not. Either way, they're going to have their fun and inflict a hell of a lot of damage in the process.

And there are those who have it allll figured out, the playground leaders, the people who will go on to be student body president or captain of the football team or something equally annoying. These are the types that tell you what the rules are, how you have to play the game. "Nah, man. You're doing it all wrong. Yeah, you have to chase some. But then you have to stop. You can't look too interested." Or, "You have to play hard to get. You can't just call HIM. Are you insane? He'll think you're easy, some kind of slut."

I'd call those people... well, married. Or perpetually single. or Whatever they are, they constantly give me chasing, gaming advice that I'm completely incapable of following.

Me? I'm like that little shit who always couldnt give too fucks in a huff if the game wasn't going my way. I'll start the chase at a good clip and, depending on my mood and time of year, run an all out sprint or might even settle into a steady pace. But sooner than later, I'll just get fed up, draw up short, stamp my feet and scream at the top of my lungs: "This game is stupid and i am going off first."

Everyone else on the playing field will stop. A frightened look will come over the chasees face and the other players will shake their heads, thinking, "Oh, no , he's not really going to do this. Again."

"This game is dumb," I'll scream again. ". I am off . And I know I'm not supposed to be so obvious, but I like you, like you. So there, I said it. You happy now? Oh, that's right. Get scared. You run home too! See if I care. I didn't like you anyway. And, for the record, I was going first.

I guess I'm just mature like that. And, yes, as a child I played the game of tags with car-chasing dogs and aloof mouse-torturing cats.

Either way, if you're out on the playground, enjoy the chase. chase the pack. chase the car, chase the mouse or chase whatever...

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Bantus Capoiera @ Laundry

Feel that Latin Beat that Samba heat..(lovely)

Ready to feel the heat..

Folk Tunes By Errr... damm i forgot..

Woei Hern prepping up...So you think you'll fight well in that grass skirt!eh.

Finally a weekend that i can feel normal for a bit and not feeling like shit.
Rushed back from work , took a quick bite. Then off to Laundry to watch a few good friend and some other of his mates in Bantus Capoiera from Damansara Jaya to perform on the Rainforest festival event at Laundry. Watching them make their moves and bust a couple of flip's, man! they are pretty good to look at... its pretty refreshing scene from my usual routine too.

I cant remember whats the performing name they started as but i believed, it tells of a story of a lone fighter fending himself from other tribes then slowly he became a capoiera fighter...anyway the moves some of them made was just Awesome. standing 360 back flip, side flips, head stands. The abs on em core muscles is even better that some of the triathlete i've seen. the tune were great the crowd was there. and people was receptive of it with Nice energy going beating on ..No wonder my frend Hern loves this Capoiera.

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Transformers Blacklab vs MuteMath

Electric guitar Rocks so much harder...Mutemath makes me wanna sleep.

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Complete triathlon book

Felt like sharing this.

For those ambitious enough to voluntarily agree to swim, bike and run their way through a triathlon, Triathlete contributor Fitzgerald proposes this impressive, wide-ranging guide. Triathlon training is fairly standardized, says the author, with established principles and proven methods. Among the rules are "train for endurance" (even the shortest triathlons take at least an hour for the fastest athletes to compete), "train specifically" (compartmentalize to become efficient) and "rest and recover sufficiently" (after a body system's been overloaded, it needs to return to a state of balance). Fitzgerald follows these conventions with chapters on equipment, including hydrodynamic swimsuits and road bikes with clip-on aerobars; swim training, with in-depth explanations of freestyle techniques; maintaining a healthy lifestyle, describing various stretches and how to deal with injuries; and more. He even discusses mental training, reminding readers to keep a playful attitude. They'll need it, especially in the grueling final stretches.

Author: Matt Fitzgerald
Type: PDF
Download Size: 5.14
ISBN: 0446679283
To download:

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Disco Homer.

Marge! do i look fast in this?


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Passion = Attraction

According to the dictionary,definition of attraction is as follows:

“A force acting mutually between particles of matter to
draw them together and to resist their separation.”

There is a negative force and positive force that counter each other every time, like a balance scale.

Having external factors influencing the outcome of the moment by this ex- force being stronger , it goes and if the attraction is stronger, it stays.

Its just the way it is. Always has and always have been.

Just a thought on balancing this attraction.

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The wonders of communications

"Well, it appears some things don't change much. Almost exactly six years ago, we wrote about a study that said that men tend to use mobile phones in the same way that peacocks display their plumage: as a mating call to try to impress women. A new study has found that this still happens. Men are much more likely to actively display their mobile phones in social situations. The article suggests it's a way to pick up women, but it also notes that men are just as eager to display their mobile phones to other men to make themselves appear more important. Of course, what makes this even more interesting is the study we saw this past summer that found that women use mobile phones for almost the exact opposite purpose. They do it to keep men from approaching them. That is, if they see someone approaching them, they may pull out the phone so they have an excuse to avoid talking to the man. No wonder the sexes have so much trouble communicating. They don't even use communication devices the same way."


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Ala Nokon

Hell yeah , it took me 3 hours just to experiment on this. It came as an idea. The trick is to use 2 type of housing density. One being flexible and the other being stiff enough. The main trick isnt about the housing but the positioning.
When gears are shifted,tension runs pretty high and thus affects the shifting accuracy when down shifts or upshift due to the funny bends (and also breaking performance too) . Got around that by some trick up my sleeves. i am a bike nerd.

NOKON = 400 Rm.

Cable and Housing = 15 Rm + some elbow grease.

Riding with fellas asking, how you do that? : Priceless.

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The Tour begins this month! LOL!!

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Need some Divine Intervention

Those Keretek smokin Indons are back at it again!!!Reports states there are more hot spots developing. FarkK Man!, can one imagine to train in these HAZE AGAIN like last year!!?? or like the year before last and...Plus some important races coming along... getting depressed thinking about it.

Perhaps I got to find a temporary shelter...... a GYM??
Sigh, that's my last resort.

Perhaps there is a conspiracy theory on The Evil Syndicates of Fitness Gyms in Asia ( TESFGA ) to hire some poor folks at Indo to do some slash and burn so everyone will start exercising indoors.

Yeah, Thats on a FAR SIDE..but for now,Pleaseeee the "Power Above", don't let this ruin my happyness.flood em hotspot!!

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Running with the L2A boys

Dude, those guys are fast. Didnt had the chance to pursuit them on the way to Ijok or batu arang but i had to pursuit for the peloton when i arrived late at centerpoint at 7.15. pushing at 35 avg i met up with a punctured victim thus helping fix the puncture and then lead till Batu Arang where they regroup.

On the way back those L2A boys were fast on pace averaging at 35 again.. at 78km i just didn't had the legs anymore to go on during Guthrie slopes. I think my legs have not recovered from Penang marathon just didn't had the omph.

Whatever the case/excuses maybe, the fact is those boys were fast.

in total was about 115km. took the gurthie highway back and via kelana jaya. It was a soloist ride back.....

Update...Mac told me that they went back via Guthrie/Sungai buloh. DARN it, NO wonder i didnt see nobody. My detour was to Guthrie/Shah Alam! and extra 15 km.

oh well.

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