Deciding between the BLUE pill and the RED PILL

The choice of doing Broga or any long endurance based distance is like taking the BLUE PILL or the RED PILL. Blue Pill takes back to the comfort zone, back to the life"cycle" you'd always have , and erase the glimpse of the future potential you can taste or The Red Pill will allow yourself to see the "truth", to quell the urge of inquisitivity.

We all decide to take the RED PILL....

29kmh+- avg for 110 km.

A lil blur but that's a snake caught hold of a frog.We saw this after our KOM climb during a rest stop. This frog is so determined to survive he grabbed a stem from one of the roots so the snake cant drag him futher...

at Sunday, July 29, 2007  


Stupe said... Tue Jul 31, 09:48:00 AM 2007  

I did broga the first time in June and love it to bits. Only thing is the timing as weekends are usually family days. :(

The snake you saw, it's the paradise tree snake, i've seen it last year while the snake swallowed a gecko..

See you soon in the next ride/race and apology for not getting your name the first time, bad of me not to properly introduce myself.

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