Running with the L2A boys

Dude, those guys are fast. Didnt had the chance to pursuit them on the way to Ijok or batu arang but i had to pursuit for the peloton when i arrived late at centerpoint at 7.15. pushing at 35 avg i met up with a punctured victim thus helping fix the puncture and then lead till Batu Arang where they regroup.

On the way back those L2A boys were fast on pace averaging at 35 again.. at 78km i just didn't had the legs anymore to go on during Guthrie slopes. I think my legs have not recovered from Penang marathon just didn't had the omph.

Whatever the case/excuses maybe, the fact is those boys were fast.

in total was about 115km. took the gurthie highway back and via kelana jaya. It was a soloist ride back.....

Update...Mac told me that they went back via Guthrie/Sungai buloh. DARN it, NO wonder i didnt see nobody. My detour was to Guthrie/Shah Alam! and extra 15 km.

oh well.

at Sunday, July 01, 2007  


Anonymous said... Wed Jul 11, 01:54:00 PM 2007  

Bro, Dennis here....hows the Swiss Top msn

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