Bantus Capoiera @ Laundry

Feel that Latin Beat that Samba heat..(lovely)

Ready to feel the heat..

Folk Tunes By Errr... damm i forgot..

Woei Hern prepping up...So you think you'll fight well in that grass skirt!eh.

Finally a weekend that i can feel normal for a bit and not feeling like shit.
Rushed back from work , took a quick bite. Then off to Laundry to watch a few good friend and some other of his mates in Bantus Capoiera from Damansara Jaya to perform on the Rainforest festival event at Laundry. Watching them make their moves and bust a couple of flip's, man! they are pretty good to look at... its pretty refreshing scene from my usual routine too.

I cant remember whats the performing name they started as but i believed, it tells of a story of a lone fighter fending himself from other tribes then slowly he became a capoiera fighter...anyway the moves some of them made was just Awesome. standing 360 back flip, side flips, head stands. The abs on em core muscles is even better that some of the triathlete i've seen. the tune were great the crowd was there. and people was receptive of it with Nice energy going beating on ..No wonder my frend Hern loves this Capoiera.

at Sunday, July 08, 2007  


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