Race Win with helmet Cam : Featuring Limp Bizkit & Disturbed , very Cool.

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Cliff Bar commercial : HiIarious....

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Interstate 2007

Goona love the Sunshine.....

258 rider...258 bikes. 258 helmets, 2 x 258 bottles..Min 516 spare tubes. Spinning at whole 20,640 rpm.

No pushing.. no stress, just ride

Tip 1: Powergel expensive? Try dates, as in dates the fruit...not girl date...

Tip 2: bring zip lock bag for rain.

Tip 3: bring zip ties.

Tip 4: Wash your shoes.. or wash/replace you insoles before interstate . you dont want it to stink the room.your room mate will hate you.

Tip 5: Bring bike lube.rain takes ur oil away.

Tip 6: Bring toothbrush.to clean your bike. Ahem ..sho"cough" wer room..last day.cough..
Tip 7: End every ride with a positive note.

Tip 8 : bring a camera its a darn good excuse to take a rest :)

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Scared? Harden the FUCK Up

This is Bernard, His Name is Bernard..Harden the fuck up BERNARD ahahah

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Project Special-K

Its DONE.... Tune and Configured...

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Togoparts forum on my Incident.

CG posted me this.

" Check out this blog in singapore talking about ur bike... really sucks..

http://www.togoparts.com/forum/showthread.php?fid=8&tid=52417&page_id=-1 "

Well.. i am not going to lose any sleep over it....

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Desaru-pic add-on.

See it @ http://nischan.multiply.com/ belonging to Janice whom did the Sprint with a positive note.

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Putrajaya IndepenDANCE day

..Paul Van Dyke and Cosmic Gate ( Thump Thump Thump Thump@ 120 - 140 bpm ) on Independence day....(Sigh).. Sorry guys gotta skip this one..tell me how it went.k ..

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this blog cracks me up...

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Scent of an Athlete

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Desaru 2007 Long Distance Triathlon

Update: Like to Thank Lizi and her frend Amy for the Oreo's given to me during the run...

This Blogger made the trip down to Desaru , with 2 mates Adeline and Adrian.
Took a morning drive down to Desaru after breakfast. Frequent stop for meals and leaks.
Very chirpy feeling with the mixed feeling of excitement and the readiness to Go..

We reached there roughly about 3.30pm and without much hesitation we took to the registration booth and signed our soul away along with 80 ringgit to boot....

Usually when you sign your soul away to a triathlon.. you tend to see the light..

While waiting for the rest we took a short 500 meter swim to taste Desaru. bouyancy is pretty good. Except those lil critters which loves biting swimmers..(Wonder how they look like..)

By the time comes at 5 .30 all the usual faces is spotted and one thing for sure , everyone is hungry but still we had the Race briefing by the trijokerdirector Mr Chan where it is mentioned that " The Whole Race Course is YOUR TOILET bowl...feel free to do it anywhere" Fuckin A man...best statement ever.

The guy on the left aint looking at the bike... mind you....

A Planet X sales pitch on 12k carbon weave... The lady asked : what kinda of cross-stitch is that??

We started to make growls in tummy & hungry = Angry.

We decide to have carbo loading dinner that's like with a drive to some unknown town.. everyone in the car was quiet and hungry thinking " are we like there yet?" Need Rice to Race brudder!

Everything Taste so darn good....

It was a Feast of Fury ( notice a table full of 100 Plus , confirm you got a bunch of cyclist... )

Their dishes had speed but our dishes got endurance...12 dishes...cleaned everything..

Without this meal we would not had made it thru desaru ... Adrian would not had a 500 meter sprint to the finish line if it wasn't for that last tofu he swallowed.

Okay so we filled out stomach , when we got back we filled out bottles...

A black 12k weave erection ... with 2 yellow testosterone filled balls......Just what Adrian needs for his race .... Thought is was a 330 km untill i told him its only 3x30 km

Ah ! the T1 line.... which i will never forget..its supposed to be a Rainbow you twit.....bet the ppl didnt even realized it..

The womens club.. Gezuz wtF is that 2 guys staring at..pervs...

Yeah , thats a mighty fine pump you got there...

Lizi ,Jason and Me ( Hin Tong was mirco-adjusting his bike position thus able saving micro seconds , thus wasnt available for this shot.)

Jasmine.. she didnt want to take this shot.. unless i re-program her Cateye to do 35 kmh average....... .i swear that bike is going to hit the lady in the pic backdrop.

10 seconds before the Hammer goes down...

So the race started 10 seconds earlier.. remembered everyone was just chatting unaware of the whistle blow....anyway then everyone swam , they brave the waves.. they swam and swam.. then they just gave up reaching ... they didnt ever reach the 1st buoy... well.. most did.. and most didnt...

Well. i'd say its a tough tough swim..everyone knows it..thats why some decide to skip the 1st buoy....Those of you who didnt..Good for you..you were faster...

For me i took it at 1 hour. Coz i was heading no-where and those sea lice was playing Tic -Tac-Toe with me....realized it took some trick to beat the rip tide.

Getting out to T1, Grab the bike.. wear the stuff.. and go>go> go> fucking cycled like a i was bike thief. i was overtaking alot maintaining 32 at 55 km mark..at 1hr40 minutes. Untillllll i crashed... (Shit. i bet you already know.. but want to read this anyway)

Looking back i had really goood memories with this bike....this picture was taken the night before...

and at approximately 1.20- 1.20pm the next day, i cant ride with her anymore...

So What the Fuck Happened ?
Ask this guy name JASON WONG Race No 259 from Singapore, whom decide its alright to stop in the middle of the road to start puking saying "i want to puke"and then said he was "about " to pull side.....You piece of shit..you pull aside immediately, you selfish retard. He also decided to Leave Town..after he DNF.....

Jason Wong if you reading this, your a major faggot and i do remember your face that's all i can say....

Fast forward... got back to the starting line on a motorobike,while carrying my bike...threw the bike on thew ground..and the final jab was the tactless idiot MC drew on his microphone... "108 YOU DID NOT FINISH THE RACE" and in the mids of everything lost my bento bag.. ( Mr Chan found it back, thank you very much)Thanks BikeBoutique for the SportsBean, just to make me feel a lil better...

Calm down and decided to Run the 21km ... No.. didnt smile thru the 21 km...it was 100% pure anger extract that powered thru while having pain all over..finished it in 2.30. fuck it hurts.

hell yeah .. you bet i was angry.. why should i not be?

The friends whom was there, the frend who called. the frends whom smsed me , the frends whom knew but didn't want to bother me. Thank you, you know who you are..i really appreciate your positive side....

Took a long time to update... coz spend time on googling frame reviews ;) got to look forward... man..

Well if you want to see the bike its in http://www.bikeprobicycle.com/

Found out about it on Sunday.. evening and it gutted me again.. found out all was alright just a lil battle scars to show and tell... and all's fine.

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Spandex & Lyrca

Wearing spandex or Lycra isn't easy when going up lifts... or when walking into shops to buy a drink especially when you are a guy. its just not accepted and its just plain awkward situation like when coming home when there are guest or family friends. (however if you a female... its perfectly fine...)

but these guys never seems to have a problem , don't they....

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Pain and Suffering ... A Flow Process Breakdown.

Get out there and start to exert yourself.

Go long or go hard or both.

Begin to experience pain.

As you go further and/or harder, the pain increases.

The pain starts to annoy you.

You assess the pain: is it injurious?

If no, then you make a conscious decision to accept the pain.

You don't mind the pain.

You don't care about the pain.

You are not attached to the pain.

Finally, you accept the pain.

The pain just is.

After acceptance, you realize that the pain doesn't matter.

Without it mattering, it can't contain or control you.

You have transcended the pain.

Now you can do anything.

Here's the critical part: As you go further or harder, the cycle can either be repeated, or not.

You decide.

It's your pain.

Go with it.

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Low Million - Statue

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Dasaru Half IRONMAN (70.3) without the DOT-M

SO its coming this Saturday ...great i am all prepared... except my knee and my broken back..

i broke my back tying my shoes lace! ( dont ask me how ) before went for my swim to meet up with Jason and Adeline.

Today@ 7 am on this fine weathered Sunday i did jack shit..

where else.. 4000-5000 people went running 1,5,10,21 km @ PJ HALF..

and PCC bikers rode 115 km.. to Batu Arang..

And what i did was , i was rolling around in BED... LOL ,i am sorry guys.. i was a no show for both camps.

Fuck... i am totally messed up.... and having sore knee and sore back isnt helping.. one fine bit..

So my game plan is to complete DESARU.. i'll walk if i have to....

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14 and 18 Stone.

Wasn't aware of any long distance ride. Decide to ad-hoc sms jasmine for what ride is on for Saturday. So the route of the day was decidely Batu 14 hill to Perez and back to Batu 18.

Well, its a nice slow Saturday morning ride that i could not ask for more from a hectic week.

A rare Softride replica belonging to Alex. I bet it was bling bling during its days but still a good conversation piece.This picture is a nice shot taken while riding along side.

Never knew Perez has such nice curves and thats Elaine and Jasmine making it look easy.. i am really starting to like my new camera phone.

Got to learn to wear socks...

PS. Congrats to Elaines newly purchased 2 weeks old sweet looking black merida bike..many many happy kilometers on it.

There was a Long Distance ride to Bentong on that very same morning.. but its okay... i had fun :) from where i rode...55 km in total.... but later my other unorthodox training regime kicked in...

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Tour de Pearl ze Orient.

Things to do during Interstate2007 .


i know somehow i be coming back home fatter then fitter...i pray i'd shit as much i as i eat before the ride... Seriously... What is there to do during Interstate but eat , sleep , ride, boOoze and have fun...( and size up the competition ) !!! haahahahaha.




There are other ways to vacation. Why do a bike tour?

what better way to have fun and meet new people, and be a bike snob....and eat like a pig

Am I ready for a bicycle tour?

Fark yeah...i know i am...

What is the make-up of your groups and how fast do they ride?

Its complicated...

What kind of bicycle should I ride?

Something with 5- 24 speed...if it has a motor as a add-on.. bring it as well..you never know when it might come in handy..

What do I bring?

Have you Done any travelling before?

How do I find the nearest airport to my chosen tour and do you provide transportation from the airport to the trip start?

Your not from malaysia are you? Ask the Taxi driver ....

What are the cycling routes like?

like the ride to your local bike shop.....

Do we cycle in the rain?

You made of sugar? sugar...

What type of overnight accommodations are provided?

1 to 5 star... depends on what you had and what you have done....the night before..

What meals are provided? What is the food like?

its got to be 40% carbo....sure of it...

What is a typical day like?

Hawt and Steamy...

What's included in my trip fee and how much spending money do I need to bring?

about 400...which i think its closed by now...

How and when should I reserve my spot?

you cant... its over...get over it.....

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Somedays you just feel like SHIT.....

Today feels like shit....Lack of sleep, work PC hard disk died , Step on dog pee, frustration.... why cant the day just be normal for a bit.....

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A nice site found recently..


there is even mp3's to download for those mp3 player..

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Adidas King of the Road...but in reality..

With all the biking cronies.. ( gee.. camera phone aint too good in the dark...) Gunter, Adrien, me, Arif. Adeline, Senn , Jaja , i bet there are more out there i have not met...

A beautiful sunrise view and that's Jazemine heading to the horizon..

Senn moving slowly but surely..


Everyone is running,music thumping my legs just aint moving..Felt like lead and my knee starts to hurt.,Jason,Jezamine,Joanne,Lizzie,Ashley, Adeline , Arif met me , holler at me..sacrifice a few second to pace me..Met arif in the the final 3 km whom got into some feet tendon problem so we decideed to walk.. Thanks...its good to know that there are friends looking out for ya.

Finding myself seriously drained after the ride to PD with less that 10 hours to Adidas KOTR, I felt its more like :

lets see.. 1.45 cut off time.. to my actual time of 2.45 wow.. my worst ever, never have i gotten this knackered with along side an problematic knee... today just didn't shine for me but its not like i cant handle it...the Pain doesn’t go away and just gets worse as you continue. I stopped running and started walking immediately. I walked for about 5 minutes, then tried to run again. I got about a minute of running in and then the pain hit again. I walked.

Its a cue to really rest my knee....this time seriously no more fucking around.....

OH yeah and to those who aren't so forgiving.. thinking its an execuse....Come.. LETS PLAY...again... :) after i heal of course..

Update 9.00 pm : Went to have a check up , it seems i've got Patellar Tendonitis ...was given some painkiller and anti inflammation pills...

Never have i experience finishing so far back and with no medal... It humbles you, it gives a new sense of respect to those whom are determined to complete than to compete. Especially the older folks and to those going "one" up for the first time....with sheer teeth grinding and grit.

So go ahead.. i'll catch up... just gimme some time to recover..

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PD ride... another RED PILL...

This time to PD a 140 km ride to pd for some fast and furious tempo and cyclophonic beats..at 150 bpm and above...

we average to PD about 35kmh+- with Snake and Ladder game play with 50-70 kmh dice throw ...We had our meal at PD..( all the way to PD to have nasi lemak bungkus?) however on the way back there is an idiotic rider whom headed straight to seremban only to realized its the wrong way.Thats a additional 8-10 km mistake.On the way back the average dropped down to about 24-26 kmh..

On the way back to base camp in the last 3 km, my tire blew without warning. Kenda Kaliente is light but damm it aint that durable.

its a wonderful ride but i am totally knackered from the "intervals training" and the work involved. in total about 147km with my tiring mistake.

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What rubber do you use?

Sometime i get questions on assumptions that the narrower a tire is, the better it'll roll. That's basically as far as our understanding goes when purchasing tires,

this is an article on Roules Artisan.

The basics

In general terms, the total drag of a cyclist will consist of 80% tire rolling resistance and 20% wind resistance at 10 km/h or 6 mph. At 40 km/h or 25 mph the numbers will reverse, with total drag consisting of 80% wind resistance and 20% tire rolling resistance.

A durable tire with a sturdy casing and a high level of puncture resistance, will not roll as well as a tire that's very compliant, light, and more delicate of construction. A wider tire will roll better and have better grip compared to a very narrow tire, but will suffer at high speeds due to aerodynamic drag.

The best rolling tubular tires also include Latex inner tubes, which reduces rolling resistance even further compared to a Butyl inner tube. Generally they aren't present in tubular tires with high puncture resistance qualities, as the addition of an extra low rolling resistance inner tube will have almost no effect, unless the tire casing is extremely supple as well.

The effects of tire width on rolling performance

Balancing of performance factors

The perfect tire with all variables are at their maximum. Too bad it doesn't exist!

Wide tires larger than 23 mm allow for good rolling performance and comfort at low inflation pressures. Adding a high puncture resistance layer to the tire construction slightly effects performance. The tire becomes a little less compliant, which results in lower rolling performance and comfort.

Narrower tires of 23 mm and less, decrease rolling performance and require higher inflation pressures, which adversely effect riding comfort. Gains are made in aerodynamics requiring less energy for maintaining speeds exceeding 40 km/h or 25 mph. Again, by adding a high puncture resistance layer, rolling performance and tire compliancy is slightly decreased.

A special case, as seen in tires with less supple tire casings, such as Tufo racing tires. Rolling resistance is very high at common running pressures of between 7 and 8.5 bar (~101 - ~123 psi). When pumped up very hard in excess of 9.5 bar (~140 psi), rolling perfomance will improve quite dramatically. Comfort on the other hand will decrease by the same extent. No optimal balance between pressure and rolling performance can be found for normal road riding conditions with these types of tires. They quite literally put you between a rock and a hard place.

How to find the best tire

In order to match a tire to a given performance requirement, one has to take into account factors that are often mutually exclusive. Riding conditions and purpose (racing or training), have to be weighed against factors such as rolling resistance, comfort, reliability, grip, wear rate, and general cost of running. Only then can one arrive at an optimal compromise and claim to have chosen the most suitable tire.

TIP: buy Super light sub 60gram butyl tube.

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Cycling is the New BLACK...


Titanium is soo last year...( except for my mtb of course )

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Food for cycling thought

A Zen Teacher saw five of his students return from the market, riding their bicycles. When they had dismounted, the teacher asked the students, "Why are you riding your bicycles?" The first student replied, "The bicycle is carrying this sack of potatoes. I am glad that I do not have to carry them on my back!" The teacher praised the student, saying, "You are a smart boy. When you grow old, you will not walk hunched over, as I do." The second student replied, "I love to watch the trees and fields pass by as I roll down the path." The teacher commended the student, "Your eyes are open and you see the world." The third student replied, "When I ride my bicycle, I am content to chant, nam myoho renge kyo." The teacher gave praise to the third student, "Your mind will roll with the ease of a newly trued wheel." The fourth student answered, "Riding my bicycle, I live in harmony with all beings." The teacher was pleased and said, "You are riding on the golden path of non-harming." The fifth student replied, "I ride my bicycle to ride my bicycle." The teacher went and sat at the feet of the fifth student, and said, "I am your disciple."

Makes me wonder....

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..did no training...did no swimming.. did no biking .. did no running.
All is need is some Drinking and some Sleeping....

"Snort" CANNOOOTTTTT... MUST TRAIN..."reach for the shoes..."

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hmmmm....what can i say? i wrecked my knee last sunday when i jogged at kiara.Nottoo sure if i can meet the cut off at 1.45.lets see....

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Kajang and the lost hashers

"Mac"ker Cranker..

Jeff and the Kajang Happy Tree friends!

let's dress in green so we blend in with the trees.

Daniel lim, Mac Ashely and Welhym

Ashley's extended safety leg.

This hash was 3 weeks back and it was fun getting lost and to re-chase the pack again.A lil sloppy upload this time... lazy bugger i am....
the route goes thru single track some technical droppoff, fast fire trails.. technical switchbacks, and some steep climbs.Sometimes getting lost in hash is fun.i kinda grew to like it alot.

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