Dasaru Half IRONMAN (70.3) without the DOT-M

SO its coming this Saturday ...great i am all prepared... except my knee and my broken back..

i broke my back tying my shoes lace! ( dont ask me how ) before went for my swim to meet up with Jason and Adeline.

Today@ 7 am on this fine weathered Sunday i did jack shit..

where else.. 4000-5000 people went running 1,5,10,21 km @ PJ HALF..

and PCC bikers rode 115 km.. to Batu Arang..

And what i did was , i was rolling around in BED... LOL ,i am sorry guys.. i was a no show for both camps.

Fuck... i am totally messed up.... and having sore knee and sore back isnt helping.. one fine bit..

So my game plan is to complete DESARU.. i'll walk if i have to....

at Sunday, August 12, 2007  


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