14 and 18 Stone.

Wasn't aware of any long distance ride. Decide to ad-hoc sms jasmine for what ride is on for Saturday. So the route of the day was decidely Batu 14 hill to Perez and back to Batu 18.

Well, its a nice slow Saturday morning ride that i could not ask for more from a hectic week.

A rare Softride replica belonging to Alex. I bet it was bling bling during its days but still a good conversation piece.This picture is a nice shot taken while riding along side.

Never knew Perez has such nice curves and thats Elaine and Jasmine making it look easy.. i am really starting to like my new camera phone.

Got to learn to wear socks...

PS. Congrats to Elaines newly purchased 2 weeks old sweet looking black merida bike..many many happy kilometers on it.

There was a Long Distance ride to Bentong on that very same morning.. but its okay... i had fun :) from where i rode...55 km in total.... but later my other unorthodox training regime kicked in...

at Saturday, August 11, 2007  


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