Having the runs while cycling

The choice of MTBer and occasionally roadies whom need to answer the call of nature resorts to such place in the tropics. In such environment everything has its place in nature( even fresh human excretions.) ;) probably fertilising the tropical fruit Banana your eating rite now.

This leaf's natural texture and size is ideally perfect for ass wipes. Might be a lil gritty but beggars cant be choosers.

So my tip is to roll some emergency toilet paper into you handlerbar just in case if you ever need em.( while your riding out there, somewhere )

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Sometimes its sure hard not to sniff to much glue with your preping em tires..it gets even worst when the head of the brush drop into the spokes hole and you cant get the damm head out....( when the damm brush head dried and glued in there )

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And there are gels.....

And then there are gels...being the off the counter brands like GU and Powerbar. the other two remains pretty unknown for this tastebuds, more importantly the sustainable energy. As GU and PBgel goes on for 35mins max, doesnt do jack to me in terms to me beside giving me a sugar rush. I'll try the rest later .The E-GEl seems larger....and sure gives an impression of some mutant goo..

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Hornet Juice Performance Supplements

Tried this months ago, believe me i was sceptical and i don't usually write about the stuff i take , just to give you a glimpse of what i know and tried was Amino Vital Strenght and Endurance, Hammergel Recoverite , GU Energy Gel ,Amino Acid base Controlled Labs Purple Wrath and others ( under my nutrition section )

Then i tried this, it totally changed my perception of Amino Acids supplement from the above. its above and beyond then the rest although it does not contain any carbo base. I seriously don't know how to share my enthusiasm to you on this with out being bias. Just google "hornet juice + VAAM"

It has helped my thru my training and competitions in the beginning of my season and till now. In high level , it gives better flow of energy and less effort on anything that is endurance based. i believe in it soo much i've decided to bring it "ON" to the rider, runner or triathlete here in Malaysia.

It is an energy experience that is worth having for an important event that you need to do your best in. please do let me have the pleasure to share this with you at a much better price and the experience of talking about it after you have crossed the line.......email me at hornetjuice.my@gmail.com ( Malaysia or Singapore )

Update : Run Strong on VAAM and others (you might find it informative)



So far everyone whom uses this works for them. Most of the main mistake of not feeling the effect is not using it prior to the session. It does not work best if its usage is halved or if its digested with protein. Best result is drink it before a carbo breakfast.

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Rock racing replica jersey

Can say it ain't the real deal, but for a price of tubular tire it is my 1st replica , these threads sure is value for the money , and the colour itself is as good as the original. For dynamic weather and inflation factors , i seriously do not mind going for replica jerseys if i like the design.

Fabric wise , sweat wicking it is as high end as any original from castelli to santini. no itchy nor pokey edges.Seriously i ve got no complaints..it looks very "versace".. This guy has further details email him at phenomenon.el@gmail.com

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Kinovea video analysis

Above is just a screenshot sample i did on a video analysis using Kinovea video analysis tool and its free! use it for bike fitting analysis of cleat , saddle stem , handlebar etc etc ( heck, even C of G ) pretty useful if you know what your doing.

Got a long torso thus it felt comfortably right on a 17.25 lenght crank


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Ceramic bearing

yeah yeah...silicon nitride here nitride there... no difference if you ask me ( @5000 rpm maybe it would.)...perhaps it just last longer that's all.. Better to save for light weight wheel or low RR tire and 50 gram tube.

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EuroBIke 2008 update



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Campy 11 : In Details

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Drafting Survival Tricks

There's a simple way to survive that scary situation when an overlapped wheel is bumped: Turn into the direction of contact. if your front wheel taps a rear wheel on your right side, turn the handlebar right like you are trying to use the front wheel as a hockey stick. This provides a counter force that pushes you and the bike away, together, from the rear wheel without losing your center of gravity. In this technique, your entire body and bike will act as one solid unit and be more likely to bounce off rather than jackknife into a crash.

wheel getting too close? another simple way will be using the whole body as a negative spoiler to slow you down ( upright position ) thus without tapping on your brakes. Still to fast? beside the above, start coasting to scrub speed off.

In evasive maneuver in case of hole or pothole avoidance but you cant see or don't know whats going on the front? hear for shoutout and the riders hips in front of you.Usually hips movement is very noticeable if its a left or right swing to avoid road hazards.

Never the less don't ever forget the etiquette of peloton riding

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Interstate 2008 - Vision of the hills again.

Kajang to kuantan combines amazing scenery, the chance to feel the pulse of life in the rural countryside of malaysia and the opportunity to feel the exhilaration of a seaside coastal headwinds .

For Interstate 2008,We started nevermind the rain but we felt the visions of familiar hills again ( peres ) to begin the snaking roads leading to watermelon offering villager that are so so friendly in Bahau. In journey for this day one,we carve thru kinks of corners with a sudden arise of a waterfall to teeth and cable clattering routes where then it leads to defensive manure avoidance steering (letting us smell the freshness). We rode every kilometer spinning along thru the sunshine after the rain. In a ride for rest in Bahau.

For the next day we pedal , we take turns. its contagious . Hear my own breath , their breaths. Chain glides across steel teeth. Humming tires over uneven tarmac. See for 178km distance on the second day, road undulating over the fans spreading from palm trees to coconuts estates, telephone poles in perfect periodicity: 50 meters, countless 50 meters. White kilometer markers, like grave stones, one, two, three...five. More but I cannot make them out.The sun. All under the sun. Today, the air isn't quiet but for our own disturbance of it,making it cool against the sun's burdensome heat.

And we pedal, intent on a distant horizon unclosing.We took turns again with only some pockets of relief in midway stops but we soldiered on at 35-38 avg 43-45 tops. I think this isnt what Interstate is about, there's no enjoyment whatsoever.This felt really close to the sun. Soon Kuala Rompin at 2 km.there was a pronoun sense of enthusiam , an accomplished devotion . We ended to Kuala Rompin Resort in an angle that this ride , truly has flavours and respectable personalities that are insane. (Sincere thanks to those giving the good run..)

In turning point in the holistic view for tomorrow , in the air today i taste the need for support . " So tell me why? why not let em have some?

I thank Don.H, Sarah and Adni giving their support in that cool Rexton,a BIG SHOUTOUT to those unsung riders who cared enough..and lastly the comittee and volunteer for this PCC InterState whom has done enough.

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