Drafting Survival Tricks

There's a simple way to survive that scary situation when an overlapped wheel is bumped: Turn into the direction of contact. if your front wheel taps a rear wheel on your right side, turn the handlebar right like you are trying to use the front wheel as a hockey stick. This provides a counter force that pushes you and the bike away, together, from the rear wheel without losing your center of gravity. In this technique, your entire body and bike will act as one solid unit and be more likely to bounce off rather than jackknife into a crash.

wheel getting too close? another simple way will be using the whole body as a negative spoiler to slow you down ( upright position ) thus without tapping on your brakes. Still to fast? beside the above, start coasting to scrub speed off.

In evasive maneuver in case of hole or pothole avoidance but you cant see or don't know whats going on the front? hear for shoutout and the riders hips in front of you.Usually hips movement is very noticeable if its a left or right swing to avoid road hazards.

Never the less don't ever forget the etiquette of peloton riding

at Thursday, September 04, 2008  


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