Having the runs while cycling

The choice of MTBer and occasionally roadies whom need to answer the call of nature resorts to such place in the tropics. In such environment everything has its place in nature( even fresh human excretions.) ;) probably fertilising the tropical fruit Banana your eating rite now.

This leaf's natural texture and size is ideally perfect for ass wipes. Might be a lil gritty but beggars cant be choosers.

So my tip is to roll some emergency toilet paper into you handlerbar just in case if you ever need em.( while your riding out there, somewhere )

at Monday, September 29, 2008  


GoTubeless.com said... Fri Oct 03, 06:36:00 PM 2008  

It's a good idea to rub the leaf on a small part of your skin before you go whole hog and wipe it all over your butt. You should be able to tell if it'll give you a rash in a few minutes. Much better than trying to finish your ride with a crazy itchy butt the rest of the time.

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