BONK or Low Glycogen training

Generally, athletes of all levels are told to have a carbohydrate-rich meal two to three hours before any training occurs, ensuring their glycogen levels are fully topped up.

But these studies suggest that purposefully manipulating your glycogen level so that it’s around one third depleted results in improved signalling, hence greater muscular mitochondrial mass and better endurance performance.

The idea is to purposefully lower your glycogen until it’s depleted to the right level, then to do some high-intensity training in that state.

Have a low-carbohydrate meal prior to the session and then beginning the workout with 45-60 minutes of low-intensity, steady cycling at around 70% of your VO2 max (a level where you can still breathe through your nose, with your mouth shut).

After your glycogen is sufficiently depleted, switch to intervals of five minutes’ hard exercise with a minute of rest in between.

This will train your signalling pathways to maximum effect.

Training Goal : BASE

Aim to build strenght and endurance so you're looking to build distance and resistance in this early stage.

Glycogen manipulation : Low glycogen training 2 to 3 times per week but ensure glycogen is high for strenght training

Training Goal : BUILD UP

Slowly incorp speedworks while maintain distance and strenght gains

Glycogen manipulation : Do low glycogen training 2 times early in the week and load up on glycogen for strenght and speedworks in later session in the same day


Do high quality training session while decreasing distance and resistance

Glycogen manipulation : Keep high glycogen for morning quality trainnig and low gylocgen for evening session atleast one or twice a week.

Training Goal : COMPETITION

Glycogen manipulation : Keep glycogen High all time..

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HI ryan.. usually i dont reveal much but if this clears your doubt :) look at the below.

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