Triathlon and the Economy...

in relevation the up rising prices of gas and the " inflation or recession " bout... i do find triathlon is still an expensive sport. This link ( above ) hits the sweet spot...on what i have rendered in thought long long time ago....

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Bikes rock, minister sir

Stumble upon this, shows the education of this minister , home grown local minister saying this as an encouragement. Cycling commuting is a child's play...sigh.. why am i living in a 3rd world country....with chosen minister like these...

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Road tubeless gaining ground

The two biggest player has already put in their money on tubeless, so did corima and in the near future mavic following suit to Shimano and Campy...with Hutchinson and Michelin on the rubber spectrum.

conversion with Stan's no tube road tubeless system.

Damm, i just got myself a set of tubulars,should have went with this instead..

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Hydration Factor with glycerol.

After a bad heat dehydration experience , it prompted me to look into some way to retain my "moisture" from within. Experimented with Glycerol , noticed the extended duration from thirst and also the less frequency of drinks needed for the first hour. partly due to the preparation of glycerol :water: sports powder ratio. I can confirm on the slight bloated feeling especially walking out the door. The feeling of thirst never did came to mind prior to the event. with some time release factor , 1st hour is sustainably "soaked" while it diminish pretty rapidly for the next 20 mins , meaning thirst setting in duing this time. at 84% hr. well... i do felt it worked....

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Dual density tire

Interesting enough on the rubber density compound tire on inner and higher on the outer.
Initially thought that the lower compound will be on the outer instead the inner.
Perhaps due to the cornering load where the high durometer will shine.

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Carbon footprint.......

The production of 1 kg (2.2 lbs.) of steel, for instance, generates 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs.) of CO2, while the production of 1 kg of carbon fiber yields nearly 30 kg (66.1 lbs.) of CO2, Reinert says in a presentation at the Automotive News World Congress.

thats way too much to create a frame and a fork.... isnt it....

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Gas and Cycling toons!

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Trip to Delft.Neatherland

One the old churches of delft. nice place and a good neighbour hood.

weird taste....what ever that rock his boat...

Company's bike.. quite PUNK i'd say...

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Trip to Delft.

A father and his two daughter riding to school. her legs were going 120 rpm a minute and thats pretty cute. Caught this moment while i was on the way to work. Gave me a warm feeling on a cold foggy morning. More stories later.......

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Campy Ergopower Shimano Sram compatibility ( shimsramnolo )

One of the "integration" project which i have in mind and always wanted to do is an integration of Shimano and Campy ergopower brifters together and having to used them will be quite nice having the precise "clunk" instead of the "click" from the Japaneses counterpart. If it wasn't for the "pull factor" which is different, we could have used a roller pulley that act as a cam to pull more cable but that aint sleek to built up with a campy rear derailleur. With a lil investigation from Zinn and a email back proves the concept that it can be done and might be worthy of an project.As being mention in the article that SRAM having the same width as SHIMANO's cassette , decision is that to use the existing cassette i have lying around.

Taking on the challenge to get it done. And faced some difficulty obtaining the parts as required. Ordered a Sram Force but it wasn't delivered wasted 3 weeks for that. (lost/stolen along the way, freaking pissed over it...) thus order a RIVAL instead which i think can get the job done since its the same and it took another 2 weeks to come. Meanwhile ordered the shifters which took a week to arrive from BIKEPRO.

Now putting it together wasn't as easy as pure pedigree grouppo. This combination require some of the "touch" as both component and its cabling is very much different. Tried for several hours to get it fine tune but the pull isn't the same as for the bottom high 5 to the top low 5 , the increased tension to further tighten the top 5 shifts well but not the other lower 5 ring and vice versa. And usually this is what happens with shimano and campy combi. In a gauge estimate , the top 5 requires more pull thus i had a lil idea to solve it. Finally ending this tuning at 2 am after 4 hours , i had to throw in the towel.

The next day , only way to know if it works is to shift it under pressure, using the Tuesday's nite climb route i expect miss shift or missed down shift but none happened and i am seriously pretty happy it works. Its nice to know after all the frustration , wait , grease and sweat and tired fingers.They preformed flawlessly.

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