On a highway to hell....( play air guitar....)

fking cool wheels.....

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One of those times... wandering out alone..

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Look 586 Mondrian

April 25th, 2008, with delivery in June, 2008.50 Units

Think this fit right in rather nicely.

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Women's cycling shorts

Came cross this and thought it be hilarious to post this up on the perception to women when it comes to cycling shorts . I guess it is in a way the reality of what goes thru in womens mind when they put on lyrca!!! LOL

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Edge Composite : Screw Lew and Reynolds


Tech from Lew and Reynolds by ex-employees ( think its Korn behind the background)

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So you think your bike's toolkit under your seat is heavy...

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Early 90's Tech : UNi Disc

One of the unique product I've encountered is the UNi Disc ( that in the pic aint mine ) but i had a UNI disc back then and it work remarkably simple for a aero wheel.

All you need was your regular 32 spoke wheel and UNI Disc. it works on being a circular tarp with draw string anchored by a round wire frame. Once you tighten the drawstrings it resembles a nylon Frisbee with a hole in a middle. Holding this "Frisbee" is located at the end of each nipple , made of plastic hooks snapping it in hooks this "Frisbee"

And you got a rear disc wheel. which cost 150 ringgit and weighting only 190 grams+- and the sound is amazing. I've used on my mountain bike back then. Cant find it no more mate.

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Different reasons why people cycle bikes

Staying motivated

There are a number of different reasons why people cycle bikes: such as for fitness, competition or for fun (fun agenda's?? i ponder on the suffering sometimes). But whatever your reason and how much you initially enjoy riding your bike, there will be times when you lose motivation and interest in riding a bike. There could be all sorts of reasons why this is the case, but fortunately there are also a number of different ways that you can stay motivated and rekindle the enjoyment that you had when you first started serious bike riding.

Having fun is a key to continued motivation

Mental motivation

If you are suffering from a short-term loss of motivation, for example a period of bad weather is putting you off riding, then think of the positives you will lose by not riding - your hard earned fitness and the skill gains you have made in the previous and weeks and months will begin to decline.
Inertia is a very appropriate word. If you have cycling in your weekly routine you can make time for it on a regular basis. If you let the cycling slip for a few weeks (perhaps due to the bad weather) and you don't do any other alternative exercise you will firstly find it more difficult to make time to fit in the exercise again because you are 'out of the habit' and secondly, the exercise will feel so micyh more difficult because of your lack of fitness.

Rewards and goals setting -Having a goal to work towards, and perhaps by giving yourself a reward when you reach that goal - or points of achievement along the way - you can provide yourself with a motivational boost.

Goal setting - By having a goal you will have purpose and motivation to get out and train to achieve the desired result. This may be a one hundred mile ride, participating a big event or competition, or a personal target, such as losing weight or riding a local hill without stopping.

Rewards - Give yourself rewards. Baskin Robbins or T3 handlebar?

Variation - The key factor in maintaining motivation is variation, like the saying says 'a change is as good as a rest'. No matter how much you initially enjoy a ride, if you repeat this over and over you will become bored and lose interest.

Duration - Vary the duration of the ride, some days try to ride a bit longer or if time is short fit in a quick ride or perhaps 30 minutes on a turbo trainer instead.

Intensity - Change the pace of the ride or parts of the ride. You could attack some of the hills and ride them really fast, or sprint for some signposts.

Timing - Ride at different times of day, rides in the morning and evening can feel very different.

Route - Vary the route, include new roads, new hills, reverse rides and new views, explore turns you'vce never beene down before. For a total change ride somewhere totally new, you could drive out or take a train to ride in a different area, or you could even go on a cycling holiday. For example, a week in the Alps will remind you how enjoyable cycling is and will give you motivation to keep riding a be fit ready for your trip.

Company - If you ride alone, find someone else to ride with, perhaps with a club or some friends. As well as the social aspect you can motivate each other. If you always meet at a certain time you have a commitment to help keep you motivated.

Destination - Ride to somewhere, such as, a café, a pub or a friend's house. If you have a purpose then you will have motivation.

Discipline - Try a different aspect of cycling. Road riders could try mountain biking (it would help their bike handling, but they needn't worry about average speeds), mountain bikers might try road racing or time trialling - to improve their speed and not batter their bodies so much, or try touring and just ride for pleasure instead of having to ride at particular intensities for training all the time.

Sport - If you are bored with cycling then incorporate some cross training, such as swimming or running, or look at sports which incorporate cycling, such as triathlon or adventure racing.


If you are feeling tired and lacking motivation you may be overdoing thing. Lack of motivation is a good indicator of over training in which case a good rest might be your tonic (See Training section). You can also over do things if you combine other stresses with physical exercise. For example, if you are very busy or working long hours you may be better off not riding too far or to doing very intense training during that period.

Key points

Variation is the key to staying motivated.

Mental motivation, what will you lose if you do not ride?

Set yourself a goal

Give yourself rewards

If you are lacking motivation, are you doing too much?

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A cOOL STORY : CSC's Bobby.J in Tour of California :


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