Early 90's Tech : UNi Disc

One of the unique product I've encountered is the UNi Disc ( that in the pic aint mine ) but i had a UNI disc back then and it work remarkably simple for a aero wheel.

All you need was your regular 32 spoke wheel and UNI Disc. it works on being a circular tarp with draw string anchored by a round wire frame. Once you tighten the drawstrings it resembles a nylon Frisbee with a hole in a middle. Holding this "Frisbee" is located at the end of each nipple , made of plastic hooks snapping it in hooks this "Frisbee"

And you got a rear disc wheel. which cost 150 ringgit and weighting only 190 grams+- and the sound is amazing. I've used on my mountain bike back then. Cant find it no more mate.

at Thursday, April 17, 2008  


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