Scott Plasma 09

nice...( did he say ricardo ricco?)ughhhhh... heehh

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How many "mango's" ya can fit it in..

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Why Hate.?

Nice "balance the scale"

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89 km/h

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Pain is about deciding .

We can keep in mind that the experience of pain is voluntary. What we do – particularly those of us competing at the amateur level – is by choice. If we can accept that our choice to compete is also a choice to feel pain, we can then employ coping strategies.How we perceive pain is a choice. We can choose the level of intensity of pain we experience. William Shakespeare wrote, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

Pain is temporary.

It always ends – often in a relatively short amount of time.Employing mental skills helps.Knowing how to and remembering to relax when experiencing pain is crucial. If you’re tense you are likely to experience more pain not less.Breathe. Controlled breathing not only induces relaxation but also facilitates performance by increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood.

Goal setting is crucial.

Goal setting keeps focused on the task at hand, not the pain. Entering a race without a focus allows outside distractions such as pain to interfere with our performance.Maintain the mindset of control.Even on diet and weights.

Use positive self-talk.

Turn negative self-talk into something positive. You may not be able to control what your competitors do, or the pain that a particular course “dishes out,” but you can always control your own thoughts.While this study examined the experiences of high level competitive cyclists most, if not all of the findings, apply to any sport in which we feel the pain of exertion whether we’re running, swimming, race-walking, skiing or engaging in any other painful activity.

Using negative thinking positively.

There are two types of negative thinking: give-up negative thinking and fire-up negative thinking. Give-up negative thinking involves feelings of loss and despair and helplessness, for example, “It’s over. I can’t finish.” You dwell on past mistakes and failures. It hurts your motivation and confidence, and it takes your focus away from continuing to give your best effort. Your intensity also drops because, basically, you’re surrendering and accepting defeat

There is never a place in triathlon for give-up negative thinking. In contrast, fire-up negative thinking involves feelings of anger and energy, of being psyched up, for example, “I’m doing so badly. I hate performing this way” (said with anger and intensity). You look to doing better in the future because you hate performing poorly. Fire-up negative thinking increases your motivation to fight and turn things around. Your intensity goes up and you’re bursting with energy. Your focus is on continuing to work hard and not let the training or race beat you.

Fire-up negative thinking can be a positive way to turn your performance around. If you’re going to be negative, make sure you use fire-up negative thinking. Don’t use it too much though. Negative thinking and negative emotions require a lot of energy and that energy should be put in a more positive direction for your training and races. Also, it doesn’t feel very good to be angry all of the time

And end of it all...Reap what you have sowed.

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Mentally Positive.

Never allow yourself to become overwhelmed by the negative influence of others. Tough it out. Get a second opinion. Make a concerted effort to surround yourself with people who are positive, who will support you in that effort. Ultimately, let your performance on the playing field speak for itself.

--Kenneth Baum, author of "The Mental Edge: Maximizing Your Sports Potential with the Mind-BodyConnection."

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Zen of Running

"Whatever you do with your running, you only cheat yourself by pushing, pressing, competing. There are no standards and no possible victories except the joy you are living while dancing your run."

Qoute Fred Rohe

Man.. i feel zoned...

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Flamin Rover.

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In Living Colours....

Cant remember where i got this from but its in my stash folder. Like the artistry of bright, sharp and constrasting colours... flashes of the peloton..

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Season's Burning

My season kick off, with a long ride this coming saturday... either to Salak Tinggi or DU Series in UM.

Its been a busy time around with work commitment (and with flu recovery) . i have to get this 6 months in the burner.

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Tour doping reprecussion

Still much better than their asian counterpart , which not even 20% of what the euro pro earns in total..

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Ultremo punture test.

Seriously impressive tire..which i would like to get hold of ...

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The duration or half-life of CERA (Continuous Erythropoietin Receptor Activator). Creates an huge margin from the other gen2 Epo's before it decays thus having the theshold for a 5 -6 days ride...Looks like this "serpent's" venom got neutralized.

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Smart Truer

This is Holland Mechanics SMT , a semi-automatic hand truer that perfectly fits the digital control network of the modern wheelshop. ( hmm.. Rj45 cable?) Apparently Mavic and Campy Xerowheel Gigantex/Equinox , Novatec and DT uses this. Not too sure About Shimano though.

Hand trueing is indispensable with today's exotic high-end wheels. Wheel manufacturers try to distinguish their products with new technologies, for instance inverted spokes. The nipples fitting the hub are beyond reach of today's most sophisticated regular trueing machine, and these wheels have to be trued by hand. Special spoke wrenches are needed when there is no room for the traditional key ring or the robot's arm. The old race mechanic could do the job, but with today's young generation it will get more and more difficult to find the skill and the experience to true a perfect high-end wheel to exacting tolerances.

Not entirely true....Here in Malaysia, We true it !!!

That's why Holland Mechanics have built the SMT (SMart Truer). On the SMT, special wheels from 12" to 30" with any number of spokes up to 48 can be trued up to +_ 0.05 mm tolerance. The trick is, that the jig's sensors and computer offer the trueing directives for each nipple and for each trueing round. The operator only has to perform according to the SMT's instructions. The necessary skills are limited to reading the instructions, and giving the tool the required number of turns.

Of course, the SMT can also be used for any other high-end wheel where a high standard of precision is required. That may be the race service of a professional race team, or a small factory of exclusive high-end bicycles. Or it can be an excellent first step in mechanical wheel building in regions where labour is cheap and infrastructure is expensive.
(malaysia labour must be really cheap.....besides its in Segamat, Johor.. things are cheap there..the underground wheelsets too... :)

Spoke stabilizer

Check it out

Spoke acoustic Analyser?

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i am doping free :)

Dope free kay!

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Nutrition Chart.....compiled

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