Kenyir 2007 Tri

Karen picked me near by my place at 7.00 am tagging along was Oscar her son. we took the Karak highway towards Kuantan. it was a pleasant journey reaching kuantan about 10 plus . Really had a good time in the car , very picnic like breakfast while driving and with Oscar entertaining both me and Karen.

Our journey was smooth untill one point where the highway came abruptly to an end had to make a U turn .We were trying to find Route 14 instead of Route 3. Confused the directions and mis-guide by the map , we had to call for backup for directions to "Terrorganu"

EHH! ARIF! Where You now er?!

Eh! do you happen to know the route to terengganu err? once the highway ends? Kemamaan?

Izzit? OOHH OKOK! i'll follow that route.

So okay we are back on track chit chatting all the way until we saw the road sign to Ajil where we took and this is what it looks like this:

This went on like 50% of the 47 km journey to Route 14. The doubts in me was running pretty high %&&^*#^&# how can this route be like that !!! cant they ... blah blah..
funny thing is i caught a cold and ma nose is blocked during this journey. (Sigh,another indicator of stress )

But we did manage to get there and kenyir welcome us with this

So once reaching there we registered and i joined Adrian and the Gunter, got a quick meal , and we took a short cycle like 6km , swim like 400meters and ran 15 mins. Surprisingly the water is pretty good clear and warm... it has the feeling like body temperature.

After depleting some glycogen, you know how hungry one can be , all the lil muscle cells begging for sweet carbs.

Funny thing was during the briefing , Uncle Chan was joking around on the hill and how this is the toughest of the series. I was just grinning away and snickering, i bet Senn and Arif had a bubble thought "stupid fool,just he wait for tomorrow "

Now putting on the Race Face , the serious stuff.

Race environment was : hilly, windy

Thus this two main factor had already made the fact that one should go light and go low. So aerobar is not used, no pump no tools, no tube. and stem is lowered one spacer.

Swim started about drafting a few fellas and surprisingly no cramps this time.Was doing the frogman+ 20% freestyling all the way thru Have no idea on whats the timing so dont ask me.Came out the water very well alone.


This tri is all about Hills . right after the swim is hill, out to the bike route is hill, on the bike route is hills.Perhaps due to breaststoke my thighs are worn out before the hills came. just didnt had the legs for it. did overtook several faster swimmer but somehow the legs didnt last long on the bike.

Only saw several people passing by Daniel lim ( aka bikepro LIM)and several others
thus indicates the u-turn is near. Saw Gunter passing by as well (&%$%$)

Made the u-turn and slight further ahead looking back, Lord Mother of MOthers!!! its KAREN WEI! shit. Decided to give some draft to her however going down i was just pulling away as i had the lower ratio.

At one point i was passing this dude with sweeeet looking TT LOOK bike with zipps 404 really nice colour coordinated red decals, red housing with black background (really ganas)but sadly this bike aint made to climb. i climb well ahead however when it came to the downhills this dude has the advantage of aero and weight on his side.So made a very good symbiosis where on the hills i climb , he draft and when its time to go down he push the air aside and i draft. but he totally lost it when it came to the last hill on the way back..(12% wei).not easy


Coming out of the run was slow. My run was a walk and jog instead , lo and behold that "Mother" passes me by again , she had the cheek to Hello! bernard! while my stomach is churning and ever ready to fertilize some lucky plant.
Just to maintain the pace, its totally mental. The brain goes: Which part of "Just do it " dont you understand. Just pace urself! scre* the rest and hang-on.
Saw Adrian on the run , saw Patsy , Jeffry and others.( All going strong , feeling strong )

Pretty nice section when they had the School-kids line up to give HIGH FIVE'S now thats really cool thing, when one need that extra motivation , those lil kid's smile does ease the suffeing a lil.

Overall it is fun and fer sure its a sufferfest a holiday for me as well and a last minute decision to make it for Kenyir. i am happy i got to do it.

Look at what Kenyir gave them!!

and look a what kenyir gave me


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Gonna taste the water of Kenyir...

Yeah its 10 pm now. i bet right very this moment some of my mates are packing their stuff into the car to the bus in pasarakyat meanwhile i am sitting right here typing this (ughh) and nothing is packed yet.i decided last mintue to go for this as i dont want to miss this of the 3rd time. i had to for go a date with a friend to the Central Park Dog Carnival 2007. hard decisions must be made. ( i am sorry for being selfish, Leona but i told you i'll meet you for lunch ! when i get back ).Not forgetting to mention my company's chillout party... skipped that too. -_-

so i think its goona be great getting there 5-8 hours.. i hope Karen drives as fast as she rides. Got to meet her at 7 am meaning waking up at 6..

well...i got no expectation witht the lack of training i cannot give any estimation. for this triathlon .. besides its goona be a short holiday for me and..i cant wait to see hows the going there!.

i bet its goona taste great with 300 ppl stirring things up.

Go to go pack things up. laters.

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When you commute ...

On a lrt it sure does have plenty of characters jam packed with you as it rails along. On particularly yesterday , being an courteous lady just walked in saw a old lady and shouted " CAN SOMEONE GIVE THIS LADY A SEAT? " , Everyone got a jolt and one nice chap just stood and gave up his seat...

This lady was carrying her baby.. mind you..and i didnt gave up my seat ( shame on me la )

So for today .. i decide to give my seat up for a nice old malay lady.( who works for Khazanah, her lanyard stated so ) but she instead gave up this seat to lil old indian english speaking lady. who inturn ask her grandson to take her seat..i think he is like 10 or 11 yrs old.

she: boy sit here!

grandson: no dont want

she: sit here afterwards you fall down. ( he playing around the mid section where the train has flexible plates )

grandson : No i wont. you sit there. i wont fall.

grandson: i want to stand! you sit, i am okay.

she just gave up and sit and everyone just smiled.


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Doing it.

" If all you want out of sport is a bit of relaxed fun, then your approach should be entirely different from someone who wants to reach the top. It is important to realise that excellence demands complete dedication: if you want to be a top athlete, then training to be a top athlete must be the most important thing in your life. If your career or family are more important than your sport, then you will find it difficult to devote the time and dedication you need to achieve excellence to the sport, unless you have a very sympathetic boss or family.

Once you have decided how committed you are, adjust your training and expectations appropriately. "

It does make some serious sense.

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Wide and Mesmerizing

In search of Wide Open Spaces! ( Imagine going thru a trail which breaks open to such a view, taking your breath away , just plain awesome )

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Confirm Fak-up !

Heeh, Good theme name.. Not sure if my mates will go.. but i dont mind watching the race. AT batu 14, Sempah and Batang KALI , fer sure fak-up la.

if some of my mates fak-up ... then i go fak-up... else.. malas.

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Dirt Fighter Cockpit upgrade.

GripShift Rocket "shift weaponary" an upgrade from the old and ailling "Attack " shifter. feels heavier but it does "launch" in precise rapid manner. Guess due to the heavier spring mech inside....Weight my bike at bikepro, it was at 22.7 pound! Still heavy la..can be lighter but too bad, got to draw the line on bling bling bike parts.

All ready for next June Kajang Off-Road hash.

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Gatecrashing NB May 2007

LOL, Didn't had the urge to cycle on the Sunday, thus when heard from Senn & Arif there is a Pacesetter NB run at padang merbok, decided to gatecrash it ( no, not the only one: Laif , Bikepro Lim , Azmar were there too. ) the run was fun didnt really bothered about the timing but more towards just running to kick start my training run. Went greedy on the milo's ,Pbar and etc etc.

Why cant they spread the stalls more widely... the scene was like a mass of sweatfest in que for the milo's and stuff...

oh Well Nice run. Must put it in plan to run with the pack more often.

at Sunday, May 20, 2007  

Yellow Mushroom -1997

1997- Sungai Buloh - Yellow Mushroom Race.

Awesome place to race... Sadly its gone now.Sungai Buloh aka the "GOLF BALL RADAR TOWER" was THE PLACE to ride back then but for the sake of cancer like development, its gone now. Those were the good times.

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Something hit me today...

As in a thought.. not while i am on a bike.

some walk for the open spaces,
some hike as its a lil steeper
some jog a lil faster,
some run needing a lil higher,
some bike like a flyer,
some felt both is a du-er
some swim inline,
some tri-ing is believing,
some climb over-hangs,
some paddle to another land,
some bike it in the sand.

and is this some-one setting another level?

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What really sucks...

Leaving office at 8.00 pm taking 2 lifts down , walk to the lrt station , then railing 12 stops away , get down , walk to your car , hands reaching into the pocket
and asking yourself "Wheres the car key?" @ 9.00 pm

THEN walk back up, get into the train rail back 12 stops , walk back , take 2 lifts up.Open the door with the access card (walk calmly) grab the car key.

THEN take 2 lifts down , walk to the lrt station , then rail back to 12 stops away , get down , walk to your car and finally open the car door @ 10.00 pm

i dont know what to say....

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Under Performing Syndrome


swollen lymph glands (under the jaw and above your neck),

early symptoms of a cold,

unusual signs like acne or mouth ulcers.

enough said. feel any of this? Take the que to call to chill and recover.

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Stronger , Faster , Smarter ?

I knew it...

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My shetland sheepdog

I still miss you boy.

The nights i reach back home after running thru the day ,i think of you whenever i can. Not one day passes by i do not think of you.

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Token C50

So now to the gear review: TOKEN C50 FUll CARBON WHEELSET

So after a Century on this wheel how did it fair?

Well to be honest i cant judge it to other as i have only ridden a 404 clincher
in comparision pretty much alike. for one thing for sure i do feel the change in weight from my Xero XCR1 wheelset which spins really well. its like 1560 vs 1680 gram

Hows does it ride? well one thing for sure the spin is carried thru rolling hills and flats ..when its on flats it does use less effort to spool up. The energy is kept and you darn sure wanna keep it spinning. i had a puncture doesnt seem much of a hassle to change the tube as wheel. In terms of damping vibration, its true it gives a softer ride. Only thing is the braking power that i wish could be better.
carbon brake surface and carbon specific pads sure aint working as well as aluminium surface.

oh yeah it looks damm good as well... and its goes whoOomwhomwhom above 35kmh.


Update 130507.

Bought new pairs of tires KENDA Kaliente. Seems to roll pretty fast , looks good with the carbon wheel as its blackwall blends in nicely and pretty light 190+- grams . Perhaps after 1000 km i give you my 2nd review.

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Ipoh Century ride 2007

Went there on saturday on with the PCC fellas , the usual suspects wished my trimates were there tooo..but all at Bukit merah Tri 2007. Then the ate at the at dengkil i think.on the way to Ipoh. (the duck sup and wantan was nice..) on we went to get our registration paid 60 Rm for the ride..

So it seems its goona be tough... it seems.. la

Then went to register at the motel.. reached there no electricity damm....
It came back on after a few mins.. so everyone packed thier stuff over , the room is so small its claustrophobic

Anyway most of the time we just sit outside and talk cock ... outside Sunway City Inn...

Okay so on to the real stuff.. hows the ride? 38-45 kmh on the 1st 50 km on the attack group, it was okay for me for the 1st 80 km untill my tummy struck . Had to knock on a kampung house and use thier toilet , then on the 110 km my tire punctured. sigh. lost soo much time there..... but hey every cyclist has one of those days...

Overall its about 162 km.. it went well... some cheated, some are pretty strong.. and some really weak but finished and some totally bailed. in total 300 riders mostly finished.

it turn out to be more of a race. not what was initially a long distance ride oh well.. alls good.

To be honest.. it aint that tough... Broga is tougher... :)

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