Ipoh Century ride 2007

Went there on saturday on with the PCC fellas , the usual suspects wished my trimates were there tooo..but all at Bukit merah Tri 2007. Then the ate at the at dengkil i think.on the way to Ipoh. (the duck sup and wantan was nice..) on we went to get our registration paid 60 Rm for the ride..

So it seems its goona be tough... it seems.. la

Then went to register at the motel.. reached there no electricity damm....
It came back on after a few mins.. so everyone packed thier stuff over , the room is so small its claustrophobic

Anyway most of the time we just sit outside and talk cock ... outside Sunway City Inn...

Okay so on to the real stuff.. hows the ride? 38-45 kmh on the 1st 50 km on the attack group, it was okay for me for the 1st 80 km untill my tummy struck . Had to knock on a kampung house and use thier toilet , then on the 110 km my tire punctured. sigh. lost soo much time there..... but hey every cyclist has one of those days...

Overall its about 162 km.. it went well... some cheated, some are pretty strong.. and some really weak but finished and some totally bailed. in total 300 riders mostly finished.

it turn out to be more of a race. not what was initially thought.as a long distance ride oh well.. alls good.

To be honest.. it aint that tough... Broga is tougher... :)

at Thursday, May 10, 2007  


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