When you commute ...

On a lrt it sure does have plenty of characters jam packed with you as it rails along. On particularly yesterday , being an courteous lady just walked in saw a old lady and shouted " CAN SOMEONE GIVE THIS LADY A SEAT? " , Everyone got a jolt and one nice chap just stood and gave up his seat...

This lady was carrying her baby.. mind you..and i didnt gave up my seat ( shame on me la )

So for today .. i decide to give my seat up for a nice old malay lady.( who works for Khazanah, her lanyard stated so ) but she instead gave up this seat to lil old indian english speaking lady. who inturn ask her grandson to take her seat..i think he is like 10 or 11 yrs old.

she: boy sit here!

grandson: no dont want

she: sit here afterwards you fall down. ( he playing around the mid section where the train has flexible plates )

grandson : No i wont. you sit there. i wont fall.

grandson: i want to stand! you sit, i am okay.

she just gave up and sit and everyone just smiled.


at Thursday, May 24, 2007  


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