Token C50

So now to the gear review: TOKEN C50 FUll CARBON WHEELSET

So after a Century on this wheel how did it fair?

Well to be honest i cant judge it to other as i have only ridden a 404 clincher
in comparision pretty much alike. for one thing for sure i do feel the change in weight from my Xero XCR1 wheelset which spins really well. its like 1560 vs 1680 gram

Hows does it ride? well one thing for sure the spin is carried thru rolling hills and flats ..when its on flats it does use less effort to spool up. The energy is kept and you darn sure wanna keep it spinning. i had a puncture doesnt seem much of a hassle to change the tube as wheel. In terms of damping vibration, its true it gives a softer ride. Only thing is the braking power that i wish could be better.
carbon brake surface and carbon specific pads sure aint working as well as aluminium surface.

oh yeah it looks damm good as well... and its goes whoOomwhomwhom above 35kmh.


Update 130507.

Bought new pairs of tires KENDA Kaliente. Seems to roll pretty fast , looks good with the carbon wheel as its blackwall blends in nicely and pretty light 190+- grams . Perhaps after 1000 km i give you my 2nd review.

at Thursday, May 10, 2007  


Adrian said... Sun May 13, 05:32:00 PM 2007  

welcome to the blog world bernard! are your wheels tubulars or clinchers? what was your time for the 160km ride - mine was 6h09m. c u tuesday!

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