Gonna taste the water of Kenyir...

Yeah its 10 pm now. i bet right very this moment some of my mates are packing their stuff into the car to the bus in pasarakyat meanwhile i am sitting right here typing this (ughh) and nothing is packed yet.i decided last mintue to go for this as i dont want to miss this of the 3rd time. i had to for go a date with a friend to the Central Park Dog Carnival 2007. hard decisions must be made. ( i am sorry for being selfish, Leona but i told you i'll meet you for lunch ! when i get back ).Not forgetting to mention my company's chillout party... skipped that too. -_-

so i think its goona be great getting there 5-8 hours.. i hope Karen drives as fast as she rides. Got to meet her at 7 am meaning waking up at 6..

well...i got no expectation witht the lack of training i cannot give any estimation. for this triathlon .. besides its goona be a short holiday for me and..i cant wait to see hows the going there!.

i bet its goona taste great with 300 ppl stirring things up.

Go to go pack things up. laters.

at Friday, May 25, 2007  


tryathlete said... Tue May 29, 03:13:00 PM 2007  

where's your race report wei?

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