Arrogant Smack Talking Bikeshops.

...... there is a time and place for everything and with times like these i'd like to give my "50 cents".

more later.

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Healing in progress.( moist healing ) 85% Complete.

Using Opsite Flexgrid

Moist wound healing promote healing in matter of days instead of weeks with Exudate .so those folk-tales stories about cant eat certain food (like eggs and seafood ) are rubbish. Any protein will heal the wound.
Note the difference between Moist healing and Normal "dry" healing. Latter being much faster and smoother in comparison. Moist healing has better overall healing process as the second skin provides better wound protection unlike a scab.

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Qoute of the week..

Competition is the spice of sports; but if you make spice the whole meal you’ll be sick.

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You choose...

Found this gem. No wonder some are still the way they are...

You go to a fast food chain restaurant. You look at the menu board and notice that they have recently revised their offerings to include a new side salad. You place your order for a $10 restaurant style McBurger and the person taking your order asks you, "would you like a fries, a baked potato, or a salad with the burger?"

You choose:

(a) the salad
(b) the baked potato
(c) the fries

The correct answer.. let me just say that according to some recent research in the Journal of Consumer Behavior it isn't the salad.

In the article Vicarious Goal Fulfillment: When the Mere Presence of a Healthy Option Leads to an Ironically Indulgent Decision researchers maintain that having a healthy item on the menu may make you less like to choose it, and more likely to choose the worst thing on the menu.Here's their explanation: The most common way that people perceive progress in attaining their goals is to actively pursue them. If, however, you have made some progress toward your goal, you may be tempted, at least temporarily, to choose some alternative that is not necessarily in line with your end goal.

The authors give the example of people who have just finished working out. They may feel that they have successfully satisfied their goal to be healthy (at least for the day) and therefore allow themselves to indulge in dessert at their next meal.What's even more interesting is that just intending to reach your goal makes it easier to indulge.

So if you take today off from training but you tell yourself, "tomorrow I have a long run scheduled" you are more likely to eat dessert tonight, even though you've done nothing today toward your goal. The authors' call that "vicarious goal fulfillment." Or, as the researchers put it, "when individuals have the opportunity to engage in a course of action that is consistent with healthy eating goals, as they do when a healthy alternative is merely present in a choice set, the consideration of this option will satisfy the goal—at least temporarily—and, in turn, license them to indulge".

The researchers set up a series of experiments in which participants were given a list of food choices. Some lists included healthy items. Some didn't.

If the healthy choice were present, the unhealthiest option was chosen. In addition, if you were a "high self-control" person -- someone who was very self-disciplined -- you were more likely to do so. The researcher's bottom line: ""Just because we consumers want to see healthier items available does not mean that we are going to choose them."

The bottom line for athletes: Stay out of fast food restaurants -- especially those that offer salads with their fries!

and still the way they are...

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Coming to Consciousness

There is no coming to consciousness without pain.

It seems so dark and nihilistic were it not for the fact that pain , as much as we cushion it in modern society is still pure and intense affirmation of life.It help us shape our world , and when we step away from the comfort of air-conditioning, two-ply toilet paper and other social tranquilizer. Whenever we strap down/ ratchet those uncomfortable shoes tight on our feet.Hunched over the handlebars and stomp our whole body one leg at a time on the pedals with every fiber of being screams in agony.

We know we are completely alive.

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Danny Macaskill is the next Hans Ray...

freaking amazing.. i feel like i am shit on a bike..

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KLMTB Hash @ ulu rening

A nice progreesive build up ride nicely shaded with some fast fireroads.

its goona be a nice epic ride on 10th may

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Roller Cool...

The darn LBS here got to install one of these...babies..

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Chain skip and the reprecussion

Road rash has to be one of the things many dont wanna experience ever in this degree. Withering in pain as i am posting this. if your chain is skipping, you have to look into it no matter how minor,else this is the reprecussion of having the skip during out of the saddle burst. Doing 45kmh. i could feel my skin tearing/ripping away upon contacting the rough tarmac. ripping my rock racing jersey. lycra turned into fine 300 grit sandpaper. i swear they were looking like strawberries when fresh.

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Valverde Spanish Dope to Puerto

Ever notice not one euro footballer , tennis player etc etc ( but cyclist ) got busted?

Aint saying that it is a good thing but heck, its just a merry go round musical chair playing. That one does not get a chair , gets busted.

wait till Gene-doping comes in...

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Pedros Ethik bag

An awesome idea Pedro's has to be one of the coolest companies around this bag name of super strong, recyclable HDPE fabric (for those outdoor peep, your camping ground sheet) being use for this seat bag. Got this shot at the LBS , somehow i believe it is the rejected version of this Ethik bag

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