Got Blood?

from Vimeo.

Ive got to dedicate this to myself..paying my dues..5 crashes on the same knees this year.

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Decision Criteria...

in discussing any joint action, it becomes obligatory that A should argue in favor of B’s supposed wishes and against his own, while B does the opposite. … they end up by doing something that neither wants, while each feels a glow of self-righteousness and harbors a secret claim to preferential treatment for the unselfishness shown and a secret grudges against the other for the ease with which the sacrifice has been accepted. (C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters, p 143)

close to home in a peloton..So what should your “decision criteria” be? Obviously, that depends on you.

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The One Car Theory

Imagine you could have any automobile of your choice. That auto would be your only auto and would have to last you for an entire lifetime. If it wore out, it could not be replaced. Once gone, you would be reduced to other methods of getting around, or borrowing rides from other people. One car and only one for your whole life.

Would you take care of your car, or would you abuse it?

Would you change the oil regularly, keep it clean, park it in a garage?

Of course you would take the best care you possibly could of your vehicle. No going out to the drag races on Friday night. Only premium fuel for your motor. Tune-ups, antifreeze, lubrications, maintenance — always you would choose nothing but the best for your automobile.

Would you let your auto sit idly for a year? Never.

Would you push it to the limits to find out how fast it could go, or what the roughest terrain is that it could possibly handle? Absolutely not.

If you were given only one car for a lifetime of use it is clear that you would never abuse it, you would always take the best care of it you possibly could. You would provide all the necessary maintenance and care your car needed and deserved. Right?

What if you had only one body?

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To be a cyclist

"To be a cyclist is to be a student of cycling's core lies pain, hard and bitter as the pit inside a juicy peach. It doesn't matter if you're sprinting for an Olympic medal, a town sign, a trailhead, or the rest stop with the homemade brownies. If you never confront pain, you're missing the essence of the sport. Without pain, there's no adversity. Without adversity, no challenge. Without challenge, no improvement. No improvement, no sense of accomplishment and no deep-down joy. Might as well be playing Tiddly-Winks." -- Scott Martin

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Turn the page...( The life on the road....)

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Finishline Ceramic lubricant

After using Prolink and Parktool PTFE lube , I have now on test is Finishline Ceramic wet lube. It seem to be roll better under torque and stays on way longer than any additive based lubricant ive tried so far and its easy to get off. Put in bearings and your golden...

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Biggy Wheel Slide

...Hilarious..replayed it twice
cant get it more fun than this....the coolest ever descent....

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In a short update ( tired from the journey back, well , you know karak..having it on a school holiday makes it really rough on the journey ).

Xterra Malaysia , somehow pulled it off with its back against the wall.Seen the weary faces of the organisers and of course the gaps in between which was left out or decided to be left out.

Swim as usual becomes the standard routine @ 15 hundred meter with occasional jellies.

On a pre-emptive race recce, I was ready to boitch about the "mtb" section , hearing that its comprises of 60% road. Somehow , being a mtber, it ain't that bad after going thru the whole course. Never the less , the weather hit hard on the red clay terrain churning red clay patty cakes of from at least 300 pairs of knobbiest tires. ( hmm mud beaters...) with many punctures too.

No traction and hi - tire pressure was talked about alot.. :-) Somehow the rain is welcomed even though everyone is mud coated from head to toe.I welcome it , made the track much more challenging else it be faster.

Trail run is anti clock wise with 2 iteration together with some tree trunks in between and some batu cave staircases , the nice part is boulder scrambling but that is already an tip-off. The beach run, is UN-effortless. I must say not providing any presentation has its springy surprises.BUT one thing that really sux is going thru the WASTE rivers meeting the sea.

For me, i hara-kiri'ed for a higher cause. I will be full out for the next one.

Congrats Lydia Tan on setting the bar for her category and taking Rank 1.

And also to Carmen , Chris whom respectively got 2nd and 3rd. Simon whom got Rank 1 too

Heck , 15th and i didnt even try !! Could have gotten within top 7..

This dude walked 15 km of bike section +10km trail run in the worst condition to finished the race. Overheard stories for some serious crashed which requires stitches from others as well.

Good Job for the Xterra's org...well selected trails wtih some degree of technicality , endurance and bike handling/carrying. More offroad the next one. less road.



So everyone is registered? Yes i have , no i have not paid yet. Plenty of online hype i note. kinda hard sell.. i presume.. well.. lets see.. as relay 250 and individual 150 seems pretty steep for its inaugural statement fee's without historical backing. It ought to be more relay than individual.. Well..lets just wait and see if its "Hup-Hup" for Xterra. i am sure it would. i really dont mind the Xterra Tattoo :)


Lousy crap TCBEACHHOTEL canceled my booking ( booked in March) via extremely arrogant owner.whom says another batch booking override my booking. i did not hesitate to give him a piece of my mind on this matter. Dont think he be able to sustain/maintain his hotel in this standard. i'll send TC "bitch" hotel a billion termites.

Lucky, Reliable friends got enough room space for this bloke.

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BikeJoring aint Bike Whoring


Bikejoring, is a dog mushing activity related to skijoring, canicross, and dog scootering. It is a recreation or sport where a harnessed dog or team of dogs attached to a towline, pull and run ahead of a cyclist. Bikejoring is a non snow season (dryland) activity. Bikejoring and canicross are both dryland mushing activities that probably developed from skijoring and dogsled racing. Bikejoring is also sometimes used to train racing sled-dogs out of season.

Perhaps the local bike shop will stock Eukaneuba or Science Diet Gel (with real Chicken pieces )  or Pedigree Pal Recovery Diet. 

Makes me so wanna get 2 mutts. Who's gonna be the pooper sweeper tonite?

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GBR Epic Route : Madness to the grind.

Image courtesy of Adzim, Mastermind by Terry , Supported by Fuzen , Chuah , Support vehicle by Shaharin & Razali.

There are biking routes that makes you sick till your ass n legs hurts, but this one makes you sick till you cant feel your nuts, eyes are glazed and a sore asshole.

There is no time for posuer photo but only to refuel. There is systematic pulls , unwritten rule not to let anyone behind. 8100 feet of climbs over 200 km within 10 hours. Legs over the top tube, everyone know whats in front and knows what must be done.After going up Fraser the thought of another climb is prickling.Just think of it as 200 km of pleasurable sex with 3 climax.The rain came and went , somehow it was therapeutic This ain't your regular PCC rides. Don't think anything can top this for the moment in scale. we didn't really full fill the promise as the main summit climax is left out. Thankful for this bargain set at gohtong jaya somehow shows of false tiny flats, but never did it plateau. No water in the bidon aint goona help much.
With 7 of us working together. We can only take our turn on the flat and each its own on the climb. Nothing much is said , only during the pocket's of rest , jokes are cracked. Maybe its just me. Perhaps Vintry (the nite before) and epic ride tomorrow don't gel well. Brutal.

There is a sheer bliss of accomplishment within surrounded by some silence of thoughts. with occasional funny trash talking taking place on to lift the spirits up. Makes it worth while getting up at 5 am , Looking at the helmet ,stacked gloves and stuff into the brain bucket.Looking at my cold oatmeal prepared overnight.Then looking at my two wheel knowing as i pushes it out, It will take me out there somewhere today with the wind in in my face to wake me up.

I would like to thank the guys in the ride and they out on support.

Truly. epic.

Just snort..if someone mentions broga...

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Raise EPO level by taking Echinacea

The effect of 4 wk of oral echinacea supplementation on serum erythropoietin and indices of erythropoietic status.

Thus the belief giving relief to colds. Of Course you can try it... 

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We are what we do.

We say, "In calmness there should be activity; ' in activity there should be calmness." Actually, they are the same thing; to say "calmness" or to say "activity" is just to express different interpretations of one fact. There is harmony in our activity, and where there is harmony there is calmness. - D.T. Suzuki...

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i want a HAND this

Just too cool.. i wet the underneath of my desk..

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Some days is like this.

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MountainTorq - via ferrata mount kk - kinabalu

Time to climb some more granite step up on cold steel rails....and non-Teflon coated cables. Gonna try the air up there. May 28. "Must be cleansing"

"Climb the mountain and get their good tidings . Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The wind will blow their own Freshness into you and the storms their energy , while care will drop off like autumn leaves. " John Muir.

Minor Update:

Just got back from it.Not bad at all. can be pretty scary/repetitive for some.Pounding headache. Freezing nuts and finger..busted knees on the climb down to timpohan. 16 hours of sex-like euphoria and depleted energy.

Meanwhile check these guys out they were "here" just last month . Borneo Big wall check video 6# @ 1.10 ... gnarly

Major update comes next :

We climb from mesilau, mesilau resort is nice enough to give us guys the suite. ( includes a room heater ) unlike the ladies whom got the bunker. however it goes vice verse in laban rata we guys will get the bunker. :) Steam boat dinner was excellent.

We had scramble up from mesilau to laban rate in sub5 hours..Everyone got in by 2 pm. Free flow of coffee and tea is highly sought after. On to Mountain Torq briefing and training. Safety and procedural technique is attended to. No drama there , except some ladies whom isn't to sure about the equipments.

Dinner is served @ 5.30 . the food there ain't that bad.

Everyone started to disperse after dinner to get some much needed rest after the hike up.

Assault to Summit starts at 2 am.. (too early for people like us ). the climb in the dark is therapeutic , only glimmer of headlights forming daisy chain as far as it glows forms the route. Some rested the summit too early and some just in time. but most of all ( the fast ones ) suffered the cold from the storm up there for 2 hours.

No sunrise, sunshine. (our luck)

On to via ferrata, looks pretty normal..untill one comes to the edge. the the fear factor starts creeping in. i myself can feel fear creep. Being a climber before, maybe its the cold magnifiying it.

Safety factor is 3 level. cant think of what can happen there unless it gets really slippery.

And slippery it was when it started raining on the way down @ 40%. Ferrata abort was called.

Had to climb back up. morale was on a all time low. Suggestion was taken for consideration for waiting on this passing rain. Fear of water fall occuring is in most of our mind.Mountain gods is smiling. Weather is clear with no rain. we proceeded. Its nice. reommended to go with a team you know. you will be more patient and forgivin instead of people whom can or will slow you down.

climbing up from mesilau , assault to summit , doing the via ferrata and going back down to timpuhan within 36 hour can be daunting. ur warned.

i felt its tougher than ironman. 3 ironman agreed.

well depending on how fast you climb. ;)

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Emo Support

This the reason why sports person huddle together for emotional support as the non-sport person will never understand the sport person's waves of heighten sensation & crashes of emotional senses. Enduring the serotonin, adrenalin and endorphin blasting vs performance expectation vs ego.

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Arrogant Smack Talking Bikeshops.

...... there is a time and place for everything and with times like these i'd like to give my "50 cents".

more later.

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Healing in progress.( moist healing ) 85% Complete.

Using Opsite Flexgrid

Moist wound healing promote healing in matter of days instead of weeks with Exudate .so those folk-tales stories about cant eat certain food (like eggs and seafood ) are rubbish. Any protein will heal the wound.
Note the difference between Moist healing and Normal "dry" healing. Latter being much faster and smoother in comparison. Moist healing has better overall healing process as the second skin provides better wound protection unlike a scab.

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Qoute of the week..

Competition is the spice of sports; but if you make spice the whole meal you’ll be sick.

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You choose...

Found this gem. No wonder some are still the way they are...

You go to a fast food chain restaurant. You look at the menu board and notice that they have recently revised their offerings to include a new side salad. You place your order for a $10 restaurant style McBurger and the person taking your order asks you, "would you like a fries, a baked potato, or a salad with the burger?"

You choose:

(a) the salad
(b) the baked potato
(c) the fries

The correct answer.. let me just say that according to some recent research in the Journal of Consumer Behavior it isn't the salad.

In the article Vicarious Goal Fulfillment: When the Mere Presence of a Healthy Option Leads to an Ironically Indulgent Decision researchers maintain that having a healthy item on the menu may make you less like to choose it, and more likely to choose the worst thing on the menu.Here's their explanation: The most common way that people perceive progress in attaining their goals is to actively pursue them. If, however, you have made some progress toward your goal, you may be tempted, at least temporarily, to choose some alternative that is not necessarily in line with your end goal.

The authors give the example of people who have just finished working out. They may feel that they have successfully satisfied their goal to be healthy (at least for the day) and therefore allow themselves to indulge in dessert at their next meal.What's even more interesting is that just intending to reach your goal makes it easier to indulge.

So if you take today off from training but you tell yourself, "tomorrow I have a long run scheduled" you are more likely to eat dessert tonight, even though you've done nothing today toward your goal. The authors' call that "vicarious goal fulfillment." Or, as the researchers put it, "when individuals have the opportunity to engage in a course of action that is consistent with healthy eating goals, as they do when a healthy alternative is merely present in a choice set, the consideration of this option will satisfy the goal—at least temporarily—and, in turn, license them to indulge".

The researchers set up a series of experiments in which participants were given a list of food choices. Some lists included healthy items. Some didn't.

If the healthy choice were present, the unhealthiest option was chosen. In addition, if you were a "high self-control" person -- someone who was very self-disciplined -- you were more likely to do so. The researcher's bottom line: ""Just because we consumers want to see healthier items available does not mean that we are going to choose them."

The bottom line for athletes: Stay out of fast food restaurants -- especially those that offer salads with their fries!

and still the way they are...

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Coming to Consciousness

There is no coming to consciousness without pain.

It seems so dark and nihilistic were it not for the fact that pain , as much as we cushion it in modern society is still pure and intense affirmation of life.It help us shape our world , and when we step away from the comfort of air-conditioning, two-ply toilet paper and other social tranquilizer. Whenever we strap down/ ratchet those uncomfortable shoes tight on our feet.Hunched over the handlebars and stomp our whole body one leg at a time on the pedals with every fiber of being screams in agony.

We know we are completely alive.

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Danny Macaskill is the next Hans Ray...

freaking amazing.. i feel like i am shit on a bike..

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KLMTB Hash @ ulu rening

A nice progreesive build up ride nicely shaded with some fast fireroads.

its goona be a nice epic ride on 10th may

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Roller Cool...

The darn LBS here got to install one of these...babies..

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Chain skip and the reprecussion

Road rash has to be one of the things many dont wanna experience ever in this degree. Withering in pain as i am posting this. if your chain is skipping, you have to look into it no matter how minor,else this is the reprecussion of having the skip during out of the saddle burst. Doing 45kmh. i could feel my skin tearing/ripping away upon contacting the rough tarmac. ripping my rock racing jersey. lycra turned into fine 300 grit sandpaper. i swear they were looking like strawberries when fresh.

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Valverde Spanish Dope to Puerto

Ever notice not one euro footballer , tennis player etc etc ( but cyclist ) got busted?

Aint saying that it is a good thing but heck, its just a merry go round musical chair playing. That one does not get a chair , gets busted.

wait till Gene-doping comes in...

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Pedros Ethik bag

An awesome idea Pedro's has to be one of the coolest companies around this bag name of super strong, recyclable HDPE fabric (for those outdoor peep, your camping ground sheet) being use for this seat bag. Got this shot at the LBS , somehow i believe it is the rejected version of this Ethik bag

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Totally unaware thus no cold drink..

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Less is more..

Quote For The Day:

"There are occasionally people in your life with whom you have an innate sense of communication. I've found that these people are often your training partners. Perhaps it's due to the countless hours spent together not always being able to communicate verbally. Instead, we consciously and subconsciously study and learn their movements and expressions. Over time words are needed less and less. Rather a subtle gesture or body movement or quick look is all it takes to completely understand each other.

Just like being on deck. Glancing each other in the eye , ready for the swim.

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Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy


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Vinegar Aids Post Exercise Glycogen Repletion

The efficacy of acetic acid for glycogen repletion in rat skeletal muscle after exercise.

so now you know. Balsamic vinegar rocks.

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S107 : benzothiazepine, coming soon to plugs that leak.

The compounds stabilise protein channels that would otherwise 'leak' calcium from muscle cells during strenuous exercise. Calcium is needed for muscle contraction and this 'leaking' effect weakens the contractions and is a causal factor in muscle fatigue.

Listed in WADA

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10 Years Anniversary : Ironman Langkawi 2009

I cant find the right words to put it, 10 years since i started doing triathlon.
with everything in between.

Perhaps i can say much more in days to come, however in this meantime i only have this to share:

  1. *It really doesn't matter one is slower or faster in the big picture. Its really about the bigger picture, on what you really care for after the event and what you look forward to that really matters. ( Do exclude the pro's, its their bread and butter )

  2. *Yes, it did sink in, it felt like a dream , perhaps its due to the training too. but IRONMAN journey does change you. Dealing with the "cards" on hand, its only in your mind. however in distance wise it very much doable.Same goes in just about anything that requires this much effort.

  3. *When you do the "iron". You train , you get there , and you just " go " its ZEN like. you got no room to think or worry. Again, its ZEN like.

  4. *The sun burns your skin, it will also burn into your memory.

  5. * Its not like your buying a bike ,tangible where you get to touch and ride it, this feeling is intangible. All the effort, energy and emotion is just pour into one day. Its intense and its gonna be a memory.

  6. *When you do this , you will know who really cares.( if you tell them.) or those whom are there with ya.

  7. * There are lies and deceit as you go deeper/higher. you ought to know the difference. 

  8. *There is a time and place for this, that's when you have everything in the right manner, more power to you. Perhaps there is a form of escape in doing this.But that is your mental issue. You don't bring issues to the Ironman and even if you do. You will learn "acceptance".

  9. *And whatever happens in the event , you will still go on to finish it. Even if it's a few tries.

  10. *You dont need hi-zoot bike to start your journey. Don't need to spend a ton for this event.

  11. *You will encounter many "methodology" in triathlon , or in any athletics as you go higher up .You be wise to know the difference and what will suit you.

  12. Ironman is just a "BRAND" just like McDonalds there is no need to go "i am lovin it". No reason to brand yourself.

  13. *And being positive matters, Positive people matters. Stay away from the negative energy.

  14. *Even the best plan can fail on the course, you ought to be agile enough to compensate.Its all about decision making. Preparation includes managing risk. Managing risk means expect the worst but you can still reduce the impact. (Bring pain killers)

  15. *In doing this ,in your pocket what you got now is a huge reserve in confidence in whatever you may partake.

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FTAAA got what it deserve

You reap what you sow.

In ever changing times where runner are looking for more distance, support , peak experiences during and after the event. Where revenue comes in from both sponsors and the participants is bound that you FTAA will only lose your hold once runners starts talking after the event.Well aware of the quality of FTAA planning and also the resources of not putting enough thoughts for the runners.

I had an experience of being shouted at and being in an argument with a representative for me stepping into the path line to support my frends in the last KLIM 08.

Lets be clear here , if your goona let your whole family tree and village to run the event. Be prepared for you will only have such event fit for your own pride and not for the runners.

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Distance of Truth

Check out minute 1.08. if you think ur hardcore enough.

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Sport Psycho Part 2: Peak Moment

Another way that exercise can add to the quality of life is by offering opportunities to experience peak moments.Peak moments provide a base for vivid, fulfilling, often reviewed memories that help define individuals’ lives and give them meaning. The feeling dimension ranges from one extreme of misery to the opposite extreme of ecstasy The performance dimension ranges from an extreme of total failure to personal best. The center of the figure is neutral and typifies many everyday experiences consisting of average performance and neutral feelings. The entire top right quadrant of the feeling and performance model depicted in the picture above contains diverse yet somewhat similar peak moments that tend to occur in physical activity.

A peak performance is spontaneous, represents superior functioning, reflects a high standard of accomplishment, and can result from a wide variety of activities.

A peak experience reflects a psychological state that includes intense joy and happiness. It can be any experience that evokes strong, positive affective states such as peace,great joy, illumination, loss of self, or ecstasy Peak experiences are memorable, fulfilling, and personally meaningful moments that affect the quality of life.

The concept of flow,described as a positive psychological state and contributorto quality of life. The model describes flow as a delicatebalance between personal skill and task demands.
Demands of the task, the task is too easy, and boredom may occur. If an individual’s exercise ability is inadequate forthe task, the task is too difficult and is associated with anxiety. Apathy results if both perceived challenge and skilllevel are low. Flow results when the demands of the taskrequire intense concentration and when there is a matchbetween personal ability or skill and the demands of thetask.

The exerciser’s high is a specific type of peak experiencecharacterized by euphoria, a heightened sense of well-being, unusual perceptions of strength and power, aglimpse of perfection, and even spirituality. Runners, in particular, tend to report occasionallyexperiencing peak moments and a euphoric state while exercising. This experience extends to other activities (eg Cycling , Climbing) and can be broadened to exerciser’s high

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Sport Psycho Part 1 : Staleness

Overtraining and Staleness

Overtraining is “a process involving progressively increased training to a high absolute level that is in excess of more routine training undertaken to maintain performance”.The purpose of overtraining is to enhance physical performance, and it may be incorporated into the training process. Research on over-training has been conducted primarily with athletes, but the findings from these investigations may generalize to individuals who exercise at extreme levels. For both athletes and exercisers who over-train, knowing the optimal amount of training or exercise is often difficult but crucial for their level of performance and for quality of life. Too much training can detract from the quality of life Although various moderating factors may influence a person’s response to overtraining usually occurs when there is an imbalance between training and recovery.

Psychological Responses to Overtraining

During periods of light training, athletes and exercisers tend to report the desirable iceberg profile.However, research examining mood state responses to long duration overtraining (e.g., several months) in swimmers have found that progressive increases in training volume were associated with greater mood disturbance,and decreases in training volume were associated with an improvement in mood.The dose response relationship between mood states and changes in training levels has been reported with shorter periods of overtraining (e.g., 6 weeks or less) and in other sport settings with different overtraining regimens.If the imbalance between training and recovery persists for a lengthy period of time, staleness may occur. Staleness is a severe negative response to overtraining characterized by longterm decrement in performance capacity and dys-regulation of psychological and physiological states Individuals suffering from staleness have a decreased quality of life and may also be clinically depressed. The only proven treatment for staleness is rest.

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Yeah, its goona be a hard knocking year... but hey dont let the BULLshit get to ya.

Have a good Year of the Bull...

Alright, a slighty cuter one..

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There is no spoon

I believe everything happens for a reason.

No way it is all incidents, life is either guided by an upper force or faith.

Though, some of us has the power to choose the directions of their life, while others are born into a given pattern.

Some of us are in search for the one they love, others search glory, hell, some guys search just to get rich and believe the rest will come with the money.

The only thing I ever searched, and I am still searching is inside peace.

My very own serenity.I first felt serenity after my very ride on the road , I finally felt "whole" with myself, I knew that I was doing something for myself, nobody else is going to gain from this sorrow.

Since that day I get my serenity dosage 5 times a week, but that's just not enough.Every time I'm close to get my serenity piece something screws up, and the whole tower collapses.

I felt I've been through too much, just can't carry it.

Pay for a psychologist, I just found it wrong.My pain, my thoughts, my state of mind is only mine, no one should be knowing what's going on there, hell, people are paying to share their thoughts!

Instead, I pay to clean my head in another place, where the payment comes in sweat.I've seen handicapped singles get to excellence just because they wanted.

I've seen people do the things that other would call impossible.I've heard stories, I read cases and I was told of legends.I am the one to guide my life.

My mind will always be the only thing to keep me back from achieving greatness in any given field.I believe some of you know trying to find a sequence between these paragraphs, save your time for more important things - "there is no spoon".

Mind is your barrier, thoughts are obstacles.Do the impossible, get what they say you couldn't, blow away the walls and crush the barricades.

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Paying the Dues

I'm not going out of Friday's night to get boozed off my mind, I stay clear and drink few beers just to have some fun if I ever do so.I'm not one of those idiots to start over with every girl they see, endurance taught me respect and I respect anyone 'till they lose it.

I'm not spending thousands for clothing, jewellery or stuff I don't need, money has it's value and is needed for living, not pleasure.

I'm not on the road to talk, look at the girls and try get myself one, not trying to make new friends and not there to fix the world.

I respect anyone who trains his ass off, paying his dues on the road and living the life of a tax payer, just like me, whether if that means not being able to hang on a party on the weekend 'cuz my legs are still wobbly and unstable, or 'cuz I must get the sleep to recover.

I am what I choose to be, and I chose my body to fight to the limits every workout, 5 times a week.

No one is gonna pat you on the back when you get a PR, no one is gonna hold your hand when your doing 5am cardio, no one is gonna pick you up after you fail.

Its all on you and how far you want to go, how bad do u want it? As i sit here, enraged wanting to go back to the road.

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Bang for the buck groupset: Rival

Was looking through the current list of componetry , in such frugal times one will need to decide on a groupsset , I'd choose Sram Rival. over 200 gram lighter than Ultegra Sl ,using the same braking and shifting mechanical ( zeroloss) internals as the Force. With Force only 100gram lighter.Just by up-rating the crank and pedal , you;d be able to close the gap on the 100 gram differences, and that is on rotational weight.

i'd think its a good groupset for an entry/mid level bike with some good weight property there.

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It began in Afrikaaa....KAAa...kAaaa...

Okay so i have been a lil sloppy on the updates, putting on lot's of kilometer for IM this February .

What i am trying to post up now is the fact i have missed something that was spreading through the internet like wild fire.

its about these shoe shiner and one biker taxi...its about time..cycling has some heroes from the ghetto and because you can't bullshit your way up a mountain..

...and apparently garmin chipotle is interested. So it began in afrikaaaaa.kaaaaa.kaa updates here

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A happy OX year to you.

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