Paying the Dues

I'm not going out of Friday's night to get boozed off my mind, I stay clear and drink few beers just to have some fun if I ever do so.I'm not one of those idiots to start over with every girl they see, endurance taught me respect and I respect anyone 'till they lose it.

I'm not spending thousands for clothing, jewellery or stuff I don't need, money has it's value and is needed for living, not pleasure.

I'm not on the road to talk, look at the girls and try get myself one, not trying to make new friends and not there to fix the world.

I respect anyone who trains his ass off, paying his dues on the road and living the life of a tax payer, just like me, whether if that means not being able to hang on a party on the weekend 'cuz my legs are still wobbly and unstable, or 'cuz I must get the sleep to recover.

I am what I choose to be, and I chose my body to fight to the limits every workout, 5 times a week.

No one is gonna pat you on the back when you get a PR, no one is gonna hold your hand when your doing 5am cardio, no one is gonna pick you up after you fail.

Its all on you and how far you want to go, how bad do u want it? As i sit here, enraged wanting to go back to the road.

at Thursday, January 22, 2009  


Velosopher said... Fri Jan 23, 04:42:00 AM 2009  

I fully agree.Go here for similar thoughts in different words.

I like your blog!

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