The Zen of Running.

Its a flow in harmony.accepting whats is mental distraction.Just yourself.close to yourself, believe and knowing what should be sadness.No ego. no time. its here and whats in front now.

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Penang Marathon Pic's

Sorting out the numbers.

Its polaroid sunglasses babe, cant get em , no more.

G-Hotel aint bad at all.Its near to everything.

Posing around with some red funky honeycombs

You just got to understand,man. it's all about the shoes.

Respect them for tomorrow they'll pull you thru.

42km + Beer = KO

i don't &%$% care if its gay or not. Do you understand the pain involved to get these?

Happy and not tired with Tired but Happy.

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Lesson learned during a Marathon. (with Race report.)

Developing blisters in new, exciting places.

Chafing occurs in new, exciting places.

Pain in new , exciting places.

Stories you've heard about the last 10k of the race is 100% true and NOT exaggerated At All.

Eat the not so tasty gels first, Save the tasties for later.

Sub 5 hour marathon can be done with only 10 km training.!

The power of hearing someone call your name is amazing.

A Friend running with you during your 30km breaching point, just awesome.

The 4 words mantra "Feeling Strong, Going strong" ROCKS!.

Friends and strangers cheering you on is incredibly moving and inspiring.

Having a 10 meter sprint with another marathoner and won after 42.1 km:PRICELESS.

12 Hrs before Race Day

Registered at 11.00 ,thanks to Arif and Senn for it. quite huge crowd at registration at Queensbay mall. Looks like a ticket counter for a carnival rather than a marathon registration.

So we checked in at THE G-hotel...yeah it sounds corny. but it does seems pretty nice. Ronald , Peter and me placed our stuff in there before meeting up with Senn and Arif , we head down to the back streets of penang for lunch.

So whats the essential nutrition for marathon runners prior the Penang Bridge run.

Kari ayam, kari ikan, Kari sotong , every darn curry that a Nasi Kandar stall can mix it in. We had it + plenty of papadum! to top it off with excellent Penang cendol.

( asking for trouble isnt it )

We head down back to the G-hotel to have some rest. Being hyper and not wanting to sleep arif and Senn decided to see Fantastic 4. ( I said lets go ) Whats a cheesy movie oh well , thats another story.

So after the movie we went back to our separate rooms to chill down. Peter , Ronald and Me decided to go to have dinner @ 7 while Arif and Sennn was getting some shut eye.

7 hours prior to a full marathon , We had high calorie nutritious intake of Char kueh teow, Fried Osyters, Ikan bakar, Sotong Bakar and Rojak buah. ( We are suicidal kamikaze marathoners but we are also in penang! )

Went back took a dump a shower and slept.



Woke up at 12.30 ( said to myself, shit this is the time , everyone is out clubbing )
So we preped up , smack it up and got it going to the parking area.

Saw none of the familiar faces in there. So we joked and mess about in the "elite area" where we were quarantined. Saw Lesley and Alex some kaki tri.

Soon the flood gates open , the officials turn us loose at the Start point at 3.00 am. Saying our good luck. we initiated.

And we began this journey.i broke away but starting out regulated no wanting to burst out everything. so the first 20 was really good. The running environment was dark at 3-6 am all you can focus on is the road and yourself + the other marathoner around.

It was a pretty lonely journey of drinking and smacking on gels with the legs constantly on a stride. Untill I saw those kenyans running. its quite an awesome sight to see them just vanish on a 2 km road in less than 4 mins!

And also until i saw that Asley with kenyan legs + sherpa lungs too. She was like chasing the kenyans as though the kenyans stole her mp3 player.

I was happy to see Elain when she came into my sight. ( meaning i was dropping in speed. )Saw jasmine on the other side of the bridge ( going strong ) while we both run along side. i harpooned her for easy 13- 14k until the last 10 km where i start to drop due to the pain on my legs. Our conversation was just really fun during that duration so positive and full of energy. The first half was a dream pretty surreal. I kept up easily with a good pace team and was militant about storing up energy for later. Everything was on track for a best-case scenario. Enlighten to think on the stuff that really matters to me on run and when its over when i get back.

However in a journey like this the truth prevails and something got to give. Having never breaching a 15 km run nor a half marathon at the most with several 10 km runs.
I'd expected not to last 25 km. but i was going strong, feeling strong all the way until 35 km. Where the last 7 did takes its toll on the knees.i think everyone can vouch on the Intel stretch of road being a very mentally and physically challenging distance but it was much further, nearer to Queensbay mall where my legs was giving me the middle finger. Along the way i saw Arif who looks fine and dandy "how far more? "quite a bit" i said.

At the last 7 was really mind to the body. not body to the mind.Then I detected a blister on my left foot. Strange, I thought. I'd never gotten a blister from running, and I was wearing a safely worn-in pair of shoes. Fortunately, the pain was minimal, and I was able to forget about it and keep moving.
But I couldn't ignore my tired legs. Soon, after holding out as long as possible, I had to stop and walk a few feet then several few feet's. i was hoping to make it in 4hrs 30 mins.

Kind-hearted spectators near 40km shouted their encouragement, and I kept moving so as not to disappoint them.

So it is made good that i manage to finsh it in 4hrs 40+ mins. pretty happy indeed.

Congrats to those who entered, to those i have started with , to those i have met half way thru , and to those who reached back :)

( More stories and pictures later. i am tired. i wanna sleep. nite and lights out.)

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Does "JOG" means "WALK " to ME ?

So a good friend of mine decide to start jogging. Not trying to burst her stride, i just follow her pace. It felt heavy and sluggish perhaps due to the pace however i cant let her down on being a jerk by saying "No,i am just wasting my time " Being slim enough & petite enough, why she bother going thru this?
Coz she wants to be slimmer and leaner with a better posture with a kick ass butt all together , however this is her excuses:

1.I really hate to exercise.i'd rather watch tv and channel surf.
2.I can't seem to stay motivated to continue working out and
3.I can't make the commitment to stick to an exercise routine this is just a spurr of the moment.

Well i hope she is just kidding as i "invested" many hours of walking and she is actually begining to RUN..after giving preaches after preaches of the benefits of pushing a lil harder, a lil more attitude.

Hey girlfriend if your are reading this, just keep on going , the day we stop improving , is the day we stop living.

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The Seabiscuit inside..

When i first saw this movie.I watched it due to the fact that it was to pass time( this was a while back ) . And to be honest, I still don't why i bought the dvd. But as I continue to watch on it it didnt really hit me until recently where i find a lil dot that link to some pretty interesting things.

What are some of the things that make horse racing interesting? How about:

- the amount of care the horses receive and need

- the team of people (owners, trainers, jockeys, doctors, etc, etc) that are working to make one athlete their best

- the complete determination that these animals display when they race.

The amount of spirit that the horses display while they race is an example that moves me each time I see a horse gallop away at kiara.. I like to think that there is something very pure about their desire to race.

The idea of racing with pure motivation is one of the things that I've been trying to get my mind wrapped around. I guess one way to put it is - to develop a level of satisfaction from racing that is derived from an internal place opposed to external rewards. Ironically, when an athlete can move to this "place" the performances likely become more consistent and quicker. At least that is my hypothesis.

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How to pass the "suck threshold" in triathlon. ( or anything )

I was working on a methodology in the IT industry on capability and maturing.

"The only thing standing between repeating-again and again & improving constantly is dedication."

At first this quote kind of pushed my thinking in the wrong direction. Why? Because while I consider myself dedicated to triathlon, I don't consider myself an expert. I especially don't consider myself an "expert" athlete. So I got this feeling that they might be (indirectly) suggesting that I wasn't dedicated enough. (We'll look at how much dedication is needed later.)

Before I mention anything more about the methodolgy. It is really interesting to see the three different paths or choices they offer on time vs. ability. The choices are:

a. "give up" - but if you can get past the frustrastion you may be able to make it past the "suck threshold"

b. "I'm ok, so I'll continue this way" - in which you remain an amateur as time passes on, never passing the "kicking ass threshold"

c. "push myself, because there is always a better way" - you may finally pass the "kicking ass threshold" and become an expert.

There were a few things that stood out to me about those who make the choice to continue working towards being an expert. Those people tend to do these things:

1. They find new ways to get better. There is always some way to get that little edge.

2. They work on their weaknesses, even if it isn't fun.

3. They are willing to pay the cost, whatever that cost might be in order to not suck.

So what does it take to pass the "suck threshold" in triathlon?

This is a very good question that I ask myself on a daily basis. This half year I made the decision to focus on Ironman. This decision has meant that I have been running a lot more than normal (I am trying actually swimmingmore too) and getting ready to bike a lot. So maybe I'm on my way to passing the suck threshold by working on my weaknesses, but what about passing the kicking ass threshold.

one of the characteristics of those that don't suck was dedication. It is hard to extrapolate what amount of dedication someone has by seeing a finishing time.

I'll share a couple things that point out the amount of committment or dedication that might be involved:

1. You need to train more! The average training volume for a 25-29 year old male was approximately 800 annual hours. It was around 840 annual hours across all age groups. (As a comparison, last year I trained 678 hours...

2. You need to be consistent! The training was consistent throughout the prior year, even during the off season they would have their volumes at 20-40% of peak volumes. At six months out, their volumes were at 60% (bike) to 80% (swim and run) of peak volume.

A few training ideas came from this data that shows what those-that-don't-suck do for their training. The biggest one is that they have big bike volumes, especially within the 19 weeks leading up to the race. The second variable that correlated to race performance was run volume over the year. Even as these triathletes biked and ran a lot, guess what - they still swam! In other words, if you want to be a good triathlete that passes the suck threshold you need to bike a lot (especially the last 6 months), run a lot and don't forget to swim regularly.

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Charity Biking for Amnesty International: Sydney/ Home, 20748 km, 426 days

On the 1st April 2006 I embarked on an epic 420-day journey, cycling from Germany to Australia.

At 21 years old, I have cycled solo through 15 countries and across 21,000 kilometres to raise 22,000 Euros for Amnesty International. It is done!

On the 10 th of Mai, i was finally hitting Sydney Downtown to achieve my aim!

It was a venture to bring forward the plight of those who suffer human rights exploitations by raising awareness in the wider public. Media coverages in some polish, russian, mongolian news channels are going along with dozens of other newspaper articles in Thailand, Malaysia, Australia and especially Germany.

I succesfully worked in conjuction with several international amnesty sections, participated in press conferences, in one I adressed a speech in the panel to the represents of Thailand's government, encountered the consul- generals of Germany in Bangkok and Sydney or visited refugees in the borderland to Myanmar.

It was a journey full of challenges, obstacles and hardships, but on the other hand the most wicked time I ever could have imagined!
The beauty of the Mongolian countryside, the charakters in China, the kindness of the Khmer people or the remoteness of the Australian Outback was worth all the pain and suffering!

Nothing is impossible if you put my mind and heart into it and you will achieve whatever it is you set out to do:

"Deep within man dwell those slembering powers;
power that would astonish him,
that he never dreamed of posessing;
forces that would revolutionize his life
if aroused and put into action."

- Orison Swett Marden-

Especially the close attachment to the people along the way inspired and encouraged me to carry on.
Defending human rights is about standing up fo those people who lack them. I was living amongst them for one year and see the purpose of my life in protecting them.
A venture for the people, with the people!

You all receive this newsletter because i encountered you on my trip and got assistance from you. It was either just a nice refreshing chat with you after great solitude, a warm hug or even shelter. Whatever it was, it made me keep on going.
The people who helped and inspired me the most are not reading these lines right now. We were communicating not by words but rather by emotions and sadly don't stay in touch anymore.
They invited me with sign language, shared the less they have with me to the most.
Such a venture like mine never ever succeeds alone, but is reinforced and strengthened by the contribution of so many people. Thank you very much!

What a story!!!
I have to apologize for the delay of this newsletter, but after skydiving (enlosed pic) and celebrating like crazy in Sydney, I took the plane back home on the 20th of Mai to finally break my right thumb and left ellbow in a car accident!
The last 500 km from the airport back home were supposed to become a homerun for me, but after not even 400 metres on the road again a car seriously hit me from behind with 56 km/h.
I flew off my "butterfly" (pet name of my bike) and the ambulance was to be called immediately to go into surgery for my thumb. Hence i wasn't able to keep you updated all the time. Even now it takes ages for me to type only with the left hand.

Nevertheless, i am back home in the arms of my beloved ones since exactly three weeks! The emotions went berserk and i am still feeling a bit weird by adapting back to a "normal" way of life.

The following agenda was enormously busy, i still kept up the good work and met the Secretary General of Amnesty International Germany, Barbara Lochbihler for a photo- shooting and presentation about my campaign.

Just two days before, a charity concert honouring my activism took place and another 3500 Euros were donated by 500 guests. Hence i over-accomplished the mission by raising more money than actually intended: 22 000 €!

Now, i will go studying in September in Maastricht, Holland (London was previously intended) Political Science, International Relations and Economics (
After graduation i will take another gap- year to ride my bike around South America for a year.
But first of all, I am going to close this chapter by writing a book and presenting a professional slideshow.

Whether Ironman, Sahara, Everest or even Antartica, Cyling for Human Rights was just the beginning!!!

Good on ya, mate!

Timo Müller

biking around the world to establish human rights
Timo Müller

NOTE: I've got his email yesterday nite. Congrats TIMO..You have achieve something none of us ever would.

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Mr Chan and his grin..

PD training was indeed pretty nice. Great temperature ,good turnout and great support by the TRisports,some local authority and some Tv crew from NTV7 (TV crew look so lack of energy,so tired.)

Anyway to the gist of things.


Trisportz to org the whole thing.
To test run the new swim course.
To provide the bike racks
To provide the needed water after swim and during run.
To provide the carpet.
To arrange the local crew on water and on land.
To provide some Powerbars to hungry unprepared tri-athletes
To sell nice T-shirts
To give out stickers.
To have lucky draw!!!
To have good support from everyone.
To have more Improvement!



Super Windy Swim,

Choppy waves. If my bike can be used as a surfboard,I'd for sure be surfing.

Super Windy Bike,

Constant battle with headwinds and rain makes needle like pricks, feels like acupuncture

Super Dirty Bike,

it looks like my road bike just came back from cycle-cross.

Super Hungry,

Ill prepared tri-athlete with no food. Thought is a clinic!!NOo all the hardcore fellas turned out to be there.

The above is definitely out of the hands of trisports.I believe if Uncle CHan can control the weather , He would.. :)

The Ugly:

On the Rocks! The most concern part of the whole thing is the swim. If the condition on race day is like what it was yesterday. Someone can get really hurt. Please see my ugly mspaint drawing. The waves pushes the swimmer out to the exposed rocks if navigation aint straight.
(lets not talk about experience swimmers ler)this is for the not so strong swimmers. I suggest putting out some visible floaters/markers there.

This is the new swim course BTW

Due to the on going Construction, the swim course has to be moved to the open sea,will there be a Shower on the way back?

PD should clean the beach for debris on race day.

So anyway Great Effort Trisports, keep on setting the bar.

Feeling strong , going strong.

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Got em today, They cost a whooping 187 rm , yes thats right..It burned thru my wallet, my pocket , on to my shoes ( left a charred hole there ) and stained the floor.

I cant find any justified reason exactly but these babies can be used for both carbon and aluminium wheels! thus no need swapping of pads !! Using a Rule of "thumb" it has the texture of "shealth" rubber ( rock climbing shoe's rubber ) and a soft compound type.

To try it,I got to put my "rubber" on. It took about 1 hour to get it adjusted.

The stopping power of these yellow erasers is incredible. The bite is just so sticky it gives real confidence on late braking at downhill corners.

It has a 5/5 rating from and i think thats right.

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Mixing with the Japs

Have no idea who's Pokari sweat i be drinking but it better taste good. 288kcal for 74 gram

Burn your body fat with explosive power whenever needed ( WTF?) 246kcal@64gram

vitamin C + amino acid = Sport water C ( C = Cycling ) 196Kcal@62 gram

Anyway just wanted to try these isotonic drink, forgot how much it cost but it has to be more than 7 rm each. Got kinda sick with Powerbar endurance drink so i ought to try these powders out. Looks like POKARI Sweat has more Kcal thus a better bang for your buck.However , will not judge its packing until i am sweating.

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Forerunner Vs Edge

Was with Mac yesterday at BikePro. went in there around 7pm ,there is still people chilling out there!! anyway saw the rest of them with the usual greetings.
but yesterday there was a certain amount of nice looking lasses talking about shoes ,helmets & xtr's. Just the tone of it make a guy increase his shock's "travel".

damm man.. there must be something going on with the biking scene that i might have missed out. Where does this fine looking young things came into the picture of cycling?

OKok , back to the Main Tag line. 1st Forerunner 305 saw the item itself was looking at it in away that it does has some quality issues aesthetically . the plastics and rubber strap does look cheap. that was a dissapointment. Function wise i am sure its really good as it is. it does look pretty dorky if its worn on a skinny dude. it has to be worn on thick wrist else its just look like something from petaling street to the un-informed. ( fyi its china made )

As for the Edge i think its a better deal as you can put it to use in so much better way. and it does not look as cheap at the forerunner. its additonal function as to forerunner is the altimeter which is pretty good for the same price to both units.
Display is bigger too.

very hard choice for me but if i were to choose i'd take the Edge. whats a few grams extra? but then again, Forerunner is still a darn good tool to measure all 3 leg of a tri la.....PS: YES MAC! It is still a damm good conversation piece!!

blah! i better not start to think more..

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Humour again.

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World Environment Day 2007@Sungai Telemung

From underneath the trees, we watch the sky
confusing stars with satellites
I never dreamed that you'd be mine
But here we are, we're here tonight

Singing Amen, I, I'm alive (I'm alive)
Singing Amen, I, I'm alive

And as we lie beneath the stars
We realize how small we are
If they could love like you and me
Imagine what the world could be....

Nickleback " If everyone cared " playing in the backdrop on my mp3 player while looking up into the sky. Just the thought of not coming to the camp is out of the question. It was 1 year ago,i came here to Sg telemung to camp. The journey take place on the Saturday morning where the meeting place is at 15 km after Sempah tunnel @ a Petronas station.Everyone met up there. the usual outdoor kaki was there.
Ivan & annie , James bak , James , Peter , Yong,Soh and the others who's name i have forgotten ( sorry ya )

We set course to karak town were we bought dumpling for lunch (which we had last year too)

Parked out cars at a Palm Oil collection areas where they had ample parking.Setup the gears and rode 14 km into the hills.Getting in was via bike 14km in 14 km out. With a 20 pound backpack being on the back with climbing gradient of 20%, one would be stupid not to push.

The breeze up there is worth the exhaustion while resting and just looking at the views one will think its gonna be an awesome trip. The sounds of wildlife added to the elements of being one with mother nature.Gibbons howling , birds chirping, white water rushing, green bamboo leaves rustling and the sun shining. just opens up the feeling of a living and breathing forest.

After several climbs and muddy tracks we reached the spot, SHE A BEAUTY! A rock laden boulder with endless white water rushing down creates a very energised feeling "full of CHI" breeze.very refreshing scene and ambiance

Started to rain but the rain was short lived. Everyone scrambled to put up the tents and fly sheets , After the rain the butterflies came out and its just gorgeous looking very classy with anodized green marking to which is named Raja Brooke according to walking encyclopedia IVAN.

We had great food, warm food and high tech food ( James china made self heating fried rice ) giving us ( James , Sho , Ivan and Annie ) the feeling of fullness all thru the night. we reap what we sow for lugging the food in.

( This is the closes resemblance perception of the star shining :) wish you were there.)

Just an awesome nite but a hard to start campfire ( required 5 "engineers" to start a fire ) was solved by IVAN in matter minutes. Just chilling out changing stories and plan for rides , just talking and munching, with star watching is just superb way to to spend World Environment Day 2007.

The Downhill? Yeah of course its good!! Fer sho! its darn good! Think about it , we have been pushing up.. :)

10% roadie. 50% gravel 20% sandy 20% muddy /2800 meter @ 14% avg gradient = awesome down hill coming back down.

Taking a breezer and a breather.

OH my bearings! Can someone pick up my sinking bike!!

A natural endless pool ( swimming! exellent for training only 1 endless lap required )

Unknown butterfly trapped in tent.

2 Raja Brooke , just so classy looking butterfly.

Awesome ride guys, thanks!

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Tortoise pee

Anyone ever think of having a pet tortoise has to endure the unbelieveble stench of hard to find tortoise pee.

This fella belongs to my mom and he or she ( i dont know ) walk in and out of the house like his grandfather told him to. if he decided to really naughty and pee, he has to do it near my bike! and i had not only endure but to locate the source (especially difficult if its dried!)

Pretty cute sometimes when i gotto prep ma bikes and this dude start to nudge ma toes. ( he wants food.. )

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Dear writer,

Thanks for your responds, perhaps I was just ranting. In no way this is damaging , degrading nor unfair… it is my comment of thinking out loud to the article that is out to the public. (Can blame the press!)

If you do notice the picture does portray another meaning, if I am a feminist I’d be pissed that this picture is chosen to be placed in the article. (Blame the press!!)

I believe that to even think of doing a triathlon or participating/training for one, the participant has to have some degree of wisdom and determination. And one would be aware/wise enough to notice this article is a promotional advertorial as well. Nothing wrong and don’t get me wrong, I am all for promoting triathlon and it being mainstream especially to women. BUT do notice that this is a Woman's Clinic for a Woman's Race.
I iterate again a Woman's Clinic... I got a weird gut feeling some of them "Coaches" isn’t there for coaching reasons if you have read the article.

I believe there is a blogger who mention “In fact, many male triathletes showed up. With good reason!”

HELL, why should I even be concern it’s not even related to me….the guys aint ogling at me!

I will not go into the details of “triathlon race operations “from 99 till 07 as it was really fun then until 2002 when everything was cost cutting.

Hey trisportz,

How about doing Lucky draws again? Last time everyone stayed back for lucky draw + I won a lucky draw once!! And I have been getting Oversized T-shirt frequently.
Wheres the Timing chips as mentioned Trisportz!

I am all for transparency and improvement and I bet trisportz can present it better. Triathlon is about Tri’ing isn’t it, about setting a personal record. So what’s limiting Trisportz ? how about new venue? How about mental and physiology clinics for races? How about nutrition clinic by complimenting with our Malaysian diet?

Push more oxygen to the right hemisphere of the brain increases creativity, ya know.

Thanks again. Tri made me push harder too, so hard I see humour in everything

I call that Enlightenment..

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What the f Trisports! Responds...

I think you just made a very unfair and degrading comment about TriSports in your blog If you had a clue why the clinic was held, or knew about the race the clinic was held for or had been at the race the following Wednesday, or just knew what was going on about the race or knew exactly what it was all about, you would have not made that comment. I hope you will think twice AND do your homework prior to making damaging remarks on an organization which had spent at least the last 7.5 years making sure you get to do what you enjoy year after year. All triatheletes here are very fond of Mr. Chan and what he has done for the triathlon scene in Malaysia as he's the only one who's keeping it alive. I am sure you too highly appreciates his efforts and don't wish to make him look bad before confirming what you assume is true or not.

Maybe you could consider removing that entry...or reduce the tone on your write-up. Perhaps as a foot note, you may want to remember to thank Mr. Chan and the whole TriSportz family for giving you the opportunity rather than expressing your strong dissapointment over some women's only clinic which is it's not even related to you!

I hope you re-think about that entry as it untrue and would affect the image/create a false impression of TriSports for those who has yet to know the great efforts and contribution of Mr. Chan and his family to the Triathlon sport in Malaysia.

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What the..f... Trisports!

Now this really triggered something in me, "Triathlon clinic for women"
Scanned this for you all to see in case if you did not.

Now whats coming from me is goona be pretty ugly.

WTF is this about?
Triathlon Malaysia!

You know how Restaurants advertise " how scrumptious their food is" under The STAR Metro...that because their business is just aint going no where , so your telling me there isnt enough participation? ... To advertise using Women as an object with the two dirty idiots cycling grinning their ugly teeth and looks like they dont even have clipless pedals. Why the big gap? need to view her arse from the distance?
Hell yeah SEX SELLs and the Truth even more..

I have been Tri'ing since 99 for 7 1/2 years i have never came across this before from Trisports. ( Heck, we used to have 100plus on all watering hole , instead of just Banners or just on certain watering hole... not to mention lucky draws, some of you might remember )thats a different story anyway

As for Stuart Micheal the journalist for writing this article... i think you know jack shit after 5 hours ... 750 swim 20 km 5 km run? "and it was a grueling test of endurance".Its a sprint la. Bet you got this assignment coz ur the only one discpline enough to go Fitness First once a month.

"there is no way a person can become a triathlete without any discipline" this is spot on MR Chan..but but but but having a 5 hour training session for 750 swim 20 km 5 km run?

TriathlonMalaysia Speed Dating for the Speedo club?

You trisportz ppl can seriously do better...seriously dissapointed.

Triathlon scene in malaysia needs a change. Can't you all think of IDEAS? how about adding mountain biking category? you can bank on that . How about an off road triathlon?

i'd still say triathlon is a sexy sports but being sexy is one thing..having finesse of continuity like Patsy is another.

Good night...i am off to camping. Enjoy ur Saturday RUN Mates!

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When you seriously need a really light bike....

%*&% i shudda spend a lil more for the carbon frame

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Office jargon in ma opis.

Let's think out of the box: Really means, "Can you creatively anemic people please come up with something?" The person who says, "Let's think out of the box" is usually desperate for a new idea and surrounded by people who are not known for generating ideas. So the phrase is actually an announcement that says, "I'm in trouble."

I need someone who can hit the ground running: Really means, "I am screwed." Because no one can hit the ground running. You need to at least assess what race you're in and who else is running.

Do you have the bandwidth?: Note that bandwidth is not time. It is something else. If you ask someone "Do you have time?" you mean, "Am I a priority?" If you ask someone "Do you have bandwidth" you mean, "You seem like your brain is fried. Can you pull yourself together to do this for me?"

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Frazz tri'in it out

The race goes to the swift, i s'pose or else the slow and steady or else the passionate , or those who bothered to get ready, or ones who coached themselves , or those meticulously mentored but every single time it goes to someone who entered.

frazz is just too cool.

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Ironman or Cameraman?

Go to decide by end of this month on the toughest race of my life @ langkawi 2008.

It is not an easy decision of course. The training is obviously lengthen as to the lenght of the race. the dedication to train.The discipline involved. the scarifice that has to be made with the lost opportunity due to training.

but it has to be decided. Will update this blog when the last nail seals the coffin.
.My deadline end of the month to close this deal. I dont think my family nor friends other than my athlete buddied knows the weightage of this decision.

gimmme your feedback.

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Tri Humour.

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Saucony Fastwitch 2

Excellent shoes.Looks racer like. Went for a 10 km run late yesterday evening at 9pm@kiara.
Easy to break-in and nice comfy soles.Had it for 6 months now.Bought it from the distributor and just left it in the box... Took it out for Penang Special..!

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DNF (did not finish) is an elite club - top of the hierarchy - people who have pushed themselves beyond their limits. Below this are people who always finish (they haven't risked enough), then people who give up prematurely, and then, of course, the great majority are down in DNS (did not start)status, though they may not even recognize it.

and to the core is..

Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes. For every mountain there exists an even taller one.

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This is one in my hit list. It is brutally honest and it is totally tricked out.So no more rationalizing on lackluster performance. It will even track how fast i reach office! not to mention my heartrate when a hotti in offi stand next to me.

Where in the world can i find the moolah for it, MAN!! Wonder if i can start a sideline of selling myself to the "community"

Advertise as : Very fit & tight , Muscular, Agile, Can go Hard for a long period of time. Good training buddy.Intelligent. Willing to give 1st free coaching lesson
(terms and condition apply). Good track Record and more..

i will probably sell myself on

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Nothing is impossible..

Register me self with the rest of the crew for Penang bridge run. 42 km! dude & dudettes! a full marathon. And its on the end of the month? realized this as i read Arif blog . thinking about it when commuting back home.

As i entered train and stood there this young lady was holding a book named " Nothing is Impossible " by Chirstopher Reeves. its funny how one can be connecting the "dots". This "dot" sure found its way. Took a glimpse at the back cover as she was flipping thru. ( okay i wont go thru that ) but i think its good enough for me to pursue this and just probably an enlightenment encounter thru this 42 km journey.

i bet its goona be ZEN like !

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Onwards To PD !!

Add in these pictures from Gunter. Looks like the results are out.
and everything seems as expected with my lacklustre performance.

well i think it can be better. if only i had bought that lock lace as adviced from Adrian!! i could have shaved off Minutes!
LOL.... oh well...

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