The Sun is Shining

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet, yeah
Make you wanna move your dancing feet now....

The Bob Marlyn song going thru the head cruising to sempah, coz the sun's glowing bright orange this early morning.

Once reaching there saw all the brudda lumba haram unpacking and assembling their bike(bike's which contain hi-modules fibers that's so ever important, heard ppl say it makes the cyclist go faster ) . As soon as the going gets down, the going gets exciting. Once engines get warmed up & nicely lubricated ,the lumba haram begin especially when its a 3-6 % slope down.

All going pretty fast, don't these brudda lumba know that they need to climb this up again? Insane ppl, so fast (Think it must be the fibers they nourish their bikes with... )

Reach this place in bentong that serves really nice sweet tasting cendol,but the cyclist devours cendol + fishball? thats just so wrong..this must be one of those thing these cyclist craves for, strange crowd indeed.

After devouring all known edible substance in the shop , all the pelumba haram quickly started riding back again ,however this pelumba haram broke away not wanting to see any of them again. The total journey is about 70 km and the route back is 35, so thinking that it can be " cool pulling " away at 35km but realized there is no water in the water pump. Things start to overheat.

At 30km they caught up,and over took but one of them is quite nice to give water to me. This must be the " DON " giving me water as a peace offering.( like a peace pipe) I took it drank it , said thanks.... then came the end to the ride.

I think they want me in their team....i think i'm already am. they're sure hell a cool bunch in the sun.

( A sunday PCC ride at genting sempah with a 3rd degree angle. :) )

at Sunday, June 03, 2007  


The Editor said... Mon Jun 04, 03:15:00 PM 2007  

Woi, next time don't leave us minions too far la. ;-)

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