Dear writer,

Thanks for your responds, perhaps I was just ranting. In no way this is damaging , degrading nor unfair… it is my comment of thinking out loud to the article that is out to the public. (Can blame the press!)

If you do notice the picture does portray another meaning, if I am a feminist I’d be pissed that this picture is chosen to be placed in the article. (Blame the press!!)

I believe that to even think of doing a triathlon or participating/training for one, the participant has to have some degree of wisdom and determination. And one would be aware/wise enough to notice this article is a promotional advertorial as well. Nothing wrong and don’t get me wrong, I am all for promoting triathlon and it being mainstream especially to women. BUT do notice that this is a Woman's Clinic for a Woman's Race.
I iterate again a Woman's Clinic... I got a weird gut feeling some of them "Coaches" isn’t there for coaching reasons if you have read the article.

I believe there is a blogger who mention “In fact, many male triathletes showed up. With good reason!”

HELL, why should I even be concern it’s not even related to me….the guys aint ogling at me!

I will not go into the details of “triathlon race operations “from 99 till 07 as it was really fun then until 2002 when everything was cost cutting.

Hey trisportz,

How about doing Lucky draws again? Last time everyone stayed back for lucky draw + I won a lucky draw once!! And I have been getting Oversized T-shirt frequently.
Wheres the Timing chips as mentioned Trisportz!

I am all for transparency and improvement and I bet trisportz can present it better. Triathlon is about Tri’ing isn’t it, about setting a personal record. So what’s limiting Trisportz ? how about new venue? How about mental and physiology clinics for races? How about nutrition clinic by complimenting with our Malaysian diet?

Push more oxygen to the right hemisphere of the brain increases creativity, ya know.

Thanks again. Tri made me push harder too, so hard I see humour in everything

I call that Enlightenment..

at Friday, June 08, 2007  


Adrian said... Sat Jun 09, 05:02:00 PM 2007  

i must admit, bernard, that i think your original post was a bit hard on the trisports gang - i'm fairly new to the scene but i get the impression that without the chan family there wouldn't be any triathlons in malaysia, and wouldn't be surprised if there is very little funding or sponsorship for them to operate on.

Vicious Lifecycle said... Sun Jun 10, 03:48:00 PM 2007  

yes adrian i do accept your view and perhaps that perception is also right.i am not going to rule it out. a lil too harsh. but i aint gonna delete it or hide it.

Not being mean, indeed that they face difficulties in term of overall factors like race condition, environment facilities , acommodation. logistics, sponsors are already being established & being the sole monoploy in the triathlon scene does provide the comfort of being complacent. Operation like what an event & pr company does. They can spurr it in so many other ways for the tri development in malaysia.

FYI i have talked to others about that article.WHat i was told the picture is misleading for a womens tri clinic and was thought to be an PCC event coz the dude was wearing the pcc jersey.

i believe there is adequate funding. The hard part of negotiating is over ( state & etc ) . Now comes improving and promoting the event.

ANyway.. i gtg take a bath.

later man..

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