What the f Trisports! Responds...

I think you just made a very unfair and degrading comment about TriSports in your blog http://viciouslifecycle.blogspot.com/. If you had a clue why the clinic was held, or knew about the race the clinic was held for or had been at the race the following Wednesday, or just knew what was going on about the race or knew exactly what it was all about, you would have not made that comment. I hope you will think twice AND do your homework prior to making damaging remarks on an organization which had spent at least the last 7.5 years making sure you get to do what you enjoy year after year. All triatheletes here are very fond of Mr. Chan and what he has done for the triathlon scene in Malaysia as he's the only one who's keeping it alive. I am sure you too highly appreciates his efforts and don't wish to make him look bad before confirming what you assume is true or not.

Maybe you could consider removing that entry...or reduce the tone on your write-up. Perhaps as a foot note, you may want to remember to thank Mr. Chan and the whole TriSportz family for giving you the opportunity rather than expressing your strong dissapointment over some women's only clinic which is it's not even related to you!

I hope you re-think about that entry as it untrue and would affect the image/create a false impression of TriSports for those who has yet to know the great efforts and contribution of Mr. Chan and his family to the Triathlon sport in Malaysia.

at Friday, June 08, 2007  


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