What the..f... Trisports!

Now this really triggered something in me, "Triathlon clinic for women"
Scanned this for you all to see in case if you did not.

Now whats coming from me is goona be pretty ugly.

WTF is this about?
Triathlon Malaysia!

You know how Restaurants advertise " how scrumptious their food is" under The STAR Metro...that because their business is just aint going no where , so your telling me there isnt enough participation? ... To advertise using Women as an object with the two dirty idiots cycling grinning their ugly teeth and looks like they dont even have clipless pedals. Why the big gap? need to view her arse from the distance?
Hell yeah SEX SELLs and the Truth even more..

I have been Tri'ing since 99 for 7 1/2 years i have never came across this before from Trisports. ( Heck, we used to have 100plus on all watering hole , instead of just Banners or just on certain watering hole... not to mention lucky draws, some of you might remember )thats a different story anyway

As for Stuart Micheal the journalist for writing this article... i think you know jack shit after 5 hours ... 750 swim 20 km 5 km run? "and it was a grueling test of endurance".Its a sprint la. Bet you got this assignment coz ur the only one discpline enough to go Fitness First once a month.

"there is no way a person can become a triathlete without any discipline" this is spot on MR Chan..but but but but having a 5 hour training session for 750 swim 20 km 5 km run?

TriathlonMalaysia Speed Dating for the Speedo club?

You trisportz ppl can seriously do better...seriously dissapointed.

Triathlon scene in malaysia needs a change. Can't you all think of IDEAS? how about adding mountain biking category? you can bank on that . How about an off road triathlon?

i'd still say triathlon is a sexy sports but being sexy is one thing..having finesse of continuity like Patsy is another.

Good night...i am off to camping. Enjoy ur Saturday RUN Mates!

at Thursday, June 07, 2007  


The Editor said... Fri Jun 08, 08:20:00 AM 2007  

Hey, I know the gal in the picture, thats Leslie. Donno about those guys behind her...

Bernard's Vicious Lifecycle said... Fri Jun 08, 09:30:00 AM 2007  
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Bernard's Vicious Lifecycle said... Fri Jun 08, 10:13:00 AM 2007  

worst part is that guy is wearing the pcc jersey.. i just never liked that jersey for some odd reason.

She look very different from this view.

Adrian said... Fri Jun 08, 12:35:00 PM 2007  

the guy behind leslie was one of her "room-mates" at kenyir. zebralini n the pic too - so mostly men in a pic on an article about a clinic for women!

i liked the bit in the article that said mr chan is "very stern". he's not - he's more like a fluffy kitten!

Bernard's Vicious Lifecycle said... Fri Jun 08, 01:30:00 PM 2007  

hmm.. imagine your Tri "dad" goes Alright son, morning we bike 80, after lunch we do 1.5 km swim after tea we run 15 km. Then we have dinner with mommy for carbo loading. After dinner we watch Total Immersion as our family movie.

Eugene must be pretty scarred.

tryathlete said... Fri Jun 08, 02:17:00 PM 2007  

'i liked the bit in the article that said mr chan is "very stern". he's not - he's more like a fluffy kitten!'

apparently, he's pretty stern with his kids

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