Gotta Rock at Camp5.

After after laying off rock climbing for nearly 1 year with the last leisure climb was at Damai at Batu Caves at March or Febuary . Took the liberty of going to Camp5 with the invitation by El a very cool new friend i met.Camp5 looked very different from the last time i went.

It has so much more colourful route and it look like someone placed huge M&Ms on the wall. (i was hungry)

Leading a route was pretty fun until i took an unknown route leading this climb is going to be a beeze i thought. Leading this to the 4th runner about 12-15 feet up , Starting to lose it, damm i better clip in else its goona be a big fall as the distance will be doubled up.

Already fatigue from the Sunday morning ride, i tried cliping and unmindfully told El to thighten the rope.

Huge mistake , as she tighten + i tried pulling it back up,just as i realized it i shouted release! release! (said something to that effect )

Arms just gave way and i came free falling twice the height
, lucky enough the elasticity ended before i could slam on to the ground.I felt a brush , i knew i hit EL on the head
i felt sorry for the hit. Apologized many times for it. Messed up and that aint good.

It wasnt a shocker, it's more of an acceptance of a moment by letting it go in grace , when you got nothing left to hold on. Quite a revelation.

The very first big fall i had.

however it feels like bungee jumping. i like!
Surprisingly no fear at all and it wasnt that bad. Manage to still climb a few routes before arms are just pumped.
Chill out, watching others climb. Now this is relaxing...good fun too.

Hey Thanks EL, i've tested your ropes, it's safe!! ;)

at Monday, June 04, 2007  


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