GBR Epic Route : Madness to the grind.

Image courtesy of Adzim, Mastermind by Terry , Supported by Fuzen , Chuah , Support vehicle by Shaharin & Razali.

There are biking routes that makes you sick till your ass n legs hurts, but this one makes you sick till you cant feel your nuts, eyes are glazed and a sore asshole.

There is no time for posuer photo but only to refuel. There is systematic pulls , unwritten rule not to let anyone behind. 8100 feet of climbs over 200 km within 10 hours. Legs over the top tube, everyone know whats in front and knows what must be done.After going up Fraser the thought of another climb is prickling.Just think of it as 200 km of pleasurable sex with 3 climax.The rain came and went , somehow it was therapeutic This ain't your regular PCC rides. Don't think anything can top this for the moment in scale. we didn't really full fill the promise as the main summit climax is left out. Thankful for this bargain set at gohtong jaya somehow shows of false tiny flats, but never did it plateau. No water in the bidon aint goona help much.
With 7 of us working together. We can only take our turn on the flat and each its own on the climb. Nothing much is said , only during the pocket's of rest , jokes are cracked. Maybe its just me. Perhaps Vintry (the nite before) and epic ride tomorrow don't gel well. Brutal.

There is a sheer bliss of accomplishment within surrounded by some silence of thoughts. with occasional funny trash talking taking place on to lift the spirits up. Makes it worth while getting up at 5 am , Looking at the helmet ,stacked gloves and stuff into the brain bucket.Looking at my cold oatmeal prepared overnight.Then looking at my two wheel knowing as i pushes it out, It will take me out there somewhere today with the wind in in my face to wake me up.

I would like to thank the guys in the ride and they out on support.

Truly. epic.

Just snort..if someone mentions broga...

at Sunday, May 17, 2009  


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