Ready for some Cameron Highland MUDD catch and release.

Looking forward to do this.. on MUDD@Cameron Higland... :) i am more excited on mtb than road. Once a mtber always a mtber..mountain biking because the scenery is always good. Even if your workout sucks for some reason, you can have fun being distracted, going slow, trying little stunts and what not, and MTB racing is an awful lot of fun. It’s just bein’ out in the jungle, only faster. I love cross country and think I like endurance racing, but can see how folks love downhill also.

On the other hand road riding is an extremely distinctive pleasure. Training on the road has an amazing purity of purpose and suffering, it is the bike ride stripped down to bare essentials of turning the pedals and suffering, and feeling the speed. There are moments of pleasure but it's like the day you allow yourself an ice cold coffee/Beer , reload - diet; the little pleasures are better only because the pain tends to be omnipresent. Roadracing is fun, sitting inside a psychotic dogpack running on a treadmill where you can’t get off and somebody keeps hitting the Speed + button over and over again ‘til you can’t take it has its own charm, in a " DAMM if i do , DAMM if i dont" sort of way. Then there are group rides where you make good friends, see character revealed and go so far beyond your limits that you don’t recognize the pre-ride self.

Each has its place. so let's come on over and shoot the shit..

I have neglected this bike for sometime now. Its time for some Highland "MUDD Tea" rocking.Got a secondhand 08 xt m770 for this..pretty sweet crank i'd say much better then my square taper'd BB crank. Got to get use to the weight of this pig again.

at Wednesday, October 15, 2008  


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