Hornet Juice Performance Supplements

Tried this months ago, believe me i was sceptical and i don't usually write about the stuff i take , just to give you a glimpse of what i know and tried was Amino Vital Strenght and Endurance, Hammergel Recoverite , GU Energy Gel ,Amino Acid base Controlled Labs Purple Wrath and others ( under my nutrition section )

Then i tried this, it totally changed my perception of Amino Acids supplement from the above. its above and beyond then the rest although it does not contain any carbo base. I seriously don't know how to share my enthusiasm to you on this with out being bias. Just google "hornet juice + VAAM"

It has helped my thru my training and competitions in the beginning of my season and till now. In high level , it gives better flow of energy and less effort on anything that is endurance based. i believe in it soo much i've decided to bring it "ON" to the rider, runner or triathlete here in Malaysia.

It is an energy experience that is worth having for an important event that you need to do your best in. please do let me have the pleasure to share this with you at a much better price and the experience of talking about it after you have crossed the line.......email me at hornetjuice.my@gmail.com ( Malaysia or Singapore )

Update : Run Strong on VAAM and others (you might find it informative)



So far everyone whom uses this works for them. Most of the main mistake of not feeling the effect is not using it prior to the session. It does not work best if its usage is halved or if its digested with protein. Best result is drink it before a carbo breakfast.

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CapArnabBrand said... Tue Sep 23, 05:09:00 PM 2008  

i can't wait to try this... :)

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