Rock racing replica jersey

Can say it ain't the real deal, but for a price of tubular tire it is my 1st replica , these threads sure is value for the money , and the colour itself is as good as the original. For dynamic weather and inflation factors , i seriously do not mind going for replica jerseys if i like the design.

Fabric wise , sweat wicking it is as high end as any original from castelli to santini. no itchy nor pokey edges.Seriously i ve got no looks very "versace".. This guy has further details email him at

at Sunday, September 21, 2008  


Anonymous said... Tue Sep 23, 07:02:00 AM 2008  

that looks pretty bad of a knock off. everyone knows that rock racing only makes bibs, not to mention the script on the butt is pretty bad.

i hope that fake chamois doesn't rub your balls off.

Vicious Cycle said... Tue Sep 23, 09:23:00 AM 2008  

nope it looks quite good actually. i didn't pay a arm or leg for it.
the words on the butt ain't too bad too.

Never had any problem with any kinda of chamois..or padding.

Not too sure whats your issue here but..probably you got had some experience with scuffed balls after a 15 km ride? i'd use chamois cream you know..

Awwhhh, feeling the credit crunch? over there?

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