Spandex & Lyrca

Wearing spandex or Lycra isn't easy when going up lifts... or when walking into shops to buy a drink especially when you are a guy. its just not accepted and its just plain awkward situation like when coming home when there are guest or family friends. (however if you a female... its perfectly fine...)

but these guys never seems to have a problem , don't they....

at Wednesday, August 15, 2007  


Mohd Shazly Khan said... Wed Aug 15, 02:08:00 PM 2007  

kau punya 'adik' too obvious kot.. haha

faie said... Wed Aug 22, 02:11:00 AM 2007  

Eh, how come I couldn't comment on your Desaru post, arrr?

So sorry about your bike :( . I'm sure you have fond memories of her.

Look at it this way, even though she has gone to bike heaven, she went knowing she had served you well.

Anyway, that guy had the nerve to leave town. Bloody chicken shit. Did he apologize to you or not?

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