Port Dickson Triathlon 2007 : MIxed feeling.....and Angry again.

My Sidi's is still wet and i bet my bottom bracket is flooded. It rained so much might as well just wear my tri suit the whole time... and only wear a t-shirt for carbo loading dinner... Swim was smooth 32..bike was 1.11 Run a disappointing 57 so its around 2.40-2.42 +- Nothing spectacular.

The wheel's built is fabulous.Nicely tuned for comfort, climbs and sprints.

I know i am able to kick it better. What the heck..stressful week i have. i deserve a break. Atleast timing was better that i anticipated. (Good timing to Arif and Jason ( watch out! this kid can rock on a Argon18 )

Advice on speed lace : Do not tighten your elastic speed lace too tightly , thinking "OOH its elastic" prior to race day just because you bought it on Saturday.It gave me 2 huge blister and it kinda spoil my run.
(PS - I kept the pain a secret only the apartment mates knew the shit i had to go thru to lace it...)

I can say its one of the most pleasant organised PD Tri i have been SO far.The people i talked to and had fun with..Tuesday Nite Cronies, Chad and Andy's gang, the Jeff and Daniel lim,Alex, Elaine,Phoebe, Jasmine, new tri blogger Raymond Jaja, Azmar + others i have met but too spaced out to remember.


i am going to bed....

at Wednesday, July 25, 2007  


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