Need some Divine Intervention

Those Keretek smokin Indons are back at it again!!!Reports states there are more hot spots developing. FarkK Man!, can one imagine to train in these HAZE AGAIN like last year!!?? or like the year before last and...Plus some important races coming along... getting depressed thinking about it.

Perhaps I got to find a temporary shelter...... a GYM??
Sigh, that's my last resort.

Perhaps there is a conspiracy theory on The Evil Syndicates of Fitness Gyms in Asia ( TESFGA ) to hire some poor folks at Indo to do some slash and burn so everyone will start exercising indoors.

Yeah, Thats on a FAR SIDE..but for now,Pleaseeee the "Power Above", don't let this ruin my happyness.flood em hotspot!!

at Monday, July 02, 2007  


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