Planet in Peril

In every action there is an opposite or equal re-action. Nothing works in a vacuum. its the law of physic

A CNN Special , chilled out last niter at home. watched this special program.

Man. i thought to my self..what is coming to this world.So many beautiful thing coming to extinction. So much land being destroyed... fire in California..Earthquakes.typhoons. This planet is shouting back at us.

Used to remember the life there is on a early morning with Songs birds singing away on the field in front. The wild life in kiara's land tortoises , kingfishers, snakes and squirrels .The wildlife at sungai buloh's giant monitor lizards,hawks, you cycle thru now those are a rare sights (to understand and comprehend RARE is try walking thru the whole selangor for wild elephants, you cant find jack...

And here, we fight back for more, collecting more, burn more and destroying more.

its those thing which you are very well aware of but placed at the very end of the back burner.

i believe all organisation will have to play its role for the planet as it will one day come full circle back to us.

this is recommended to watch.

at Wednesday, October 24, 2007  


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