Nothing significant except a SLAP on the face...

Its been pretty slow getting myself to update this blog recently. partly due to work, due to "secret" training due to stress...kinda lazy to stress myself further to update this blog..

Was at kiara yesterday evening.. ( sunday ) as i was walking back... i looked to my left a guy probably late 20's was in heated argument.. and all of a sudden. "ONE Tight SLAP".. smack on the ladies face...he shouted " Why did you lie to me..." Why must you cover a lie over a LIE!

"Shit man" i thought... why cant he just walk away....i retorted "easier said that done huh." as i made my laps.. i hear further shouting and now thats disturbing and also irritating my run.

hey man....if your reading this better to have it now that later..NO point slapping that gurl of yours( if she still is ) . She did that for a reason and you ain't the reason.

i seriously dont think a man should raise his hands on his woman..unless she gamble everything away or she did 5 guys without him knowing..

FUCK i cant RUN... i went back to the car as i passed by i looked at her.. she looked at me while the guy is firmly fixed on her. she lowered her head.

i can only guess....

at Monday, October 22, 2007  


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