Riding Alone and spinning along

In time competitive spirit can be one that eventually causes the competitive sport addict to become disinterested.. Once you start to lost interest to compete, what else is there to do with this dwindling interest?.Go for a leisure ride?. Yes, the competitor can like both, the race and the leisure aspects- but if you are not in love with the act of cycling and just competing with your opponent- you will eventually call it quits. i well know i can't push for speed forever.

I have encountered the triathlete type who see no fun in the bike if they are not racing... Just to go out and ride is foreign to them..

One amazing thing I shall ever remember, driving down the highway in BATU CAVES going back to Damansara... A group of triathlete males, abandoned a beautiful female triathlete..to ride alone on that extremely busy road. Hell.. maybe she can take care of herself or maybe she want it that way.. but to expose oneself to the factors of these elements of heat,fumes and traffic and fatigue and the belief of invincibility is purely ignorant.

Heah, I am not picking upon Triathletes, just sometimes any of us can take it too seriously..

Biking is great. The people you meet and the stories you hear.. 16 years ago on my First ever race and till now i have meet those whom is still "here" and those whom has gone and came back.. There is always a story out there to learn from one another..is great.. We immediately relate to one another. At least those I meet..
Think it is just not the act of riding long distances itself, but sharing with other cyclist the stories..

For me at this point, i have place an emphasis on " Reconstruction " the qualities of objective training ride again taking a 3 step back to move 5 steps forward method and i goona do it alone or with buddies in times...but i am sure to take the "middle path".

at Sunday, September 23, 2007  


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