PCC_NEXUS Presidential RIDE 2007

IT'S OPEN!!!! for 60 km of HAMMER TIME.. Mari Tolak Basikal, MTB TIME ....

Spend a Sunday filling your body with lactic acid and getting sunburnt
over 60km(+/-) of wonderful trails cutting across varied terrain in
Kajang/Semenyih. 3 weekend rides in one! Many new sections with
fabulous singletracks and less tarmac. Something for everyone – fast
fireroads, gorgeous singletracks, lung-busting climbs and adrenaline
pumping downhills. All rideable. Just a matter of how long it takes
you. With an escape route thrown in for the chickens! So whether
you're an advanced beginner or beginning to be advanced, there will be
a ride to remember.

Idea is to just go out and complete all 4 stages linked into one
gigantic loop and qualify for the main draw! It's NOT a race so stop
as often as you wish to savour the sights, sounds and scents along the way. Ride at a comfortable pace. No prize for the fastest! Only for the luckiest! If your enjoyable suffering is reaching the limit, don't worry. We have the Chicken Loop. But as a chicken, of course you don't
get full bragging rights… but you still get a shot at the general draws, as long as you do the first loop and collect the sticker at the first checkpoint!

There will be 4 checkpoints. So please check in, collect all the stickers on your Ride Passport as proof of ride completion to qualify for the main draw. Some checkpoints double as water stations for you to refill.

1. All participants must pre-register. Forms are available with our weekly newsletter, at our website or at popular bikeshops (KSH and Bike Pro included). Pre-registering helps us gauge the amount of water and refreshments required. So, register. CLOSING DATE IS 31 OCTOBER 2007.

2. A very big, extremely unreasonable fee of RM25 will be charged to cover costs of organizing and for refreshment and water. Rest assured none of the money will be used for personal shopping at BikePro or KSH Bikes the following week. Promise.

3. On ride day, registered participants will be given a RIDE PASSPORT which must be produced to collect all checkpoint stickers in order to qualify for the main draw.

4. The lucky draw will comprise of types. For those not lucky enough to complete all stages. And for those lucky enough, you will qualify for the main draw!

5. Participants will be given a really nice limited edition T-shirt. This time we mean it.

7.00am Arrival, check-in and collection of Ride Passport.
7.45am Event and safety briefing.
8.00am Flag off by PCC President
2.00pm Most riders expected back
3.00pm Lucky draws start on the dot, all riders in or not.
4.00pm Go home. Pass out! Hope you had a good time.
Schedule is an accurate approximate and is just to give you a good
idea of the day's event.

Only 5 – 7 hours on a `good' day for average riders! Great warm-up to the Penang MTB Jamboree happening the following month!

Registration forms available from main bike shops in the Klang Valley, from our website http://pcc-cycling.freeservers.com and from PCC's weekly newsletter Spokes n Nipples. Please return completed form along with payment to:

1. Alan/ Leong of KSH Bikes, TTDI;
2. Boon Foo of BikePro, Taman Megah;
3. Rob/Yong/Peter/Danny/James Yap/James Bak/William Mok of PCC during
weekend rides or whenever you see them.

Out-station Participants
Please complete registration form and fax to 03 9287 5385 (Attn: Peter
Choong) together with deposit slip evidencing payment of RM25 fee as

Account No: 2-14129-00106770
Bank: RHB Bank Berhad

31 October 2007. Limited to 600 participants only on a
first-come-first-serve basis!

For More Info
Go to http://pcc-cycling.freeservers.com or email pcc_news@yahoo.com
or call anyone of the following persons for any further info:

Rob 012 6191 308
Yong 012 225 9910
Pete 012 227 4443
Danny 013 330 3325
James Yap 012 3458 204
James Bak 012 222 1200
William 012 2039 638

at Wednesday, September 19, 2007  


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