INTERSTATE 2007 Pcc Cycling - Feel the love yet?

How does one start writing-up an epical bicycling adventure that starts in the suburbs of Ipoh and traverses to the coastal town of Penang in 80 hours? It is difficult enough to remember exactly what happened right before, during and after those 80 hours, the whole ride seemed a blur.With the knowledge of knowing that this Interstate sets the bar in terms of luxury accommodation,ballroom presentations and not forgetting the food.... Here's what left a lasting impression.

Everyone wakes up,fill up ,gear up,jeered up and meet up at the lounge of casturina hotel.I'd said i'd promised to stay with the group. (which i did not manage to,either too fast or too bonked ).Then blame it on the ever uncertain dynamics of the whole peloton with the rider's personality mixed up with their bikes personality and the exchange of energy between them, i'd swear they are half people , half bicycle .Which in results i came to an epiphany of realizing that every trial and tribulation in a long distance event is root caused by knowingly being there on the bike and "gives'ing it "

And yep folks - it's all in the mind, especially in a cyclist mind riding Interstate 2007.

"When you're out there on the bike, you've got a lot of time to think. And what goes through your mind has the power to get you that extra 50ks or bring you down and make cycling seem impossible."

"when you're out there on the bike , knowingly push on with the fact there is 30 riders following , what goes through your mind to power on for the next 30mins to make the pull"

"when you're out there on the bike , knowingly pushin on with the fact there is 10 riders is catching up on you , what goes through your mind to catch them when they pass by while having limited or no reserves left within to hook on "

I'd says there's no rules for good and bad days.

Sometimes you do 150ks and you feel like you could go on for another 50 more - it might be a beautiful day or you might have a good tailwind. But when you're sun-stroked and burnt and there's another 40 ks to go, sometimes you do want to stop. You have to be able to imagine the friend that's waiting for you , the nice cold shower or the nice cold drink to take you through the last k's .. otherwise you couldn't do it. Knowingly there is an untapped reserve within that guides you thru an autopilot of zen like nature which pushes and says "its alright, you'll make it"

The memories of motion still lingers in the muscles of the legs and round and round they seem to goes.( i'd swear i still feel it now)

Feeling satisfied in life is a matter of finding the right perspective from which to view it. At least that's the conclusion I came to after finishing this year's Interstate 2007.

In epilog,

i'd say its job well done to the PCC committee..i'd thank the collective effort of everyone ( including sponsors,support, camera dudes & dudettes ) in which this will never be able to materialized. i'd say thanks to those extra 110++ rider to make up the amount from last years 150 to 260 this year ( whom dared to register) . i'd say thank for the awesome weather.
and i'd say thanks that everything went well...and no bike were harmed. ;)

at Wednesday, September 05, 2007  


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